As always, the free time I would always get when waiting my ass on the train was spent to check on my girls.

Earlier in the day, I separated from Sena and Ayu. I did plan to return to them after Fuyu’s match, however, those two left me behind. Or rather, they got dragged by the Boxing Club to celebrate their unexpected win today.

Of course, from the message I received from them, the members of the club, especially those who fought in the ring as well as their advisor were also looking for me. In line with their jubilation, they wouldn’t mind treating me like their Champion of Victory and serving me to their heart’s content. As for what kind of service... it’s probably serving me drinks, right? They wouldn’t fawn over me when Sena would also be there.

Or so I thought.

Somehow, Ayu and Sena believed that it would be more than that. They didn’t like that one bit. Due to that, they prevented it from happening by informing me too late. Hence by the time I received their message about their celebration, I was already having that moment with Fuyu.

Ugh... I had no idea if I should feel bad or relieved at that. I mean, if they messaged me before I went to wait for Fuyu outside that place, everything that happened today would probably not have happened. Though I would still try to comfort the girl... it would escalate to the point of Fuyu becoming too worn out mentally and physically.

Anyway, it’s already in the past. That’s why rather than get stuck to it, I checked on them to catch up.

Sena replied to me right away saying she’s still with Ayu. Likewise, Ayu also returned the same message.

I went to find an isolated corner and videocalled them.

And that’s the current situation.

Without minding the other passengers raising their eyebrows at me from a distance, I waited until the phone loaded the scenery captured on the other side.

“Heh... Ruki, why do you look so anxious? Did you miss us this much?” That’s Sena’s opening line. Since I called her phone, her face was the first one that registered in my eyes.

While sporting a smirk, she pointed at the screen as though she was poking my nose. Or maybe that’s how it looked on her side.

I pouted a little which instantly made her giggle, “Should you really ask that? I always miss you. Wait... that place.”

I thought of acting coy to her just to see her reaction but I instantly recognized the background behind her.

I mean I would be blind if I failed to recognize the walls of the house I lived in.

Haa... Did they arrive when I left with Fuyu and the other two? They should’ve informed me of that, no?

But knowing my girls, they’re probably trying to surprise me...

“Psh. Ruki, play along a little, will you?” Mimicking my pout, Sena pushed her face closer to the camera, blocking the background behind her.

It’s adorable but since I wouldn’t even be able to touch her face through the screen, I could only shake my head at her silliness.

“Alright. I’ll pretend I don’t know where you are. Shall I expect a surprise from you?”

“This idiot... it’s not a surprise anymore if you’re expecting it! Ugh. Okay. It’s my fault. I should’ve hidden myself in some corner. I got so excited when you suddenly called.”

Upon saying that, I could hear laughter in the background. There’s obviously Ayu there as well as Akane and Eimi.

“Heh. Just my typical Sena. You’re always excited whenever I call, no?”

“Yeah. Right, I can’t help it. But Ruki, hurry home and expect a straight from me, okay?”

“Sure, as long as it precedes a kiss.”

“I still can’t win against you... Ugh. Here, they said they also want to see you even if you’re going home here.”

Looking defeated, Sena facepalmed before handing over her phone to the girl next to her.

The first one was Ayu. She’s holding back her laughter but not long after, I could instantly sense her unease or rather, her reservation.

This visit was her first time in our house and although she’s already familiar with Akane and Eimi – since the two had already come to the Boxing Gym at least once, she’s still not that used to being around my other girls apart from Sena. Yesterday was inevitable and given that I brought her to Eguchi-sensei and Hitomi, there weren't that many opportunities for her to get to know the others.

In any case, with Akane and Sena there. It won’t be long before Ayu gets used to the atmosphere.

Eimi is also actively trying to get closer to the other girls. I mean, since she believed that she was like an outsider for courting me after knowing that I was already in a relationship with them, Eimi was working hard to close the distance by spending time with them in school and outside it.

Honestly, she didn’t really need to push herself like that as the girls already considered her as one of them. In any case, I still appreciate her efforts. Should I pamper her more than I do today?

Yep. I already planned it... It’s only a few minutes past seven. It’s still too early for her curfew or the time her parents told me to bring her home...

Anyway, after checking on them one by one, Sena got the phone back and reminded me to hurry home as if I was the one driving the train.

Well, she’s being considerate again so after a while, she ended the call to give me the chance to check on the other girls as well.

And just like that, my time on the train never became boring.

Additionally, on the few minutes of walk from the station to our house, Yue, who had some free time after a taping of a show she was guesting, looked for the comfort of my voice.

And before cutting the call, she also informed me about the recording of the new song. It should be this Sunday but since she also didn’t want to miss the chance to spend time with me, she pushed it back for a day so that I could go along with them. Which means, it would happen this coming Monday after school.

Kaoru-san would be picking us up at our house. Furthermore, Yue said she already informed Akane and the others involved in it so... I was the last one she contacted...

That girl sure was working hard... I should think of a way to make it worth more than her time... Right? I miss her too. Even though it has only been a few weeks, it feels like it’s been years since I last held her in my arms.