The existence of Space Stone in Thanos’ possession disrupted Dio’s plan altogether! The space crack around Thanos would mean that every attack that Dio threw at Thanos would be meaningless! With that in mind, Dio no longer hesitated and carried Carol swiftly. After spending 5 tons of gold on his draw before coming to Xandar, his Hamon Energy has reached 16 million points! He now could stop the time for a total of 1 minute easily!

With that said, Dio stopped the time and immediately evacuated Carol from Thanos’ ship! When the time resumed again after 1 minute, Thanos roared in rage as the bounty hunter he was tracking disappeared with the woman right under his nose! But he was surprised that the bounty hunter was capable of high-speed movement that was akin to teleportation!

He was perplexed as it was as if the bounty hunter was really using a teleportation device. Because of that, he wouldn’t be able to follow him using the Space Stone as he didn’t know where the bounty hunter might teleport himself to. But then again, Thanos didn’t believe that the bounty hunter was using teleportation. Otherwise, the bounty hunter wouldn’t need to sneak around with that strange dimensional ability earlier.

Even if he wasn’t sure of how the bounty hunter escaped, Thanos didn’t chase after him as he needed to proceed with a calm attitude. He looked around the prison and saw the broken chain on the floor. Thanos wanted to restore the scene in this room to see what really happened, as he knew that the chain was still intact when he got there to intercept the bounty hunter, but now the chain was broken on the ground! He was sure that the bounty hunter wasn’t the one doing this!

There were only two possibilities here, one was that he was deceived by some kind of illusion, and the other was that the bounty hunter could control time itself! “This is really surprising! A power to control time?” Thanos said as he touched the infinity gauntlet on his hand. He already arranged the space crack around him to make sure that the bounty hunter couldn’t get close to him as he was also worried about the bounty hunter’s ability in addition to the Power Stone in his possession.

The bounty hunter’s power alone might not be enough to kill him, but the Power Stone surely could! Although Thanos possessed immense power, he couldn’t ignore the power from Infinity Stones! He wasn’t a tyrant just because of his power alone. He was a tyrant because he was powerful and full of wisdom! Everyone that ever looked down on him eventually became his stepping stone!

Thanos suddenly smiled and activated the power of the Space Stone on his Infinity Gauntlet, creating a wormhole for him to travel.


On the other hand, Dio stopped the time for a minute and escaped Thanos’ ship to a safe distance. But because the Dark Battleship was stationed far away, he had to be ready in case Thanos pursued him out here. Although he wanted to stop and rush all the way to the Dark Battleship’s location, his Hamon Energy wouldn’t be enough in case the worst-case scenario happened!

But it seemed Thanos didn’t order his army to chase after Dio, so he could get close to where the Dark Battleship was stationed with ease. Dio then informed his location to the Dark Battleship, and when it was close enough, the Dark Battleship immediately picked Dio up!

But suddenly, a huge blade fell from the sky right above Dio! He had to leap away as he was startled by the sudden attack that came from nowhere! He immediately knew that the blade was specially made, and not even Captain America’s Shield would be able to block it! Dio tried to remember the weapon as it looked familiar, but a wormhole suddenly appeared, and Thanos came from within the wormhole!

The Dark Battleship immediately went back to stealth mode, and it was the right decision as only a few people in the entire universe could see through the Dark Elves’ stealth technology! Then again, this was Thanos that they were fighting against!

“Thanos!” Dio said as he clenched his teeth and gripped the [Reaper’s Gaze] tighter on his hands.

“Give me the Power Stone, and I will let you be off with that woman safely!” Thanos said coldly. He pulled out his blade from the ground and pointed it at Dio.

“Now, would you trade me with that Stone on your hands? I wouldn’t mind if we trade!” Dio said as he put Carol on the ground. Although the Space Stone was a tricky Infinity Stone, it didn’t mean Dio considered it to be fearsome.

But now that Thanos was on the offense, Dio knew that it was his opportunity to attack, too, as the Space Crack that Thanos used earlier was like a double-edged blade as he himself couldn’t attack past it!

“If that’s the case, then I am afraid I have to take it myself!” Thanos said as he lamented Dio’s choice. He always acted on the best-case scenario, and he never really killed his enemy unless it was necessary! After all, the worst thing that could happen to someone wasn’t death, but it was about being dominated without any chance of escape!

Two Infinity Stones lighted up at the same time. The blue light from the Space Stone on Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet covered Thanos’ entire body like a protective layer. This protective layer was supposed to be a defensive measure against all Physical Attacks!

Dio himself wasn’t any less as purple light shone brightly from [Reaper’s Gaze], constantly shooting a powerful blast towards Thanos! A steady stream of power began to spread around Dio’s body. Dio himself realised the power he got from the Power Stone, giving him the illusion that he could even blow a hole through a planet with his punch!

This surging power was intoxicating, but then again, this power would constantly damage his body because he wasn’t the compatible race to use the Power Stone to its full potential! However, with the help of Hamon Energy that enveloped his body, the Power Stone wouldn’t kill him, at least not instantly! Furthermore, he still had [Golden Experience] Card with him, increasing his chance of survival!