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Chapter 1790: Research Underway, and a New Commission

Helping his little brother sort out ‘travel fare’ was just compensation for leaving him alone at home during this period of time.

Although Mindy treasured the new motorbike and Joseph couldn’t touch it himself, he could still get a free ride.

The motorbike was from Luke, and it wouldn’t be nice for Mindy to be the only one to ride it, so she let Joseph get on as well.

For the next few days, Luke slacked off again. When he was free, he would have coffee with the company CEO in front of the glass windows of HQ, or take Elena out to draw.

After the ‘research subjects’ agreed to cooperate, Dr. Sterns gradually entered the most enjoyable stage of his research.

The minds of these two women who played with poison were abnormal to begin with. Coupled with their special physiques, Pheromone Control had a very poor effect on them.

But with Dr. Sterns breathing down their necks, the two women knew that they couldn’t keep resisting.

If they didn’t take a step back, they might really have to become ‘research material’ on the operating table until they died.

There was finally some movement with the nanotoxin technology which Ophelia had been keeping under wraps.

Claudia also tried to cultivate the Blood Orchid.


Although their days were much worse than before, Luke gave them better treatment after they expressed their intent to cooperate.

The current volume of Luke’s Space 2 was equivalent to a large cube that was 100 meters in length, width and height.

They had books, computer games, TV dramas, movies and music in their personal spaces. They could even have a swimming pool in their respective courtyards.

As long as Luke wanted to, he could make twenty 10,000-square-meter mansions that were 5 meters tall. It was much more spacious than the women’s previous villas that were several hundred square meters in size.

Between getting better treatment and becoming ‘research material,’ the two women didn’t hesitate for long, and decisively chose to live more comfortably.

But once they got on this train, they couldn’t get off.

In the future, they would need to provide a corresponding level of results for whatever treatment they wanted.

The two women and one man were doctors who had been involved in research for a long time.

After they seriously devoted themselves to their research, several projects that had stalled for some time finally started to see progress.

Ophelia’s nanotoxin was very flexible and could be combined with a lot of technology. It was very effective in terms of both offense and defense.

Artificial cultivation of the Blood Orchid contributed to further analysis of its characteristics. By exploring the cause of the effects it produced, it might be possible to mass produce it.

Dr. Sterns researched how to use Life 1 to strengthen the human body and to extend its lifespan.

Luke said frankly, “If this project succeeds, you’ll be the first person to enjoy the results.”

Dr. Sterns still missed the Hulk project, but when he heard that, his mind cleared.

In any case, if the new boss didn’t provide him with the materials, how could he work on the Hulk project?

Luke was relieved; finally, the guy’s obsession had been suppressed for the time being.

Dr. Sterns was his ‘research asset.’ If he was distracted, what would be wasted were Luke’s research results!

It was already the middle of November, and at ten o’clock one night, the agency that hadn’t been officially opened for business for long suddenly received a new commission from Dustin, whom Luke and Selina hadn’t seen in a while.

On the phone, his voice clearly sounded a little hoarse. “Luke, it’s me.”

“Good evening. You finally don’t have to keep Jennifer company today?” Luke smiled casually.

Dustin was busy with work and tried his best to keep Jennifer company when he was free at night. The two of them basically only saw each other at night.

After a few seconds of silence, Dustin said slowly, “I have a job for you.”

Luke slowly sat up straight on the couch. “From who?”

Dustin said, “From me. It’s a private job. It’s best if only you know about it.”

Luke was surprised when he heard that.

A serious personal request like this was all about friendship.

In the future, as long as it wouldn’t put Dustin at risk, he would have to do his best to help Luke in return.

Thinking that, Luke slowed down in his speech. “No problem. Remember that you owe me another one.”

Dustin was relieved to hear that.

It was just like how people didn’t mind helping someone they had helped before, as long as the other party expressed enough gratitude.

In fact, people trusted their ‘creditors’ more, provided that they weren’t pressed to pay the latter back.

Dustin looked in the rearview mirror. In the backseat, Jennifer was wearing his coat and had her head down.

He took a deep breath. “I’m in Long Beach. There was an unexpected situation in the woods diagonally across from Nickerson Beach Park. I need you to take care of it.”

Pausing for a moment, he couldn’t help but add, “The sooner, the better.”

Luke readily agreed. “Okay, I’ll be there in ten minutes. Until I get there, be careful.”

After hanging up, Dustin heaved a sigh.

Until now, there weren’t many people he could trust. Luke was the only one who was trustworthy and capable of resolving any future problems that may pop up.

Even so, his heart was still pounding.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t confident in Luke; this matter involved Jennifer, so Dustin couldn’t relax completely.

However, he still comforted her. “Luke is a reliable guy. What happened today isn’t a big day.”

Jennifer sighed faintly. “What… on earth am I?”

Dustin couldn’t say anything in reply.

If he said that his wife was Superman, it might trigger her unstable emotions.

If he said there was nothing wrong with her, then what about the guy lying in the grass?

Hesitating for a moment, Dustin, whose gift at speaking had improved in the last two years, gave the right answer. “You are my wife, the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Jennifer fell silent.

It had been a bad night, but at least it wasn’t the worst. That was what the D.A., who had her husband’s support, thought.

Luke was a punctual person, and was even used to being five minutes early.

Five minutes after the call, he appeared in the bushes not far away.

After confirming that it was Luke, Dustin stretched out his phone and let the screen flash once before he immediately turned the light off.

In fact, Luke’s Sharp Nose had already locked onto Dustin and his wife, as well as… another person?

However, the strong smell of blood confirmed one thing: Dustin’s problem wasn’t a small one.

Dustin went out to greet him.

Luke asked, “What’s going on? What do you need me to do?”

They had always dealt with emergencies like this.

Dustin was already familiar with this routine, and immediately explained in a low voice.

It wasn’t complicated. In short, D.A. Jennifer had just killed a man.

However, she was a light green in the system, which confirmed that the person she had killed wasn’t anything good.

Dustin had brought her to a special seaside restaurant for dinner. When they left, they heard someone calling for help.

One was a veteran police officer and the other was a strong woman. They weren’t scared, and immediately stopped the car to check.