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Chapter 1792: Professional Clean-up and Cooperation?

Luke didn’t think much of it after Dustin told him what happened tonight and how Jennifer was doing.

If Haley had been the one to turn into a She—Hulk, he might still be a little happy since he would have less apprehensions.

The most troublesome thing was that the other party was a friend.

Jennifer didn’t have a direct connection to Luke, but Dustin had been attentive toward her for as long as Luke knew him; she was the person closest to several of Luke’s colleagues.

It was like Luke always said: If you’re too close, you can’t do anything.

Jennifer was an elite lawyer with a strong sense of justice and a crafty mind. Otherwise, how could she make Dustin behave? Hm, maybe it was because Jennifer was only in her thirties.

But in any case, Luke could only be gentle and fair when communicating with this “sister-in-law,” and to give and take whenever one or the other party needed help.

A certain person would flare up if Jennifer changed identities and was sent out of the country.

The main point was that Jennifer would turn green whenever she got agitated, and would use her sandbag-like fists to ‘convince’ people to be ‘good.’

So, it was better to have the bigshot who sold everything contact this potential female hero and give her some high-tech face-changing equipment.


As long as she didn’t turn green on the spot in front of everybody, everything was negotiable.

Superhumans with physical abilities and the She-Hulk were two different things.

Luke could easily protect the former, but the latter was General Ross’s “project.”

Secondly, the bigshot could give this “sister-in-law” some professional advice about controlling her emotions and hiding her transformation.

After all, nobody knew how to hide better than the bigshot.

As Luke worked things out, he didn’t stop moving as he began to take things out of his backpack.

He had Jennifer get out of the car. She took off her coat in a thick part of the woods, and Dustin treated it thoroughly with a cleaning spray.

Luke dragged the body of the teenager wrapped in the rug to the other side. While the couple was busy in the woods, he threw the body into his inventory.

Then, he activated the scanning function on his lenses and stored everything within range that had traces of the teenager in his inventory. He also cleaned up Dustin’s car.

After he was done, he even had the time to take out a lollipop and eat it unhurriedly.

After another two minutes, the couple finally came out of the woods.

Luke took the cleaning spray from Dustin and gestured for them to stand apart. He scanned them with his lenses one last time and cleaned up small bits that had been missed.

Less than a minute later, he stopped and said, “Okay, you go home first. You just came here for a romantic dinner tonight, but Jennifer, you caught a cold. You might need to take some time off from work.”

Dustin and Jennifer well understood how collusion and fabrication worked, and they nodded silently.

Luke gave Dustin an old phone model. “Contact this person; he should be able to alleviate Jennifer’s ‘sickness’ to some extent. If possible, it would be best to stop work for a while and make sure that her condition is under control at the very least.”

“Thank you.” Dustin patted Luke’s shoulder and shook his hand before he left.

In the passenger seat, Jennifer looked in the rearview mirror.

Luke waved goodbye and walked slowly toward the road, like an old man out for a stroll.

She suddenly said, “Isn’t Luke a little too experienced at this?”

Dustin was still thinking about the phone with a ‘cure.’ He hummed carelessly and said, “This kid did a lot of private jobs in Los Angeles. He got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is nothing.”

As Luke’s boss, Dustin had to know how much he made on the surface.

Before Luke resigned, many people had been staring at his account, ready to pounce.

Too many people were jealous of a 21-year-old who was able to become a lieutenant.

Even though the higher-ups knew that Luke had connections, and even though his colleagues in the Detective Bureau knew that he was capable, he had still risen too quickly.

For example, Dustin was already 45. If he was lucky, he might be promoted to Inspector next year.

If nothing untoward happened and Luke progressed at the same rate as before, he could become Deputy Chief at the age of 35.

But he had resigned of his own accord. Otherwise, if NYPD produced a 25-year-old Captain, hundreds of officers would line up to write a petition to denounce him.

Jennifer didn’t care about that. She stressed, “I’m saying that he’s too experienced.”

Dustin still didn’t think much of it. “Darling, he’s the detective with the highest success rate in Los Angeles. If he wanted to, he could be the detective with the highest success rate in NYPD or even the world.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes.

Dustin was very close to Luke and had fallen out with Deputy Commissioner Brad over him, but was she praising Luke here?

“What I’m saying is that the both of you work so well together and are so good at it. This isn’t the first time you’ve worked together to clean up a scene, right?” She finally expressed her worries.

Jennifer had been a lawyer for years, and had been the D.A. in New York for two years.

She was very familiar with how sentences were handed down among suspects.

People who committed serious crimes in America didn’t necessarily get heavy sentences; it was the person who took the blame that got the most severe sentence.

Luke was rich, and he was no longer a police officer. It would be very difficult for Internal Affairs to get him to cooperate with an investigation. He could even hire a team of lawyers to help file a lawsuit.

Dustin, however, was still with the police department. If anyone realized that there was a problem, and couldn’t do anything to Luke, Dustin as the “weak point” would come under fire.

Dustin wasn’t stupid. After his wife asked three questions in a row, he immediately understood her worries. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “That’s because you’ve never worked with him. Otherwise, you wouldn’t think that.”

Jennifer asked, “What do you mean?”

Dustin’s eyes flickered, and he said in a nostalgic tone, “Doing things with him, you take the least risk and get the most credit. You never get involved in those ‘dirty things.’ Whether you are his boss or partner, there’s no exception.”

Jennifer was surprised. “Are you serious?”

She only knew that Luke was a nice guy, but she had never heard the details. After all, she and Dustin were both busy people, and their time together was better spent on other things.

Dustin sighed. “John McClane. You’ve heard of him, right?”

Of course Jennifer had heard of this guy who had ‘shaken up’ the New York police system. “The guy who started losing his hair in his thirties?”

Dustin couldn’t help but swipe his hand through his own hair and feel lucky. “I would thank the heavens if he only causes ten times as much trouble as Luke.”

Jennifer was lost for words. Are you saying that Mr. McClane is dozens of times more of a troublemaker than Luke?

In any case, Dustin wasn’t involved in any illegal “clean-ups,” so that was fine.

What she had done tonight had been in self-defense, but if word got out that she turned green, the people who would come looking for her definitely wouldn’t talk about legalities.