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Chapter 1787: Big Brother’s Help, and Diligent Dr. Sterns

Whatever Eddie was thinking, Luke and Selina basically tossed him to the side.

Alfred was the one who picked the missions for him every day; one was even a mission based on information from Eddie.

Of course, Eddie had only handed over dirt on that violent gang.

Alfred, on the other hand, sent him back extra information and details as well as a complete plan of action.

When Eddie read the mission, he felt like the heavens weren’t sparing him.

But as a probie, he didn’t dare say or ask anything.

It wasn’t until a long while later that he suddenly came back to himself. That wasn’t right! He didn’t have the ability to do anything in the past, but now that he did, why was he still thinking of himself only as an ‘informant’?

He was going to be a superhero!

On this point, he and Venom had different opinions. It expressed that they were two entities in the same body, so Venom should be used as their codename.

Eddie, however, felt that the name wasn’t impressive enough, and decisively refused, only to be mocked by Venom for wanting to be a superhero.

Currently, they were at an impasse, and didn’t have a codename.

That had nothing to do with Luke. He was very busy.

Eddie wasn’t handicapped, and didn’t need Luke to take him along every day.

What? The female doctor had been following the Level 1 clone all this time? That was totally for the sake of luring Simon out.

It was already the middle of October.

From warm and beautiful California, Luke and Selina reluctantly returned to New York in the late fall.

When they got home, two people and one dog sat down in the living room to enjoy the comforts of their nest, when Selina suddenly said, “I feel like something’s missing. What is it?”

She chewed absent-mindedly on her freshly baked cupcake and tapped her forehead with her fingers.

This was a quirk which Director Selina had only developed recently. In her own words, “working in administration every day gives me a headache.”

Luke didn’t think much of it. “It definitely isn’t an emergency, or there would be a program notification.”

Selina nodded and couldn’t help but ask, “Little Snail, recently, at home… Wait, where’s your brother?”

Luke blinked. “Is he sleeping at Mindy’s?”

Selina spat at him. “Get lost. Neither of you are good things.”

With that, she got up and went upstairs.

Gold Nugget watched her disappear up the stairs before it wagged its tail at Luke furtively to comfort him.

Luke rolled his eyes. “What are you thinking? I don’t need your sympathy.”

On the third floor, Selina said, “Dog, hurry up and come take a shower.”

The dog rubbed its head against Luke’s hand and then went upstairs.

As long as it persisted in its bootlicking, the ultimate victory would belong to it.

While Selina and the fiend didn’t say anything, the benefits it actually received now had skyrocketed.

Venom, you’re destined to fall behind me. I’m the one who knows best how to curry favor in this world! Thinking that, Gold Nugget went upstairs happily to take a shower.

After Selina left, Luke immediately took out his phone to check on his brother.

He hadn’t paid much attention to Joseph recently. After all, Little Snail was monitoring him 24/7 and would let him know if anything happened.

There were a lot of things to do on his end, and Joseph had just come to New York, so the latter had promptly been forgotten.

Of course, Luke didn’t look at any footage. He just checked Joseph’s activity log. Sure enough, it was all about school and home.

He only went out to train once every three days, but nothing happened.

Looking at the date, Luke realized that he was out training, so he relaxed.

Train if you want, but don’t look at anything you shouldn’t. That’s all I can help you with. Muttering to himself, Luke stretched and then went to the basement.

For security reasons, he had emptied the basement when he left, and now that he had returned, he had to put the things back.

Thankfully, he was very familiar with the storage function of his inventory, and it was done in a few minutes.

At that moment, there was a call from Space 2.

Luke could only sink into his consciousness and take over a robot inside. He asked the middle-aged man in a white coat, “What materials do you need this time?”

Dr. Samuel Sterns immediately said, “I need to personally study targets 02 and 04.”

Luke was silent for a moment before he said helplessly, “Did you forget that you’re target 06?”

Dr. Sterns was unmoved. “Either kill me or let me do research.”

Luke chuckled. I can keep you alive and not let you do research. Let’s see if you can still act pretentious then.

Even as he mocked inwardly, he knew that would be impossible.

Compared with Dr. Sterns’ self-awareness, energy and initiative, the other special living targets were nothing.

01 Black Sky Elektra had once become a “container” for some strange creature and wasn’t even afraid of isolation anymore, and just wanted to kill every day.

02 Half-plant Claudia with her poisonous vines grew flowers and read books every day. She and 03 sandman Hodge were also in love.

04 Ophelia, who called herself Viper, was the female doctor who had plotted with Yashida to obtain the power of the Blood God.

She hadn’t died when Luke stabbed her in the back of the head in Tokyo, and was actually able to recover so that she was as good as new. It was amazing.

This person didn’t put in much effort into her research. She looked busy, but didn’t actually have anything to show for it.

05 was Blonsky, the sh*tty yellow version of the Hulk. He was similar to Black Sky, and could only be used as a research subject.

Only Dr. Sterns, who had been the last to enter, fell into a frenzy of research after receiving the information on Claudia and Ophelia.

The so-called information was just the two women’s physical stats and their tissue samples after they took Life 1.

If Dr. Sterns, who was too obsessed with studying human superpowers, was no longer able to continue studying the Hulk’s blood, this sort of poisonous and regenerative blood was fine too.

These two ladies were much more interesting than the Hulk.

There was only one Hulk, and he was far away.

Here were two women who were both proficient in poisons and regeneration who could become test subjects together and hence wouldn’t be lonely.

Of the six special targets, Sterns had the most demands but produced the most results, so his treatment was very good.

Not only did he have a big laboratory, he also had test subjects who were bright red in the system to experiment on.

The A.I. program arranged everything, and Luke didn’t have to worry about anything at all.

The second floor of the lab was a full projection of an artificial courtyard with flowers, grass, mountains and water. Even the sun and rain could be controlled by the program.

In college, Dr. Sterns had his dorm, the cafeteria and the lab. He didn’t have many friends.

Corporations also kept their specialized technology under tight wraps.

Here, everything he wanted to know was on full display for him.

Sterns felt that this was the most enjoyable time in his life. He didn’t want to leave at all.