I watched the system window flickering before my eyes.

Along with a lengthy error message, a phrase from the quest window caught my eye.

[We wish you a safe escape.]

Is that all you have to say?

With the help of Ash and the people of the Demon Cult <Twilight>, I had defeated most of the monster branches. There is definitely only one tree branch left. Nevertheless, since there was an unexpected intervention, a dungeon occurred.

How could something so unfair happen?

The trust between the system and the user. I wish they would value something like that. I grumbled to myself, but the system had no answer.



It ignored me. If there is a consumer protection agency for the system, I would like to report it.

I stopped complaining to the system and looked around. They told me it was a Dungeon Call. It’s similar to a rift, but not quite. If a rift sucks you into an alternate dimension called a dungeon, a Dungeon Call turns the real world into a dungeon. If you don’t clear the dungeon in time, it will progress further and further. More space is eaten up by the dungeon. (by Ether-Wiki)

In other words, a dungeon has been created on the streets of Seoul right now.

Therefore, I’m in an unfamiliar building that’s blocked on all sides. It’s different from the open tutorial dungeon, or the dungeon of Cthugha’s Garden where you can see the ocean.

Windowless corridors spiraled around me. The whole place looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, with peeling paint, pipes, and unintelligible characters on the walls.

‘I only play games in fantasy settings, yet this is science-fiction.’


With no one to answer me from the sidelines, these thoughts are futile.

There’s no pretence of audience. I wonder if they all scattered.

[A Dungeon Call is currently occurring.

Dungeon: Temple of the False World

Boss: The Malicious King of Curses]

That’s all the information I have. Not a single map popped up in the system.

Hmm, there’s nothing I can do if I just stay like this. First, let’s move and find someone else.

As I was walking along the complicated hallway for a while, I heard a voice coming from ahead.

“I can’t do that!”

Uh, this voice……?

“Then leave him behind!”

“It’s not safe for you to be alone, let’s go together.”

“Leave my friend behind, how could you say such a harsh thing!”

“Oh, well, you can do whatever you want, whether you die or not!”

The three Hunters were arguing. Listening closely, it sounded like one was trying to convince the other two to stay.

Rustling. I walked closer, deliberately making loud footsteps. I needed to get close enough to speak to them without startling them.


“Aaahhhhh, Mo, is it a monster?!”

The Hunter, being the little guy that he was, jumped up. Then, he saw my face and was mildly surprised.

“Uh, Owner-nim?”

“Ahaha, hi, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

He was Mr. HingHangHong. The three Hunters, including him, had been near the Monster Branch when they got caught in the Dungeon Call. As they wandered around, they found each other and were about to form a party to move together.

“But I thought I heard a fight earlier.”

“We weren’t fighting! These people were just saying ridiculous things!”

HingHangHong continued, looking frustrated.

“They’re telling me to leave my friend behind!”

“But we can’t stay here forever.”

“Your friend? Where’s your friend? ……Ah.”

Behind HingHangHong, there was an unconscious person covered in silver branches. The branches had already taken root, making it difficult to move him.

The number of monster branches that have not been slain yet is one. It must have been HingHangHong’s friend.

That’s a relief, because I can solve that kind of course.

“Wait a minute. This and, uh, this…….”

I had lost the container of ginger ale when I entered the dungeon. But luckily, I did have a slice of Mandragora Dungeon Ginger that I had set aside in my inventory.

Well, there are times when it is helpful to have the habit of putting everything in your inventory because it is convenient.

I was glad I didn’t organize my inventory on time.

The rest of the ingredients were ridiculously expensive, but I could buy them in the Dimensional Shop and … well, this should be fine.

‘Dungeon Exploration After a Cup of Coffee.’

[Dungeon Exploration After a Cup of Coffee (B)

Details: (Lv.1) When making drinks in the dungeon, the level of perfection is increased.]1

I hoped I would never have to use this skill again…….

Soon, I was able to brew a cup of ginger ale with the skill.

“This should help.”

I scooped up the freshly brewed ginger ale and fed it to HingHungHong’s friend. A moment later, he spat out a golden liquid, and the monster branch lost its strength and disappeared.

“Heuk…..! Thank you, Owner-nim! I will be your regular customer for life!”

That was sweet of you …… but for now, we need to find a way out of here.

“Then perhaps we should at least have a little introduction, I’m Kwon Rieul.”

Except for HingHungHong’s friend, who was still not fully conscious, the group was like this.

“My name is Kim Hyunghong. I’m a C-Class Tank, please just call me HingHungHong!”

“I’m Lee Yoomi, an E-Class Mage ……. Do I really have to address you by that nickname?”

And the last one…….


Feeling my gaze, he hastily pushed his hat down. He didn’t look like he wanted to show his face to anyone. It couldn’t have been more suspicious.

But this was a narrow passage. There was no place to escape. I was just about to take a step closer to check his face…..


Flalalalak, the sound of harsh flapping wings could be heard, and soon a huge swarm of insects appeared from the other side of the passage.

[A tainted Golden Butterfly (C) has appeared.]

