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Chapter 1788: Research Tool, Materials and Folly

Dr. Sterns was also well aware that the owner of this mysterious base wouldn’t allow him to leave after perusing this information; if he left, he would no longer have access to that classified material.

Also, he was allowed to communicate with four other special living targets.

Although they were separated by an unbreakable transparent barrier, Dr. Sterns could observe and study them at will.

This didn’t include Blonsky. Luke didn’t want Dr. Sterns to continue messing around with this extremely unreliable technology.

But the spirit of research would never change.

It had only been a few months, but Dr. Sterns couldn’t take it anymore — he wanted to study the two unusual women further.

If Luke hadn’t set up the robots to stop him, Dr. Sterns would’ve even modified himself to become like them.

That was because their bodies were extremely special. They practically never aged, didn’t get tired, and barely slept.

This body was too perfect for a scientist who liked to do research.

From this point of view, homebody techies actually had similar needs as gaming shut-ins.

Paired with the rapid increase in his intelligence, Dr. Sterns felt that he would definitely be able to develop a magical product that had never been seen before.

Since he was so useful, his new boss definitely wouldn’t be willing to kill him.

In fact, Dr. Sterns should be glad that he wasn’t evil enough, or that he had been caught before he could turn evil.

The fact that he was light red in the system was an important reason why he could work in a comfortable environment.

If he were bright red, he definitely wouldn’t be able to enjoy himself, and would be dealt with if he couldn’t complete a mission.

If he were so dark red he was almost black, Dr. Sterns would have become research material, just like Claudia and the others.

Luke also had R&D skills.

It didn’t matter if he were just a little worse in this regard. In any case, he could still use Life 1 to keep the test subjects alive and test the effects at the same time.

However, Dr. Sterns was indeed extraordinary.

If there was a classification for geniuses, he would be a genius on Tony’s level.

A genius at this level wasn’t omnipotent, but was constantly inspired.

Dr. Sterns’ creative output and quality were indeed far inferior to Tony’s.

However, Luke could lock Dr. Sterns up to do dirty work for him, while he couldn’t do the same to the tycoon.

Now that Luke had given him a rough research direction, Dr. Sterns had made a breakthrough, and after the data was processed by Ultima, the super A.I. program in Space 2, the research on Life 1 increased in efficiency.

As for Tony, Luke could only influence his research at most, while the research direction was left to fate.

So, Dr. Sterns was a “super research tool.”

As much as possible, Luke wouldn’t hinder his research.

Dr. Sterns had directed the robots to do all the previous research, but now he wanted to do it himself.

The two women’s poison attacks were too strange. Without the utter isolation function of Space 2, Dr. Sterns would decompose into pulp in seconds, with no hope of being saved.

Luke compromised. “I can provide you the latest remote-controlled android and have the women cooperate with your research. Unless you’re planning on personally cutting them open, this is enough.”

“Fine.” Dr. Sterns felt a little regretful.

Whether he did it or not himself didn’t matter – this was purely a reflex for scientists when they encountered “rare materials.”

A robot doing the work was also very good.

Many research organizations wanted to use robots to avoid many risks.

There were two reasons why they didn’t do: Firstly, they didn’t have enough robot technology, and secondly, they didn’t have the money to make such good robots.

Since his new boss was so generous, Dr. Sterns didn’t push his luck.

Less than two minutes after the mysterious boss left, the remote-controlled android arrived.

At the A.I. program’s prompt, Dr. Sterns lay down in the ” massage chair” that had just been delivered to him. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he realized that he was… in front of Claudia’s house?

Dr. Sterns looked down at himself in astonishment, then raised his hands in shock. “WTF! Is this really a remote-controlled robot?”

What surprised him wasn’t the remote-controlled robot, but that the mode of control looked as if he were in its body. And this body…

Dr. Sterns even forgot about Claudia. He simply jumped around and sang incoherent praise. “Unbelievable! Awesome! Perfect! Incredible…”

“Didn’t anyone teach you that it’s rude to make noise in front of someone else’s house?” A lazy female voice rang out, interrupting a certain tech nerd’s musings.

Dr. Sterns jumped five meters into the air before landing firmly on his feet.

He didn’t look at Claudia immediately. Instead, he closed his eyes and waved his hands in front of him in satisfaction. “This precision and stability are too perfect. These are the sorts of hands which research institutes need the most.”

He opened his eyes and looked at Claudia, who was standing at the door in silk pajamas. Relevant data on her was projected in front of Dr. Sterns, and he could flip through it quickly.

Dr. Sterns looked at Claudia with glowing red mechanical eyes. “I don’t even need to do anything to read the information? This really is the most perfect research tool.”

Claudia frowned. “You’re annoying.”

As soon as she said that, she waved her hand, and a green vine flew out of her loose pajama sleeve.

Pa! Boom! The remote-controlled android’s head was smashed into the opaque space barrier.

Dr. Sterns’ vision turned dark. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in the massage chair. The half-dome cover over his head opened, and the gentle female voice of the A.I. program warned, “Research android 1 has been damaged. There are no backup androids. Connection cut.”

“F*ck!” Dr. Sterns couldn’t help but curse. “My new robot.”

Even with his thick nerves, it hurt.

This remote-controlled android wasn’t something that an ordinary remote-controlled robotic arm could compare with.

There was a gap of at least two to three generations in technology, and the difference in price wouldn’t be several-fold, but hundred-fold – it might not be possible to buy one, even if you had the money.

He had only gotten his hands on it five minutes ago, and it was already damaged. Was the new boss willing to buy another one? Dr. Sterns couldn’t help but slap his forehead and frown.

But tech nerds were fearless in the end.

Dr. Sterns, this homebody techie, was even better at courting death. Even as he frowned, he had already gotten the A.I. program to issue instructions for the boss to immediately do a ‘resupply.’

Reason? The most legitimate reason was damage! Dr. Sterns couldn’t be bothered to lie.

Luke replied quickly, but the outcome wasn’t great. “Then negotiate with them first. One research android costs 20 million. If you squander too much, this will affect your other research equipment.”

Dr. Sterns looked even more depressed.

Luke, who was still in the basement, shook his head. Sterns had gotten a little cocky recently! Luke had just given him a new robot, and he had already stuffed it up. Didn’t he know that it was hard for the boss to make money?