While Lux was busy subjugating the Kingdoms and Empires that were once part of the organization that he hated the most, the Sovereign and the Founder of the Divine Army were currently inside the Royal Palace of Espoir Frieden.

"It hasn't been long since we last saw each other," the High King of the High Elves looked at his two guests with a smile on his face. "Well then… Care to say what you want from me?"

The Elven King knew that the two people in front of him didn't have time for flowery words, so he decided to get straight to the point.

"I want you to help convince the Half-Elf to stop what he is doing," the Sovereign of the Divine Army replied. "This cannot continue any longer. The Gate of the Abyss is becoming more active."

The Elven King frowned.

Truth be told, he didn't really want to aid these two individuals since they were responsible for his daughter's death.

However, that also wouldn't change the fact that the Divine Army still had a big role to play when it came to protecting Elysium from the Abyssal Invasion.

"Are you willing to pay a hefty compensation to appease Lux?" the Elf King asked.

The Founder of the Divine Army shrugged. "Truth be told, we don't really care if he subjugated all the kingdoms that were once part of our organization. We are just asking for your help because we don't want this nonsense to continue. There are far more important matters that should be addressed at the moment."

The Sovereign nodded. "Do not forget the Oath of the Supremes. Although we are on opposite sides, the Fate of this world is much more important than our squabbles. Of course, you can choose to ignore us. But if you do that, we will also ignore our duty to protect Elysium."

The Founder sighed. "I don't want to see the day when it will be your turn to beg us for help. So in order to put this matter behind us, all of you should step up and stop that brat from going overboard."

"For people who are asking for help, both of you are really annoying," the Elf King smiled bitterly. "If you really want to reach a compromise with him, I advise that both of you take a step back and stop being stubborn. Are you two not ashamed about being forced into this state by a junior?"

The Sovereign chuckled. "Of course, we are ashamed. But so what? We have already reached a point of no return with that Half-Elf. Either he dies or we die. However, we are willing to set aside these differences for the bigger picture.

"Or do you want us to really fight that brat using the full might of the Divine Army? Although we will take great losses, I guarantee that we will be the ones winning in the end."

The Sovereign's words were firm, and his eyes burned with determination.

He wasn't lying when he said that their organization would win in the end.

Even if Lux were to subjugate all the Supremes in Elysium and wage war against the Divine Army, the Divine Army would still win in the end.

The reason for this was simple—they held one of the Pillars of Eternity.

An artifact that could bend the elements and laws of the world to their will.

The Supremes and a few Saints were aware of the existence of the Pillars of Eternity. They also knew that the Divine Army was in possession of one.

It was because of this artifact that they had managed to succeed with their Apostle Project, creating Pseudo-Supremes that would be helpful when the Abyssal Army invaded their world.

The Abyss might have over a Thousand Demigods, but so what?

If even the lowly Apostles were to gain the power of Pseudo-Supremes, these Thousands of Demigods would suffer great losses when all the Apostles in Elysium gained the power to fight them head-on.

At least, this was what the Divine Army believed.

This was where their confidence was coming from.

"I already told you that both of you should take a step back," the Elf King stated in a cold tone. "You are the one asking me for a favor, so don't act high and mighty in front of me. So what if you have one of the Pillars of Eternity? If you are so strong then why don't you fight the Abyss on your own? Since you are so strong, then go ahead and fight Lux. What's wrong? Do you want me to hold your hand when you face him?"

The Elf King scoffed as he made his stand. He wasn't a nanny, so he would not lift a finger if the two bastards didn't want to cooperate.

"Fine." The Founder of the Divine Army nodded. "We are willing to compensate that brat. Are you happy now?"

"Bastard, is that how you refer to your elder?" the Elf King sneered.

"You are only a few thousand years older than me," the Founder replied. "What? Do you want me to call you Great Grandpa or something?"

The three Supremes who had the power to flip the situation of Elysium upside down bickered like little kids.

The irony of it all was that they were bickering because of a kid who had lost his patience and was now moving unhindered in the Central Regions of the Continent, turning those who opposed him into his slaves.

While the three were discussing the Half-Elf's compensation, an extremely beautiful Elf entered the throne room.

The three Supremes looked at the new arrival at the same time.

"About time you old frogs came here to beg for my father's help," Hereswith said in a teasing tone. "So, what did you all agree on? Are you going to compensate my Grand Disciple for his heartaches?"

"Something like that," the Founder of the Divine Army replied.

He gazed at Hereswith in a calm manner as if the two of them hadn't once tried to kill each other.

"Good." Hereswith nodded. "Let me guess. Are you going to ask for the help of the Dragon King and the Steward of the Crystal Palace next?"

"That's the plan," the Sovereign answered.

"I see, well then, shall we go now?" Hereswith smiled. "The faster you talk to them, the sooner I will be able to see my cute Grand Disciple, and the sooner you old frogs can scram."

The Founder and the Sovereign of the Divine Army glanced at each other before nodding in unison.

With Hereswith coming with them, they would have an easier time convincing the Dragon King, as well as the Steward of the Crystal Palace, to help convince the Half-Elf to stop his tantrum.

Hereswith watched the two old men with a smile on her face.

However, she also had her own plans in order to quell her Grand Disciple's anger. She was also very worried about his state of mind.

Fortunately, she knew the people who would be able to help Lux.

To do that, she would need to go to the Dragon Kingdom, as well as the Crystal Palace, and convince their rulers to allow her to borrow a few ladies, who would be able to help her Grand Disciple regain a bit of his sanity.

After finalizing the compensation for the Half-Elf, the three people headed toward Karshvar Draconis in order to talk to the Dragon King.

Hereswith had already sent a message to Gerhart and Keane, who were currently staying in the Xeno Empire.

She had also sent a message to Cai, informing her of the current situation.

'Just wait a little longer, Lux,' Hereswith thought as she entered the Teleportation Gate that would send them to Karshvar Draconis. 'Your Grandmaster is coming to help you.'

Right now, the only thing that could melt her Disciple's cold heart was human touch.

Since that was the case, she would bring the people who could melt the Half-Elf's heart, and help him return to who he once was.

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