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Chapter 1786: Drawing a Line, and a Good, Proactive Employee

Thinking that, Eddie opened the door and walked in.

The exaggerated black wings on his back automatically folded close to his body when he entered the doorway, and he moved as smooth as water.

Of course, this was the effect of Venom, who could manipulate the wings and turn them hard and soft at will.

Without the symbiote, a lot of accidents could happen with this winged Gundam.

With the symbiote, the Gundam could fly more easily than with the cape on the Bat suit. In a fight, the wings could turn into retractable blades.

After the door closed, there was a sudden burst of noise inside the three-story building, followed by the screams and howls of the gangsters.

They had been having fun at home at night, but this black Gundam suddenly appeared and beat up everyone. The gang members couldn’t take it.

It was a good thing that Eddie wasn’t ruthless. Except for subconsciously sending four or five hoodlums flying into the wall, the rest only got broken limbs.

Thanks to the all-out firepower from the winged Gundam + Venom combo, the 30 or so gangsters didn’t last more than five minutes.

Eddie had fun taking down a person with every hit; it was hard to take it any slower.

In the end, four women who weren’t gang members were the only ones left intact in the building. They were yellow on the virtual screen, which meant that they were neutral.

Lifting his sandbag-like fists, Eddie exhaled in satisfaction. “Is this the strength of a superhero? This is too good.”

Selina said calmly, “You still need to undergo specialized training. Otherwise, it’ll continue to take you four minutes and fifteen seconds to beat up more than 30 hoodlums in armor.”

Eddie’s heart sank and he snapped out of his excitement. “…Got it, boss.”

Selina said, “Alright, there’s a safe behind the cabinet on the left. Open it and take everything out.”

Eddie: “Huh?” But there was no longer any response.

Three minutes later, he jumped out of the boss’s office on the third floor and glided away.

Ten minutes later, in an old warehouse in the outskirts, Eddie reluctantly took off the suit. He couldn’t help but ask, “Can I really not keep it?”

Selina’s eyes flashed green. “Your current credit is -50. Don’t even think about it. This bag contains a special bulletproof vest and a hood. Those will be enough for you for the time being.” She then threw him a black travel bag.

Eddie caught it but didn’t open it. “How do I get credit points?”

Selina said, “After you become an official employee.”

Eddie was about to say something else, but Selina ignored him and rummaged through the items from the safe which Eddie had brought back.

There were guns, illegal drugs, cash, ledgers, and various other items.

Selina asked, “Do you want cash or a bank transfer?”

Eddie was stunned. “What?”

Selina said, “The cash and guns from this sort of mission are your personal gains; we don’t care. However, all the drugs have to be handed over to be destroyed immediately.”

As she spoke, she had already picked up a bag of illegal drugs, torn it open, and dumped them into a solvent on the side.

Eddie decisively put the cash away.

He had been spending a lot recently, and could spend 100 to 200 dollars on dinner with Anne each time – just nice, he could use this money to fund his wooing efforts.

As for why Selina wanted the drugs to be handed over, the gold-medal paparazzo more or less understood.

In the last few years, Batman and Black Cat had caused the price of illegal drugs in New York to increase over 20-fold. This was common knowledge.

At the very beginning, many hoodlums spread the word that what Batman liked to do the most was help them destroy evidence. As soon as he came in, he would rush to flush the drugs down the drain.

He did it himself because he didn’t trust anyone else not to be greedy and hide some of it.

Big gangs were also used to splitting the money and goods. Money could be hidden, but goods needed to be sold at any time.

There could be just 100,000 or so in cash in the nest, but goods worth hundreds of millions.

How many people in the world could resist this temptation?

The price of drugs in all of America had increased by three to five times compared with three years ago, and they were now quickly becoming hard currency in the underworld.

Eddie had encountered a lot of the dark side, and could even speculate that this was Black Cat’s “warning”: He could make a fortune through other means, but he absolutely couldn’t touch illegal drugs.

If he did, he would end up like the people in the three-story building.

Taking the 20,000 dollars that he had just obtained, Eddie left the warehouse on his bike.

It was the same bike from earlier. Selina said that it was a “special vehicle” assigned to him by the department.

Eddie wasn’t unhappy about that at all.

It was definitely top quality, and better than what was used in the Tour de France; the manufacturing cost alone was probably in the thousands.

It had to be good, or it would be crushed to smithereens by Eddie, who had been buffed up by Venom.

After seeing Eddie off, Selina looked behind a pile of junk not far away.

Luke canceled his stealth mode and walked out. “Hm, it seems that Venom can’t detect me yet.”

Selina was more concerned about herself. “Are you going to make me take care of him like this forever?”

Luke said, “Start issuing him missions tomorrow, and get him to do them himself. After tonight’s warm-up, he won’t cause too much trouble.”

The main thing was that the complete symbiotic form with Venom was too conspicuous; there was no need for Eddie to draw attention.

The reason Luke had gotten Eddie to wear the winged Gundam suit tonight was to distract the gang; they were the ones who collected protection fees from the Chen Family Mart.

This gang had more than 30 core members.

If some idiot wanted to use revenge to climb the ladder, he would have to look for tonight’s winged Gundam warrior first, and wouldn’t connect him to the Chen Family Mart.

Also, as Eddie had thought, the point of this operation tonight was to set the tone and draw a bottom line: What he could and couldn’t do, what he could and couldn’t take.

This operation had already made these clear to Eddie.

Although this guy was only 26, he was already an old fox who could catch the meaning.

He was a little like Luke. He was cocky only when he was capable, but when he wasn’t, he was very cowardly.

With the Dark Knight and Black Cat around, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to act recklessly.

After all, if he clung to the Bat Squad, he wouldn’t lose his petty life so easily. Also, Selina had even permitted him to rob a gang tonight for cash.

As long as Eddie wasn’t an idiot like Venom, he would know that he wouldn’t lack money in the future.

If he was a little smarter, he could think of a reverse operation — for example, buying information on big gangs from Black Cat.

But tonight’s operation would be enough for him to ponder for a while, so he probably wouldn’t think about it for now.

What Eddie valued most at the moment wasn’t money, but… becoming an official employee of the PDD.

Only then would he be a good, proactive employee for the organization.