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Chapter 1789: The Boss’s Operation, and a Discussion with Big Brother

The requirements for a research robot were higher than for an ordinary combat robot. Not only were the raw materials very expensive, some components were also troublesome.

It was a waste of time for Luke to get the bigshot who sold everything to specially settle a deal after the robot was damaged so soon.

No matter how much money Luke had, he couldn’t let Dr. Sterns act like this.

An unrestrained researcher could burn all the wealth on Earth.

Luke was only a shareholder in a few companies, not the God of Earth.

He had to save as much money as possible.

Of course, even after he made this clear, he still had to give the robot to Dr. Sterns.

After Luke personally “negotiated” with Claudia and Ophelia, they quickly agreed to cooperate with the research.

However, to prevent the robot from being instantly destroyed again, Dr. Sterns certainly couldn’t plot to cut them open and study them bit by bit.

It wasn’t that Luke wanted to give them preferential treatment, but that the two women weren’t in normal mindframes to begin with.

It was easy for them to go completely crazy, which would make it hard for them to cooperate with experiments in the future.

What was even more interesting was that after the ‘negotiation,’ the two women were finally ‘full of life.’

They said that they were willing to participate in the research, not just to be studied.

In exchange for being proactive in research, they had the right to refuse to cooperate in some of Dr. Sterns’ experiments.

Nobody wanted to be ordered around like a monkey.

Using the ‘threat’ of Dr. Sterns could be considered to have brought about the desired effect, and it added new dimensions to Luke’s research projects.

Luke really wasn’t a professional when it came to biotechnology, nor was he interested.

These three doctors could just be sent off with money and equipment. Luke didn’t have to participate in the research; he just needed to ‘harvest’ results at regular intervals.

Just after ten in the evening, Mindy sent Joseph back, which was a must.

Mindy was only fourteen, but she was definitely more “grown-up” than nine-year-old Joseph.

As the big brother, Luke could not create opportunities for his little brother, but at the very least, he shouldn’t blindly mess things up.

When they said goodbye at the door, Luke finally appeared. “Do you want to come in for a bit, Mindy?”

Mindy was shocked, but then relaxed. “Luke, you’re back?”

Luke nodded and said with a smile, “Do you want me to drive you back?”

Mindy rolled her eyes. “I’m already in the tenth grade!”

Luke shrugged. “Okay. Shall I come over tomorrow with a little gift?”

Mindy’s eyes lit up. “What gift?”

Luke said, “Handmade.”

Mindy wasn’t disappointed.

The longsword that Luke had given her last time wasn’t bad. Although she rarely used it, she still liked it.

Just like the dozens of butterfly knives she had, collecting premium cold weapons was her personal hobby.

The bigshot who sold everything also had special cold weapons, but they had to be bought with credit points, which was completely different from gifts.

Mindy waved goodbye happily and rode her bike back home.

Joseph pushed his bike into the hallway and asked casually as he went upstairs, “Did your business trip go well?”

Luke said, “Hm, not bad.”

Sensing Joseph’s emotions, Luke secretly chuckled. “Fine, you get a gift too.”

Joseph’s mood clearly improved, but he said, “I’m not a kid.”

Luke chuckled. “Are you saying that Mindy is still a kid?”

Joseph curled his lip. “She probably won’t be able to grow up in this lifetime.”

Luke didn’t argue with him.

Mindy acting a little childish didn’t mean that she was naive.

A moment later, Luke went upstairs and gave Joseph two big boxes. “These are for you.”

Joseph looked at him suspiciously. “Can I open them now?”

Luke nodded and took a leisurely sip of his coffee.

The boxes weren’t wrapped, but tied simply with red ribbon.

Joseph lifted the top of one box and was shocked when he saw what was inside.

Uncertain, he took the item out of the box and turned it around in his hands before he was 100% sure that it was a motorcycle helmet.

A motorcycle helmet wasn’t a big deal, but the helmet was pink and had cartoon-like cat whiskers and a mouth on the front to create a cute cat face.

Joseph turned around and looked at Luke.

Luke raised his hand with a smile. “There’s another one.”

Joseph quickly opened the second box. When he saw the dark color, he was immediately relieved. “This one’s for me, right?”

Luke burst out laughing. “Huh? Do you want to wear the girl’s style?”

Joseph glared at his brother angrily. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

He finally came back to his senses.

Luke had deliberately placed the box with the pink helmet close to him so that he would open it first.

In fact, they were couple helmets.

The two helmets were similar, but the black one was for guys, while the pink one had a cartoon cat face.

After complaining about the prank, Joseph quickly asked, “Are you giving her a motorbike?”

Luke nodded and confirmed his speculation. “Yes.”

Joseph had a strange expression on his face. “So, you gave me two motorcycle helmets, and you’re giving her a motorcycle.”

Luke sipped his coffee leisurely. “That’s right.”

Joseph wanted to complain, but didn’t know what to say.

Luke, however, explained, “You should think about your safety on the road. Also, you’ve been training with her for so long. Should I just give her a helmet?”

Joseph finally couldn’t take it anymore. “I mean, don’t tell me you’re splitting the original gift into two?”

Luke shook his head decisively. “No way. If it was a set, why would I specially prepare a helmet for you? You now get a free driver – don’t tell me you’re not satisfied with this gift?”

Joseph was lost for words. A free driver? Adults sure knew how to play tricks.

The next day, Mindy jumped around happily on her motorbike.

This wasn’t a common motorbike, but one that Luke had specially modified for her.

The motorcycle was streamlined and eye-catching in pink and purple. It was small in size, but it was heavy enough to drive at high speed.

With the nanosuits and Luke’s couple helmets, their lives wouldn’t be in danger.

Not only that, it could change appearance and color, and switch out license plates, similar to Bell’s cab.

On a straight road, the A.I. program could also steer the motorbike, which would allow the driver to free up their hands in a short period of time.

Luke also had a fully A.I. motorcycle, but it needed super wide tires. That would look too flashy, and would draw attention outside. It wasn’t suitable for these two minors.

This ‘ordinary’ version was enough for Mindy and Joseph’s daily use.