Following my suggestion, Queen Eve met with the others who evacuated outside the Royal Castle and apologized. They were surprised that she did it and became flustered.

After recovering from the shock, the Nobles expressed their opinions one by one. No one blamed Queen Eve for what had transpired, and they were very understanding about the terrorist attack.

The situation calmed down almost immediately, and the servants also found that none of the guests went missing. That was good.

I found the girls on the corner with Mafula and Cleric. The latter waved his hand to me and gestured that he would protect them while I was busy with this problem.

Emilia was also with his father. He looked relieved that his daughter was fine but was confused as to why she wore a magician's robe instead of her dress. A glare from her was enough to shut him up, and he didn't pry further.

Royal Guards and the knights took care of the rest and escorted the guests back to their residence. I also bid farewell to Queen Eve after apologizing for the hole I created when defeating Cerberus.

She smiled in understanding and didn't blame me. Earl Hardbrick, who was famous for his construction work, was in the Capital with his first son. She told me that he would be able to fix the party hall and the Castle in a few days so they would be able to hold another banquet.

With that taken care of, I excused myself and met up with Beatrice outside the Royal Castle.

As we walked down the Capital City's street under the darkness of night, Beatrice latched on my hand and asked.

"Are we going to interrogate the girl I took to the church earlier, or are you going to take that big-tittied Bishop's virginity, Master?"

Her question was always sexual. I wondered what I should do about this slutty Succubus, but well, both were actually valid questions and weren't wrong in this sense.

My answer to that question was simple.

"We will interrogate the members of Hell's Cult first. And no, I won't fuck her."

It was honestly disgusting. I, for one, had standards. Fucking a crazy cultist was something I would never do. It was just too low for me.

'They deserve pain… A real pain.'

"That's no fun." Beatrice pouted as she pressed her breasts against my body. "But, well… I understand why you don't want to sleep with such an ugly woman with scars all over her body. And I know you want to finish everything before having fun with that Bishop, fufufu. If you need my assistance, just call me."

She suddenly backed away and curtsied. I stopped and looked at her.

"Are you going back to Queen Eve?" I asked, a bit surprised about her decision.

"It's just a little more, Master." Beatrice answered with a lustful smile, "And she will be yours for the taking. This is a pretty good chance to influence her already tired mind."

'It's already progressing that far?'

I didn't see anything different with the Queen. However, if Beatrice said that, then that would be the case.

In terms of lewd things, no one was better than a primordial Succubus. They were beings born from the Goddess' love juice, the manifestation of her lust.

Still, Queen Eve was easier to affect than I thought. Of course, it was probably only thanks to all the dangerous incidents that happened in such a short time. If not, she would have the mental capacity not to be affected by Beatrice's skill for longer.

'I made the right decision not to stay in the party hall earlier.'

Grinning, I praised Beatrice.

"Do it secretly."

"Fufufu," An evil laugh escaped her lips as she leaned forward seductively, "No one will notice. I am pretty thorough in this kind of thing, Master. Oh, right, before leaving, can you give me one of those?"

"That?" I raised my brows curiously.

"You know… The hard stuff that is shaped like your magnificent cock. Most probably, Queen Eve will… masturbate again tonight. So I'd like to be a good friend and give her a reward, as I can't directly help her. You don't like something like that, after all."


I nodded in understanding, took out a blue-colored dildo from my inventory, and gave it to Beatrice.

On top of that, I also gave her bunny-tail-shaped anal beads as a bonus—two of them, one for the Queen and one for her use. Obviously, the one for the Queen was a blue-colored one and only had three small beads, while the one for Beatrice had seven beads. She would be able to take it…

"Use it wisely."

Beatrice's face was lit with happiness as she received the toys I gave her. She was like a little child given a new toy.

Well, I did give her a toy, but a different kind of one.

"Thank you, Master~ Aaah, I won't be bored tonight. Fufufu, new toy."

What was important was that she was happy and did her job perfectly. I liked a talented and smart person who could do their job.

"If that's all, I will go to church now."

"Have a fun interrogation!" Beatrice exclaimed as she spread her wings. She took off to the sky while waving at me and shook her ass.

I only smiled in response and went to the church. Due to the loud sound I created in the fight and the knights' warning, no civilians were out, even though it wasn't that late yet.

