'Summoner of the Abyss… I might have gotten this profession because I acquired the skill, Abyss Touch,' Lux mused as he read the description of the Job Professions that had become available to him for the second time.

'As for Blight Monarch, I have no idea how this profession became available to me,' Lux thought as he looked at the third profession that was presented to him. 'Is it because I spent some time with the ants and mosquitoes back in Leaf Village?'

The Half-Elf knew that both of these Job Classes had their own unique specialties, but after giving it some thought, he found more cons in them than pros.

First off, the Summoner of the Abyss allowed him to summon Monsters from the Abyss.

Although these Monsters would only be of the same Rank as him, they were still Abyssal Monsters, and they had powerful skills that ignored the defenses of their enemies.

But the chance of summoning a higher-ranked Abyssal Monster was a gamble. There was a chance that the Monster wouldn't listen to him and might even attack him.

The only time Lux saw Abyssal Monsters was when they fought one to defend Whitebridge City, and when he fought alongside Bedivere and the Dinosaur Monster. During that time, he felt so powerless against it because its stats were way off the charts.

Because of that experience, Lux was able to understand why everyone took the matters related to Abyssal Monsters seriously. They were a threat that could easily wipe out entire towns if left unchecked.

The other factor that made Lux very hesitant to choose the Abyssal Summoner was due to how the people around him would react.

Abyssal Monsters weren't seen on a positive note, and if people knew that he could summon them anytime and anywhere, they might treat Lux as a threat to the peace, sending experts to eliminate him before he could cause future trouble.

As for Blight Monarch, just looking at the description made his skin itchy. Just imagining his body suddenly turning into a swarm of insects while making love to Iris made him shudder.

Also, he felt that he would lose something very important to him if he chose this Job Class, which made him even more hesitant to choose it compared to the Abyssal Summoner.

Although he could see how dominating this Job Class could be when raised to the next stage, he knew that he would not choose it unless it was a last resort.

"I guess Lord of the Dead is the safest choice," Lux muttered as he looked at the second listed profession that was available to him.

After reading its information several times, the Half-Elf was sure that this Job Class was the most appropriate for him to use at this point in time.

Not only did it increase the overall strength of his Undead Army, it would also allow him to Tame Undead Monsters that were not part of his army.

The Necromancer Job Class was a rare profession, and not many people had it. Even though not many thought highly of it, it was a profession that was accepted by many.

Vera even told Lux that in one of the Kingdoms she had traveled through in Elysium, they had a Necromancer as their Guardian, protecting them from the invasion of their neighboring kingdoms, who were eyeing their Domain.

After making his decision, the Half-Elf chose the Lord of the Dead Job Class.


< You have chosen to upgrade your Job Class to Lord of the Dead. >

< Are you sure of your choice? >

< Yes / No >


Lux decisively chose Yes, making several rows of text appear in front of him.

< Congratulations! >

< Your Job Class has been upgraded to Lord of the Dead! >

< Job Specific Skills Unlocked! >


– You learned the skill, Tame Undead.

– Due to the effect of Skill Evolution [EX], Tame Undead has been upgraded to "Tame Undead [EX]".


– You learned the skill, Death Ward.

– Due to the effect of Skill Evolution [EX], Death Ward has been upgraded to "Death Turret".


– You learned the skill Turn Undead.

– Due to the effect of Skill Evolution [EX], Turn Undead has been upgraded to "Turn Undead [EX]".


– You learned the skill, Summon Flame Skull

– Due to the effect of Skill Evolution [EX], Summon Flame Skull has been upgraded to a Named Creature.

– Please choose a name for your Flame Skull.


"Flame Skull?" Lux blinked as he saw the new Summon he received after changing his profession to the Lord of the Dead.

Using his Elysium Compendium, he searched for the monster's name and read its information.


< Flame Skull >

– A very rare type of Undead that is born from a spellcaster's dead body.

– These fiery, human-sized skulls float in the air and illuminate their surroundings like that of a torch.

– Unlike a Lich or a Skeleton Mage, whose entire body has been reanimated, Flame Skulls only retain their heads. But don't be deceived by their appearance, these flaming skulls are very proficient spell casters and can teleport short distances during battle.

– Depending on the color of the flame, the Flame Skull can generate different kinds of elemental magic.

– The most common color of the flame emitted by Flame Skulls is reddish orange. These Flame Skulls specialize in Fire Spells, like Fire Balls, Fire Lance, Fire Wall, Fire Shield, and Fire Spray.

– It is possible to acquire Flame Skulls that specialize in two or more Elemental Affinities, making them versatile and deadly spellcasters that serve their Master.


After understanding what Flame Skulls were, Lux began to think of a good name that he could give it.

For him, giving names to his Named Creatures was a very important thing. He had seen many instances where children disliked the names that were given to them by their parents due to their whims because it made them suffer for the rest of their life.

Although his Summons were Undead, that didn't mean that he could just randomly choose a name for them.

'Skully might be a good name?' Lux thought. 'No. It's too generic. Also, does it have a gender? Ishtar is a girl, and the rest of my Summons are all guys. Should I pick a gender neutral name instead just to be on the safe side?'

After thinking for a long time, Lux couldn't think of a good name for his Flame Skull, so he decided to ask for a second opinion.

"Eiko, help me pick a name for our new friend," Lux said as he explained what a Flame Skull was to his baby slime.

The baby slime was a very intelligent creature, so Lux was feeling quite hopeful about the name that she would think of.

'Come to think about it, this is the first time I asked Eiko to help me pick a name,' Lux mused as he looked at the baby slime, who seemed to be deep in thought.

Eiko closed her eyes as she pondered what a good name might be. This lasted for half a minute before the baby slime looked at her Papa with a smile on her face.

"Boom Boom!"


"Let's think of a better name, okay?"


The Half-Elf could only smile bitterly at his baby slime's name recommendation. Clearly, Glee had become a bad influence to Eiko, which led the latter to share her explosive hobby with her friends.