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"It's simple..." Serah Crimson's words echoed in my ears, causing my whole body to tingle.

I felt heat rising from my inner recesses... and hers as well.

It was like Resonance!

Her hands pressed my shoulders even more, and her large breasts crushed me.




I was feeling my heart racing at an unprecedented rate, and my cheeks were so red that I could pass out.

'Are these... my feelings?!'

No, this was...!!!


She was resonating with me? Even without my agreement?

The current emotions I was experiencing weren't mine, but hers. It was unnatural and strange, but... I didn't resent it.

'This woman--!!!'

"... To take full responsibility, you only need to do one thing."

Somehow, I felt like I already knew what she was going to say.

My heart thumped at the possibility, and sweat covered my face. Could I handle something like that?


"... Neron and I... make us a couple!!!"

Her voice was so loud, even though it was only a whisper.

That was how much it resonated with me.

'That's right. This woman... she's in love with Neron!'

She probably used Resonance to give me a feel of her emotions.

I couldn't doubt it. I couldn't deny it.

Now that I knew that her request came from sincerity, there was only one thought in my head.

'Why me?!'

I was young, inexperienced, and completely oblivious about love and the likes... right?

Why would she do this? Though, I could probably guess the answer to that.

"Neron speaks very highly of you. I can tell that he trusts you very much. So... you'll be able to help me out with him."

I gulped.

'That darn guy!'

He wrapped me in his mess!

A crazy woman like this was in love with him. Yet, he didn't take full responsibility for anything.

"I won't take no for an answer. That's the responsibility you have to shoulder. So... what do you say?"

'You already said I don't have a choice!' I nearly screamed at the woman.

At this point, she retracted her head and now looked at me with a very peculiar expression. Even though she was supposed to look dangerous, her eyes were pleading for assistance.

If I didn't know any better, I would have called her a damsel in distress.

'Maybe... maybe she isn't so bad.' My mind trailed.

"Gah!" I suddenly felt sharp pains on both my shoulders.

My bones definitely cracked.

"Answer!" She pressed on.

'Nope! She's definitely the worst.'

"F-fine. I'll... I'll do it..."

Even though Neron warned me about her, there was no way I could say no when she was right in front of me. Besides, he brought this upon himself.

"Perfect!" Serah grinned, then abruptly turned her face to the left.

I followed her gaze and saw that she was staring at Maria for a brief moment.

I saw Maria hiding her face, and then Serah nodding with another kind of grin.

"Since you readily accepted, I'll throw in a bonus for you!" Serah smiled, returning her attention to me.

"A bonus?" My voice leaked out before I could control it.

"Don't worry. It's something good!"

Once she concluded her statement, the deadly woman patted my shoulders softly and then removed her hands--finally!

"Sorry for ruining the mood here. I was just a bit upset that a Demon attacked the Royal Capital Gates not very long ago..."

'Oh? The one I made? Is she on edge because of the people's safety? That's actually very nice...'

"... By the time I arrived at the scene, the thing was already destroyed! It was so frustrating! Just when I thought I could finally fight one too... a Demon..."

I took back my thoughts in a flash.

Still, looking at the Grand Mage, Serah Crimson, she didn't seem that bad.

Sure, she was a bit rough, but... I didn't sense any malice from her at all. In fact, she reminded me of one of my closest comrades back when I was alive.

If it was with her, then... I wouldn't mind Neron settling down.

"You can resume your discussion. Don't mind me." Serah waved her hand, moving in the direction of the Imperial Forces.

"N-no, how can you say that, Miss. Serah." King Albion finally spoke with a slightly flustered voice.

'About time...' I rolled my eyes, watching his strained smile.

Apparently, I gave the Royals too much credit. Perhaps if I amassed enough power, there would also be no need for palace etiquettes and stuff.

"You're a respectable member of the council. After all, you're the Head of our Imperial Forces... and also the next head of the Crimson Ducal Household."

'... Eh...?!'

My world was once again flung upside down.

So, she was actually the 'Superior' that I wanted to meet for so long.

Thankfully, that plan hadn't bore fruit. If not... I would have been in deeper trouble.

'So she was also a Crimson, eh? I kinda figured, but...'

To think she was the next head? That was crazy.

I looked at the spot where the Crimsons stood. They had the same position as my parents, but their prestige was simply based on Magical affinity and military strength.

The Crimsons were the most powerful Noble force in the Kingdom--at least, when it came to raw power.

"Cheh! You should have thought of that before excluding me from the meeting."

Even though Serah still seemed to harbor some resentment for not being informed about our gathering, she waved it off and returned the mood of the Royal Court to its previous state--even if only a little.

'Well, at this rate... we can continue the meeting.'

"If I remember correctly, you were asking me for my recommendation of Envoys to take with me to the various Kingdoms." I decided to take the lead on the matter.

Once I spoke, the King and other Nobles nodded their heads.

Even though Serah's interruption was unprecedented, and it took a great deal of time to resolve the issue she presented, it could have been a blessing in disguise.

Based on their expressions, both the Royals and Nobles were exhausted.

They were also powerless in the presence of Serah. If I played my cards right, then... all of them would be more willing to do everything I said.

'Perfect! Things are actually looking good now!'