Because of that, I could run without bothering the others and arrived at the church faster than I expected.

"Welcome, Your Holiness."

When I arrived, Archbishop Cameron greeted me politely with a bow.

"We have put the prisoner into a silent state using a magic item for Sinners. She is unable to move or even think at the moment, only able to feel pain. How should we proceed?"

His eyes turned as sharp as a blade. This was the true face of an Archbishop of the Castitas Church. While they usually appear kind and calm, they could also be the most ruthless and unforgiving against someone opposing the church's teaching.

"I will personally interrogate her," I answered and walked inside.

Cameron followed shortly behind me.

"Personally, Your Holiness? Please forgive me, but… I believe such a task can easily be carried by our Sinner squad. You don't need to dirty your han–"

"Archbishop Cameron. Do I need to repeat my words?"

At my cold voice, he froze immediately, and his face paled.

"N-No, my apologies."

"As long as you understand." I nodded at him and turned around, "Show me where she's being kept. And I believe Archbishop Sana and Bishop Ertha have been given rooms to rest, no? They have helped me with something earlier. So they were exhausted."

"I have provided the finest room for them. We treat Holy Maidens and Holy Bodies with the second best treatment possible, as they needed to be in top shape any time the Goddess was willing to descend to their bodies." Cameron explained in a calm tone as I had forgiven him.

"As for the prisoner… She's underground."

"Show me the way."

Nodding, Cameron walked in front of me and entered the church's inner section. The location of the underground entrance was slightly different from the one in Academy City, but the general location was similar, behind the main hall.

The interior was also different. It was bigger and had more cells, probably because the residents in Capital City often did something more unthinkable than the ones who resided in Academy City. Either that or many visitors from outside breaking laws or something that made them Sinners.

We walked quietly to the end of the corridor and entered a metal door that was locked with a magic item.

Before entering, Cameron stopped and turned at me.

"Inside, there are heinous criminals that will be transported to the Holy City to cleanse their Sins. Most of them are… psychopaths who don't even care about the rules set by the Goddess. Not even the criminals in the Sin Kingdom are as crazy as them."

"And you put the cultist inside," I added with a serious tone, which Cameron answered with a nod.

"When that lady… Please forgive me, but I am unable to discern the one who brought that cultist here as their appearance was blurry. However, after the lady who introduced herself as His Holiness' loyal slave brought the cultist left, the crazy cultist immediately rampaged and screamed something incomprehensible.

"And she also tried to attack the nuns trying to strip her robe off, so…"

"You forced her to be silent and put her here."

"Yes." Cameron nodded again, "The magic item that made the prisoners silent is the cell in this room. As I said earlier, the prisoners will still be able to feel pain, but they are unable to move or think. All memories about the pain inflicted on them will come at once after we deactivated the magic item."

I see.

"Open the door."

That meant I could do anything to the girl and it accumulated until the magic item didn't work on her.

'It reminds me of a certain time stop manga…' I snickered as I followed Cameron inside the special prison.

The path was narrower, and the prison was smaller. While it looked in a better condition compared to the one outside where people in black tortured the prisoners, the people's condition was… strange.

Their eyes wide open as they sat on a chair. They breathe calmly, as if they were in heaven.

It was totally different from Cameron's description of this prison earlier.

And in the deepest part of the hallway, the crazy cultist was held inside a slightly large prison. Her hands were bound to chains, and her legs were spread apart.

Her condition was worse than the others. Her eyes looked hollow, and her body was filled with bleeding wounds. It was all visible because she was currently naked.

Cameron averted his eyes and spoke.

"My apologies, Your Holiness. We somehow can't cure her wounds. All we can do is to cast <Heal> in intervals to keep her from dying."

"That's enough," I said to Cameron and stood in front of her cell. "How do I deactivate the magic item?"

"The magic item will be deactivated when <Cure> skill is used on the lock." He explained.

"Alright. You may leave, Cameron. Sorry, but you are not allowed to see what I will do or hear what she will say until I get the Goddess' confirmation."

"I won't pry, Your Holiness. If you will, please excuse me. I will stand in front of the door if you need my assistance."

Having said that, Cameron turned and left. I was left with the crazy cultist woman and the other prisoners.