"What? The Half-Elf attacked the Beast Empire?" The Dragon King looked at the projection in front of him in disbelief.

"Yes, Your Majesty," the Dragon Born reported. "Our spies in the Beast Empire just informed me of what is happening there right now."

"How did this happen?" the Dragon King asked. "Did they do something to that brat? Is the Divine Army planning to kill him?"

The Dragon King's face became extremely serious because this was no laughing matter.

His daughter, Valerie, had passed him a magical contract.

The moment he signed that contract, he had become part of an Alliance between the Elven Kingdom, as well as those who visited the Kingdom of Espoir Frieden.

There was a clause in the contract that stated that if one of their parties was attacked or went to war with a valid reason, all the other signatory members would join them in their counter-attack.

If the Divine Army were to really kill Lux, he could only imagine how Hereswith would react.

Hereswith would certainly go to battle, which meant that the entire Elven Race would also go to battle. And because they were in the same alliance as the Elven race, Karshvar Draconis, along with the other parties in the alliance, would also have to join that battle, leading to a World War.

"What are those bastards from the Divine Army thinking?!" the Dragon King smashed his fist on the armrest of his throne.

Fortunately, it was made from extremely hard material that wouldn't shatter easily, even from the full-powered strike of a Supreme.

After regaining his composure, he once again looked at his subordinate.

"Tell me everything that you know," the Dragon King ordered. "Don't miss a single detail."

Similar scenarios took place in other locations on the continent.

In the secret Headquarters of Memento Mori, Hereswith was also informed of what was happening in the Beast Empire.

"We still haven't confirmed all the details about this incident, but according to the reports we received, it seems that the Beast Empire had taken two Dwarf girls hostage," an old Necromancer said. "Because of this, your Grand Disciple went to the Beast Empire.

"Right now, there are thousands of Undead Monsters in the Capital City of the Beast Empire. Our spy also added that there are four Peak Calamity-Ranked Monsters as well. But according to the report, they are not making a move.

"They simply surrounded the Royal Palace and the City, preventing anyone from entering and escaping. All the citizens have locked themselves inside their homes, and the guards of the city are only on standby. None of them dare to attack the monsters because they are not prepared for the consequences of their actions."

Dillon frowned after hearing the report. He then glanced at Hereswith, who didn't seem to be too bothered about what was happening to her Grand Disciple.

"Aren't you going to help him?" Dillon wasn't able to stop himself from asking.

"If he needed my help, he would have asked for it long ago." Hereswith shrugged. "Since I didn't hear anything from him, it means that he plans to handle this on his own."

"That's the thing. Aren't you worried about him?"

"I am worried. But there is something that you should know about my Grand Disciple."

"And that is?"

The corner of Hereswith's lips curled up into a smirk before she answered Dillon's question.

"He would not challenge a Supreme or the Pseudo-Supremes of the Divine Army without a concrete plan to counter them," Hereswith explained. "Since he didn't ask for my help, that means that he already has the means to protect himself.

"Still, I am annoyed that the Divine Army is still actively targeting my disciple, even going as far as to involve those that are close to him. Lux doesn't have the right mindset to become a Necromancer simply because he isn't cruel enough.

"But the moment he discards his morality, I'm afraid that it will be hard for him to turn back. Even demons run when a good man goes to war."

Hereswith's tone was cold, but it was firm.

Her Grand Disciple was still mourning the loss of his Master, Gaap. If the ones responsible for the Halfling's death were to push Lux's bottom line then…

"He will not stop until his rage is quenched," Hereswith said softly. "Maybe I should visit the Beast Empire just in case."

The beautiful Elf was very tempted to go, but something was telling her that she shouldn't.

A moment later, a sigh escaped her lips.

"Please inform me if there are changes in the Beast Empire," Hereswith said as she walked out of the conference room.

"Where are you going, Child?" the Old Necromancer asked.

"I'm going to look for the Stars of Calamity," Hereswith replied without even turning her head to look behind her.

The Old Necromancer watched her go before sighing.

The other Necromancers looked into the Conference Room and looked at their leader. They were waiting for him to give them an order, but the latter raised his hand as if to tell them to not do anything.

"Keep watch on the situation," the Old Necromancer ordered. "We are not going to interfere. Only if Hereswith moves to assist her Grand Disciple would we also send reinforcements to help her."

All the Necromancers nodded.

They still thought that the Divine Army was very foolish to start a conflict that could have dire consequences.

Meanwhile, the Oracle, who had convinced the Beast King to push through with this plan was desperately running for her life.

"Have you gone mad, Dilan?!" the Oracle shouted. "Are you betraying the Divine Army?!"

(A/N: In order to prevent confusion let me refresh everyone's memories. Dilan is the Beast King, while Dillon is the black-robed individual who controls the Seven-Headed Dog of Calamity, Teju Jagua.)

The Beast King didn't reply and simply charged in her direction with a determined look on his face.

"Protect me!" the Oracle ordered the twenty Apostles who had accompanied her on this journey. "Do not let him catch me!"

Five of the Apostles broke away from the formation and instantly activated the Divine Powers within them.

This allowed their ranks to soar up to become Pseudo-Supremes, giving them a power that belonged to those who stood at the Apex of the Mortal Realm.

The Beast King roared and transformed into a Giant White Tiger with black stripes on its body.

Now that he had taken this form, his Rank was no longer a Supreme but a Demigod.

What did this mean?

It meant that he became an existence that was stronger than a Supreme.

The five Pseudo-Supremes didn't hesitate to attack the Giant Tiger who was six-meter tall.

However, their attacks couldn't even hit their big target.

Before they could even understand what had happened, all of them were sent flying when the White Tiger appeared in front of them and swatted them one by one.

All the Pseudo-Supremes were knocked unconscious, and their ability was disabled as well.

Clearly, the Beast King knew the ins and outs of the ability that allowed them to gain great powers in exchange for their life force.

What the Apostles were doing was similar to how Gaap allowed Antero to manifest despite only being an Apostle.

The Divine Army had been impressed by the Halfling's method, so they did plenty of research on how to imitate a similar effect.

This was how the Apostle Project was born.

Although it would kill these individuals after their life force had been used up, it was still a good trade in order to gain a power that allowed them to become Pseudo-Supremes.

The Beast King had forcefully canceled that ability, preventing the Apostles from burning their lives away.

It seemed that he was determined to prevent any casualties among his people, and the ranks of the Divine Army at this point in time.

If he could trade the Oracle's life for the safety of millions of people, he would not hesitate to do it.

After all, she was the reason why they were currently in this situation.

The Beast King might have played a part in it, but he found this method distasteful. As a warrior, he disdained using hostages in battle.

Doing it made him ashamed and, for someone of his standing, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

"What are you all doing?!" Maeve shouted. "All of you attack him now!"

She knew that the Dimensional Domain that they were currently in wouldn't disappear unless the Beast King canceled its effects.

Because of this, Maeve decided to order all of her subordinates to attack, sacrificing their lives in order to create an opportunity that would allow her to escape.