"In any case, you mentioned how you were resurrected by Jared's special technique and got into contact with Aether, right?"

At this point, both Kazen and Aloe were seated opposite each other in the vast glassy room—appearing to be in some sort of consultation.

"Y-yeah. But the thing is, he has resurrected others too, yet none of them seem to have experienced the same change I have. I don't understand it myself."

Kazen nodded calmly, obviously assessing the situation with the best of her abilities. She placed her.finger on her chin and thought for a moment, arriving at a conclusion before long.

"I don't know!"

"E-eh...?" This certainly wasn't the answer Aloe was expecting.

"I said I don't know. There's so much vague information, so I can't deduce anything. I wasn't there, so how can I tell?" Kazen sighed, throwing her hands in the air.


"Besides, you were dead at that point too, right? So there's no way you could give an entirely accurate account. If only that Jared dude was here, I would have asked him to give more useful answers..."

Somehow, that sent a direct hit to Aloe's heart. She instantly felt sorry for not being adequately equipped with the information they required.

"There are many elements that could have caused your transformation. The most plausible is that your soul got exposed to Aether before it returned to your body. But, there are other options..."

"Ah, I see." Aloe whispered, listening more to her mentor's words.

"You mentioned how Jared saw Merlin, right? That means his soul also has exposure to Aether. Perhaps it resonated with yours upon revival and sent some of its materials to yours?"

However, Kazen wasn't sure about this option. The quality of Aether in Aloe's soul couldn't have come from mere trickles. Besides, that was indeed the case, then a portion of Jared's soul should have been attached to hers.

Soul theory was complicated, and the woman didn't want to start delving into it.

"The bottom line is that there could be one of many factors, or maybe a combination of many reasons that you're the way you are."

"Ah, I understand. I don't know if this is helpful, but Jared mentioned something about... him being a Singularity? Do you know what that—"


Instantly, Kazen appeared right in front of Aloe, tightly clutching both her shoulders.

An expression of insanity played on her face, and it seemed like she was on the verge of a mental collapse.

"D-did you just say... Singularity?"

"Y-yeah, that's what—"

"Are you sure?"

"Y-yes, I am. Merlin said so too... Jared told me that too." Aloe quickly added the last part so as not to raise another issue of Merlin x Kazen.

Everywhere suddenly grew tense, and Aloe began to wonder if she should not have mentioned a Singularity at all.

"Well, of that's the case, then it probably makes sense that you got access to Aether. Singularities can't exactly be reasoned with, after all."

Now Aloe had more questions. In the first place, what exactly WAS a Singularity?

"No one really knows much about Singularities, so don't look at me for answers. Their cause, their purpose... it's all shrouded in mystery. All I know is that they're chosen by Aether."

"Chosen... by Aether."

Kazen sighed, returning to her seat once more. A serious expression ran through her face, and it appeared grim.

"It means from the time they were born, they had alresdy been exposed to Aether. They're special."

However, if that was all there was to it, Kazen wouldn't have had such a reaction. No, in fact, she would have probably rejoiced. Geniuses were a cause for celebration, after all.

Unfortunately, there was a stark difference between geniuses and Singularities.

"The Root, Aether, chooses Singularities for a particular purpose. It usually involves something of a grand scale..."

Aloe Vida felt like she was slowly grasping the logic, but it seemed to be shrouded in even more mystery. What greater particular purpose? What grand scale?

"I need to speak with this Jared character..." Kazen spoke, giving off an entirely serious vibe.

Aloe remained silent. There was nothing to be said. Even if her mentor wanted to, there was no way she could leave this space... or was there?

"We should hurry up with this training. If it's the same as last time, then the world is in grave danger."

Kazen rose to her feet, and Aloe did likewise. The sofas vanished, and the time for small talk seemed to have gone far behind.

'This is what I wanted, but... why do I feel so frightened?'

Perhaps it was because she just heard some pretty damning news? Yes, that was probably it.

"How long will this take?" Aloe nervously asked.

"I don't know. But, don't worry, Aloe... I'll make it quick."

Aloe nodded, and Kazen stared straight into her eyes.

"Once you're done here, we'll have to inform the others"


Kazen broke into a smile and placed her hand on the younger lady's shoulder. It felt fluffy and surreal, but it was still tangible.

"Yep! I'm coming with you!"

"W-what? For real? H-how...?!"

"You don't need to know, for now. Just do your best with the training."

"O-okay!" Aloe nodded diligently.

She didn't want to disappoint her master, but she also refused to delay any further. If the world was truly at risk, then Aloe Vida had no choice but to give her all.

"I'll do my best!"

Kazen smiled at the young lady's determination. She had many proteges back when she was still alive, so she understood the joy of seeing an apprentice eager to learn.

Not only was Aloe bursting with potential, but she was also eager to learn.

It really was an amazing and inspiring sight.

'It's such a shame, though...' The lady in white thought to herself.

She had observed Aloe for long enough, seeing through her Soul and her body to perfectly understand how it functioned.

'You seem like such a sweet girl, Aloe... which is why it pains me to resort to this.'

However, to do what was necessary, she needed to manifest in the world... and how could she do that without a vessel.

'Once I make your body suitable, Aloe... I'll be taking it.'