[A tainted Golden Butterfly (C) has appeared.]

[A tainted Golden Butterfly (C) has appeared.]


Its golden wings with speckled patterns were almost the size of a human body.

Is it okay to call something that gross looking a butterfly? Wouldn’t that be too much for the other butterflies in the world?

“Ugh! Gather round!”

HingHungHong held up his shield and took a defensive stance. Almost as soon as we ducked behind him, a swarm of butterflies rushed towards us. The force of the butterflies was incredibly strong, causing his body to be pushed backwards. Moreover, the golden powder from their wings made my head dizzy.

Cough, cough!”

“Don’t consume it! It’s a powder that has a paralyzing effect!”

The Mage, Lee Yoomi, shouted from the side. I quickly covered my mouth, but I had already inhaled some of the powder. My toes tingled and my senses became dull.

Ugh, at this rate, I’m going to be paralysed before I can make a single attack! What could I do?

Then, suddenly, the red stone stuck in my finger caught my eye.

Yes, this would be……!

Cough, everyone, get out of the way……!”

I used Cthugha’s Ring, as the group took a step back.

Hyurrr~ Intense flames attacked the swarm of butterflies in front of me without mercy. The butterflies, drained of health, collapsed in a heap.

I survived. I was about to use Cthugha’s Ring once more to finish them off…..

“Uh, wait, what are you trying to do……!”

The Hunter who was trying to hide his face earlier suddenly jumped in front of the shield. And while swinging his sword sharply at the swarm of butterflies that I had almost killed, he shouted.

“Hyaaah! Supreme Swordsmanship!”


“The Supreme Iron Fang!”

The swarms of butterflies completely turned to ash and disappeared.

[Monster: You have defeated the Tainted Golden Butterfly (C).]

“Haha! Even a flock of monster butterflies can’t withstand this Jijon’s skill!”

The Hunter shouted excitedly with his hands on his waist. I looked at him with a dumbfounded expression.

So this guy…….

It was Kim Jina’s brother, Hunter Jijon, who I had met before.

What should I say …… the world is not wide enough.


“Euh, ack…..”

Ash woke up. His head was throbbing.

As he saw that his hands were empty, he felt disheartened.

In the moment when reality collapsed and an otherworldly dimension was created, Ash immediately stretched out his hand toward Kwon Rieul, but he narrowly missed reaching her and lost Kwon Rieul right in front of his eyes.

As a result, the wind had separated him from her, and he had entered the dungeon alone.

All around him was a huge, circular hall. Rusted iron pillars were carved with unfamiliar characters.

An unpleasant smell reached his nostrils. It was an unsettling place. It was an uncomfortable foreignness, as if he had forcibly summoned a place that should not exist in this world.

Quite a few people must have been caught up in this dungeon, but it didn’t matter to him. He just need to find Kwon Rieul somewhere in this dungeon and get out.

As he started to walk away, he heard a voice.


An unpleasant sound, like sharp nails scraping against steel, and a pungent stench that made him grimace.

A man with bandages wrapped tightly around his tattered skin was wandering around with a large scythe.

The master of this dungeon.

[You are using Mana Saving Mode.]

[It is difficult to annihilate the target. Avoiding is recommended.]


He didn’t need a reminder like that to know.

Although it made him feel bad….

Yeah, the goal is to find Kwon Rieul and get out of here. There is no need to fight that thing. Ash was just trying to kill his presence and leave the hall.

【Grrrrrrr …. who are you?】

Just then, the dungeon boss, the King of Curses, spotted him.


He got caught. The King of Curses raised his scythe. Asu hastened to the ground, trying to avoid the King of Curses.

“Demon King!”

“Protect the Demon King!”

Members of the Demon King Cult <Twilight> appeared from nowhere and blocked Ash’s path.

“You guys! Are you crazy?”

Don’t worry, Asmodeus-nim!”

“We, Twilight, will protect you!”

“What are you trying to protect with such a paper-thin body! Don’t do anything useless and run away!”

However, the Demon King Cult <Twilight> was unfazed. Even though a huge scythe was flying towards their heads, they didn’t care and stayed in their place.

Damn it. Other humans are none of his business. He wouldn’t bat an eye if they threw themselves in front of a scythe since they wanted to die that much.

However, at the forefront of them is the Cult’s leader. He is a grandfather with a beard.

Kwon Rieul once said this: he should respect the elderly.

It’s not that the particularly cares for these people, not really, but…….

If he leaves them alone, he’ll be scolded for not being respectful to the elderly. He doesn’t like that. That’s it.

[It is difficult to annihilate the target. Avoiding is recommended.]

“I know it too….!”

Ash ignored the notification window flashing before his eyes and blasted magic from his hand.

Translator’s Corner:

  1. I always forget to add this, but “the level of perfection is increased” is the same meaning with “Increases the quality of drinks”. I prefer to use literal translation “the level of perfection is increased” because … you know, that’s how usually it works in game. When you cook something in the right way, the dish will get the “perfect” status. ↩︎

I changed “HingHangHong” to “HingHungHong” to match his name better.