"First of all…" Aquarius spoke, her attention turning in the direction of the two most injured persons in the group.

"… Perhaps we should start with restitution?"

There was silence in the white hall as the Constellations all looked at each other.

They nodded, and all of them sent a flourish that spread throughout the entire dimension.

Glitter-like energy that consisted of many colors floated all about, settling on the injured and tired ones.

As a result, the exhausted members of the team regained their strength, and even the slightly paralyzed Jerry was completely healed.

It felt like he was brand new, and while he was still recoiling in relief, the first thing he did was rush to Ciara and pull her into his arms.

Apparently, even though Ciara was also healed, she needed time unconscious.

The power she used to help everyone was that intense.

With everyone healed up and restored to their prime conditions, two remained the obscure ones.

Serah Crimson and Kuzon Midas.

"Legris said I wouldn't be able to recover my legs anymore. I'm guessing the same applies to his arm and leg. How true is that?" Serah asked the twelve towering beings before her.

Her expression was a simple scowl, and it was clear that she wanted them to be straight with her.

Would she be disabled forever? Or…?

"He is correct. You won't be able to recover your limbs any longer. If it was possible, you would have recovered them already."

Once Aquarius told them of the need, Serah but her lip slightly, while Kuzon clicked his tongue and clenched his fist.

"I had a feeling that would be the case… damnit!"

The others watched them, unsure of what to say. In such a situation, both of them had lost vital parts of their bodies.

Was there really any word of condolence that could be considered appropriate here?

"Do not despair, you two. Just because the both of you can not recover them doesn't mean we will allow you to remain cripple."

Once Aquarius said this, surprise formed on Kuzon and Serah's faces.

It was clear that they were hesitant to fully commit to the hope that they would be whole again, but neither could resist the temptation.

"I thought you said—"

"Yes. Rather than regenerate what can no longer exist, we will be remaking new limbs for you."

In essence, the Constellations would make organic parts for the both of them, independent of their bodies, and then graft the limbs to make them whole.

"That will… work?"

"Indeed." Aquarius nodded, and then turned to her side to speak to one of her siblings.

"Cancer can do that."

At that point, the crab-like entity stepped forth, his body radiating starlight. His legs moved slowly, and every one of his giant steps seemed heavy and imposing.

He left the ranks of the Constellations, who were all surrounding the now-recovered group, and approached Kuzon and Serah.

"Here we go…" He whispered, stretching out his pincers.

The moment he did so, the glowing start light that decorated his body began to glow brighter, and some of them bled out of his exoskeleton.

Suddenly, four items began to appear before him.

Three of them were legs—two looking feminine—and one was a hand.

Once the limbs were created, he sent them towards their respective owners, properly grafting them into their missing areas until they connected seamlessly with them.

"You're up, Capricorn." Aquarius said, turning towards the other Constellation who had been waiting for their turn.

"Sure thing!"

Capricorn's eyes glowed from where they stood, and the points where the newly made arm and legs connected to the old flesh began to glow, and by extension all of the body parts belonging to the te targets

Once Capricorn was done, Cancer was already back in his position, and everyone was whole.

"Cancer deals with Creation. Capricorn deals with Constance." Aquarius addressed the two who still seemed to be recoiling in surprise.

They moved their limbs as if they were little children, happiness oozing from their smiling faces.

"While Cancer created your new body parts, Capricorn ensured they were permanent changes onto reality. As such, you can be assured that they won't disappear or fall off one day."

"E-excuse me, great Constellation…" a certain voice pierced the air.

It belonged to Aurora, the Elf Queen. She had a solemn expression on her face, and she was even bowing… a position unfit for a ruler.

"No need to be overly formal, little one. I am listening." Even though Aquarius said that, it was clear that she was satisfied with Aurora's show of respect.

It was far better than the impudence of certain humans.

"Can you bring back our lost comrades?" She asked straightforwardly.


For a while, there was dead silence.

"Gerard died in front of me, but I also can't see Z'ark here, so I have to assume he's also gone. Could you… bring them back?"

No one spoke. Deep within their hearts, they were all asking the same questions.

And that was whether or not the Constellations could save the fallen.

The answer, however, was one they were expecting to an extent, yet still shocked to hear.

"We cannot. The fallen kings… can never return."

The crestfallen faces of everyone present told of their true emotions regarding the despairing answer they received.

"M-may I ask why?" Aurora uttered, her tone breaking at this point.

"I suppose it's time we have our long overdue conversation…" The Constellations slightly fidgeted as Aquarius said this.

It was clear that this was just as difficult for them as it was for the mortals.

"We need to discuss Legris… and the implication he has on our reality."

Another moment of silence rang through the blank space, with the only thing audible being Aquarius' sigh.

This was by no means something easy to say, but she had to utter it anyway.

"Legris Damien… does not exist.





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