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Chapter 1783: Director Selina Also Needs to Look After Newbies

Eddie, who just wanted to go on dates and didn’t want to do anything serious, had pissed off Director Selinda – naturally, it wouldn’t end well for him.

Gold Nugget was even more excited and kept egging the director to teach the two temp employees a lesson.

So, Eddie had a romantic dinner with Anne, but she refused to go home with him. He could only lament as he returned to his newly rented bungalow after nine that night.

Now that he didn’t need to clock in to work and his income wasn’t bad, he had rented a new place in a more remote area.

More importantly, he didn’t dare live in an apartment with other people; it would be easy for them to think that he was a lunatic.

Besides, Venom especially hated noise.

It had almost bitten off the head of their neighbor on the second day in the apartment because the guy liked to play music.

The guy didn’t just use surround sound, he also constantly played heavy metal. Two wooden doors couldn’t block out the noise at all.

The other side would also leave the door open from time to time; let alone Venom being unable to take it, Eddie himself felt like his head was about to explode.

So, he could only move quickly to avoid the furious Venom biting off the guy’s head.

He didn’t want to bite off someone’s head for no reason, nor did he want to taste their brains for himself.

The brains of pigs and cows were disgusting enough. If human brains were added to the mix, Eddie was afraid that he would never eat again.

Humming, he opened the door, turned on the lights, then closed the door. He walked through the living room and was about to go to the kitchen to get some water.

A shadow flashed in his peripheral vision, and Eddie jerked and turned around.

He saw his new employer, Black Cat, sitting on the couch.

With her arms and legs crossed, she tilted her head slightly to look at him, her green cat eyes flashing.

Eddie felt that there was a lot of ridicule in those eyes.

A little nervous, he smiled awkwardly. “You’re here.”

Selina was too lazy to talk to him. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Get changed before we go.”

Eddie: “Huh?”

Five minutes later, Eddie stopped moving, a conflicted expression on his face. Covering his mouth with his palm, he said in a low voice, “Black Cat, Black Cat, this is Black Worm. I’ve arrived at the designated location. Please give me instructions.”

Selina, who was watching him from a distance via a drone, said over the comms, “Black Worm, your mission tonight is to save ten innocent civilians. Requirement number 1: Don’t let anyone discover your appearance or identity. Requirement number 2: Don’t seriously injure or kill the criminals. Requirement number 3: Don’t draw the police’s attention or pursuit. Now, repeat the requirements, over.”

Eddie was a paparazzo and only 26; he had a good memory.

Hearing that, he repeated the mission and requirements, but couldn’t help but ask, “Then, what would be considered a serious injury?”

Selina: “…Broken limbs don’t count.”

“…Got it.” Eddie smiled bitterly. He was still too naive. Clearly, as long as the injuries weren’t fatal, everything else wasn’t considered serious.

Leaning his bike against the wall in an alley, he pulled up the hood of his loose black shirt and put on his mask and sunglasses. Then, he hunched his shoulders slightly and walked out.

Even before he reached the mouth of the alley, two thugs pushed a middle-aged woman into the alley.

One of them reached for the woman’s bag, and the other waved a knife. “Don’t move, or you’ll have scars on your fat face, and even pigs won’t want to sleep with you.”

Eddie was a little nervous. Hey, why so soon? He wasn’t prepared at all! Should he shout something first?

Selina said coldly, “An arm for using a knife and a finger for stealing the bag.”

Hearing that, Venom immediately shouted in Eddie’s head, “Go, bite off their heads.”

Eddie: …Are you crazy? It’s just a robbery, but you want me to bite their heads? Do you know how long it’s been since they washed their hair?!

Despite cursing Venom in his heart, he tried to calm down.

Robbery was a daily thing in America. Eddie had been robbed many times, and they generally happened the same way.

So, what he needed to do wasn’t complicated.

Eddie picked up his pace toward the mouth of the alley. The two men and one woman who were pulling at each other heard the noise and couldn’t help but look into the alley.

In the middle of the night, a person all in black emerged from the dark alley like a ghost, scaring the three of them.

The person with the knife was very experienced. He waved his knife twice in warning. “Hey, we’re working. Go away.”

“Okay,” Eddie mumbled. He moved to the side and stuck close to the wall away from the thugs.

The thugs immediately continued watching him warily.

Eddie lowered his head and hunched even more conspicuously, as if he was too scared to stick his nose into other people’s business.

The thug with the knife looked at the guy in black and felt a little uneasy.

When Eddie was two meters away, he couldn’t help but call out, “Hey, stop, you…”





Eddie’s hands shook. “Why are you forcing me? I didn’t want this.”

The middle-aged woman was dumbfounded. The bag she had been unwilling to let go of fell to the ground.

But nobody here paid attention to the bag that had triggered everything.

The thug who had tried to grab the bag was curled up on the ground as he clutched his belly and retched.

The arm of the thug holding the knife was already bent in the shape of an S, and he screamed miserably.

Eddie was at a loss.

He hadn’t planned to be so ruthless, but he was a little nervous since it was his first time, and he subconsciously used 30% more strength.

The arm of the first thug wasn’t broken, but he had been punched hard in the stomach.

The forearm of the second thug was bent until it could almost be a pinwheel.

“Let’s go. Are you waiting for a medal?” Selina’s cold voice woke Eddie up, and he immediately started moving.

Selina said, “Pick up your pace so that you don’t draw too much attention.”

Eddie awkwardly did as he was told, but couldn’t help but look at the mouth of the alley.

“What are you looking at? Are you some psycho murderer wanting to go back and take a look at your ‘masterpiece’?” Selina’s mocking instantly extinguished Eddie’s excitement.

That was right, it was the L.A. Knee Breaker, New York’s Devil Bone Breaker, who was currently commanding him!

In the past few years, the criminals in both cities had become so frightened that they didn’t even dare utter her codename.

All Eddie had done was broken an arm. What was there to be proud of?

“Turn right 20 meters up ahead and stop the robbery at the mart 50 meters away,” Selina ordered calmly.

After following directions as instructed, Eddie looked at the familiar street and suddenly came back to himself. He picked up his pace and reached the mart.

He raised his head and saw the familiar white-and-red Chinese sign — Chen Family Mart.