Dio didn’t have the time for small talk and just mowed down every guard that came his way. He rushed towards Carol and cut the chain off so he could free Carol’s from her bound. Carol’s condition right now was very bad. The only thing that kept her alive right now was the thin energy barrier that enveloped her body!

Dio quickly used his Reality Overwrite ability to wipe out the injuries on Carol’s body and used a small snail to restore her Life Energy! Carol’s pale complexion turned rosy almost immediately as the snail proved its effectiveness. Dio was relieved as Carol should be fine for the moment. He was really nervous if Carol died from this mission as he didn’t know how to repay her then!

But when Dio tried to wake Carol up, his Epithet ability flared up instantly. He saw that Corvus Glaive that he had just killed a moment ago was resurrected and attacked him again. But Dio deleted that future as he couldn’t afford to receive any damage now that Thanos was looming nearby!

Sure enough, Corvus Glaive suddenly appeared behind Dio and swung his sword to Dio’s neck! But as that future was already deleted, Corvus Glaive’s attack just passed through Dio like it was an illusion! Corvus was startled and immediately put some distance between them as he didn’t know why his attack did not connect just now because he was confident that it should have landed!

But it was a mistake that he shouldn’t make as Dio got the time to retaliate! Dio looked coldly at Corvus and rushed towards him with [Reaper’s Gaze] in hand. As the scythe shone in purple colour, Dio immediately slashed Corvus with it!

Corvus immediately took the stance to block Dio’s attack with the blade in his hand, but when he noticed the purple glow on the scythe, he suddenly changed his stance! This time he tried to dodge Dio’s attack with all his might, but then Dio’s instinct kicked in! Dio knew that he wouldn’t be able to land his attack now that Corvus had taken a serious defence posture, so he held the scythe in one hand while grabbing another sword on the ground.

But suddenly, Corvus turned around and immediately ran away!

“You want to run now?” Dio confusedly said as he threw the blade in his hand towards the escaping Corvus. But as the blade almost hit Corvus, he suddenly leaped out of the trajectory as if he had eyes on the back of his head.

Dio was really confused, so Dio threw [Reaper’s Gaze] towards Corvus and whistled to control the [Reaper’s Gaze] from afar. Corvus once again was cut in half as he couldn’t dodge the scythe that was controlled from afar.

Corvus fell to the ground as his body was dismembered, but this time, Dio didn’t take any chances and waited to see what happened to Corvus’ body. And his waiting paid off as Corvus’ body began to be resurrected.

Dio already expected as much, so he nailed Corvus to the wall, deliberately avoided to kill Corvus again.

“It’s useless! You can’t kill me! Now, give me the Power Stone, and maybe, Master would spare your life!” Corvus said with a smirk on his face despite the pain that he felt on his entire body.

“There is no one that couldn’t die in this world. They could die, but people just didn’t find the right way to kill them!” Dio said indifferently. “Now, from our short fight just now, I notice a few things. You could obviously block my attack, but as you saw that it was powered by the Power Stone, you chose to dodge it. When I controlled my weapon from afar, you also had several chances to block it with your sword, but you didn’t do it. so, why is that?” Dio asked curiously.

“But of course, this situation doesn’t explain anything. There’s a chance that you didn’t want to lose your infamous sword that might be more important than your own life. But after a quick thought, I realise that you aren’t some guy with that kind of sentiment to their own weapon, so I have several hypotheses in mind.” Dio said as he smirked and grabbed Corvus’ blade.

“Let me try out my theory by destroying this blade. Will you die if I destroy this blade?” Dio said as he looked at Corvus with a smirk on his face. Corvus, in turn, just looked at Dio with a horrified look in his eyes. It was clear to him that Dio wasn’t some hero. In fact, Dio looked like the devil himself!

“Now, the look on your eyes just told a million words just now. I am convinced now that the eyes don’t lie, even if you aren’t human yourself! So, goodbye!” Dio said as he struck Corvus’ Blade with [Reaper’s Gaze]. The blade shattered, and a wormhole suddenly appeared behind Corvus that immediately pulled him in roughly! This was undoubtedly the power of the Space Stone. It seemed the Tyrant couldn’t sit still any longer!

Dio didn’t regret his failed attempt to kill Corvus Glaive right now as that guy was just some minor character that wasn’t worth worrying about. The secret of Corvus’ immortality wasn’t something grand either, so Dio didn’t have to concern himself about him.

He put Carol on his back and secured her before he walking towards the exit. Yes, Dio wanted to walk out of Thanos’ ship as if nothing happened! He knew that it wasn’t the original plan, but the original plan had blown up in the smoke at this point. He wouldn’t be able to kill Thanos as easily as he thought earlier as now Thanos has possessed the Space Stone, the most annoying stone for someone that wanted to escape in a dire situation!

But why did Thanos not come after him even though he already had the Space Stone? But his thought was interrupted as another wormhole appeared, and a big burly purple figure appeared from within. It was Thanos himself! Dio smirked and slashed the scythe at Thanos’ neck without any hesitation. If he killed Thanos right now, then the disaster in the future would be thwarted.

However, as Dio got close to Thanos, Dio’s leg was suddenly cut without any apparent reason! Dio immediately rolled backward and used the Reality Overwrite to connect his leg back together. He immediately frowned as he noticed that the Space around Thanos was a little bit strange.

Dio tried to look closely around Thanos, and he saw several cracks in the air. It was the Space Tear, and everything that touched it would be shredded!

“Damn it!” Dio cursed loudly. He almost forgot that Thanos was a man with thorough preparation. He was a strong man, but his true terror came from his brain! He was a man that planned everything before going to the next battle!