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Chapter 1794: Another Trip to Tokyo and Relying on One’s Self

Two days later, Luke ‘entrusted’ his little brother to Mindy once more, and left with Selina and Gold Nugget.

Since they were no longer police officers, they naturally wouldn’t take a regular plane to Tokyo.

Unlike many magnates who liked to ‘dress’ up their private planes, the commercial plane which was registered under a certain flight company prioritized flight distance first and speed second.

The interior decor and facilities were just the basics.

There was no such thing as a flight attendant who liked to ask the boss what to drink, a 3×3-meter bed, or even a jacuzzi.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Luke wouldn’t prepare all the necessities required on the plane himself, this commercial plane wouldn’t even have the sole middle-aged flight attendant.

This middle-aged woman had ordinary looks, but she was down-to-earth, followed instructions, and was very professional. She cherished this job that paid very well with no regard for her age or looks.

Luke had her stay in the lounge so as not to wander around.

To prevent her from feeling like she was being locked up in some dark room, Luke had even expanded the kitchen area and reduced the size of the passenger area.

A large reason Luke had hired this middle-aged flight attendant back then was because her culinary skills weren’t too bad.


The plane wasn’t a suitable place for the three of them to move around; it was fine for them to just do their own work or watch dramas.

The only thing they required was more food, or they would become anxious when they got hungry.

After eating and drinking, they took a nap and then got off the plane at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

Taking a car that had been sent to the airport by the PDD, two people and one dog drove into Tokyo once more.

They had been here before, but that had only been for a few days, when they had dumped a lot of trash into Tokyo Bay in passing.

Looking at the street, Selina asked solemnly, “Hm, where should we start?”

Luke said, “Noodles. There are a lot of special noodle shops which we have yet to try.”

Selina’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

Luke was amused. “This case isn’t urgent. Besides, it’s the afternoon. We can spend half the day eating, then get to work at night.”

“Okay, then we’ll follow your arrangements.” Director Selina nodded with the air of a leader, but already couldn’t help smacking her lips.

The dog head in the backseat quickly whined to indicate that it agreed with this decision.

At night, Tokyo was bustling with activity.

Traffic lights changed and people moved like a tide through the busy intersections.

Luke was holding two big bags of snacks in both hands, and Selina was holding a box in one hand and chopsticks in the other. She didn’t forget to mutter, “One for you, one for me, mm, one for Gold Nugget. One for you…”

Her movements were gentle and precise, and she could accurately pop into Luke’s mouth whatever snack she was holding.

Gold Nugget? Just put it wherever on the right. It was very good at picking up food.

Many passers-by looked at them curiously. The woman was so accurate at feeding the man and the dog. Did she specialize in some sort of craftsman trade?

Also, this was a world which valued looks.

People with craftsmanship weren’t rare. There were plenty of unusual people like these in Japan, but there weren’t many who looked this outstanding, let alone two foreigners.

The two people and one dog who had traveled the world had already learned to ignore these gazes.

After walking for more than ten minutes, they arrived at a residential area, and the two bags of snacks in Luke’s hands were finally empty.

Squeezing the trash into two balls and stuffing them into his backpack, Luke looked up ahead. “We’re at the Miuras’ place.”

“Okay, let’s get to work.” Selina patted her belly in satisfaction. She wasn’t 100% full, but it was always good to leave some room.

The dog head wagged its tail in satisfaction.

In the afternoon, they had followed Luke and sampled various things.

They bought whatever they chanced upon – takoyaki, taiyaki, tamagoyaki and so on – provided that it didn’t require them to queue for the food.

After eating and drinking their fill, two people and one dog entered the house in high spirits, and came out less than half an hour later.

Selina said, “It seems that Takuya Miura also ate his aunt.”

Luke rubbed his chin. “That’s right. It shouldn’t have been long before his parents returned to Japan. We’ll be able to confirm it after we visit his aunt’s place.”

Takuya’s aunt’s house was less than a kilometer away, which was why his parents had entrusted his aunt to check up on him regularly.

Ten minutes later, they left the house.

Luke had just needed to use Hypnosis, and easily learned the situation from the woman’s husband and daughter.

Something strange had indeed happened to Takuya recently, which caused him to eat three of his family members.

Based on their investigation, he had just been an ordinary kid before.

Awakened a superpower which made you eat your family? Sorry, Luke had never seen such a strange superpower before.

Secondly, there might be people whose heads got bigger after they obtained superpowers, but there were none whose brains disappeared after getting superpowers.

Luke had access to the databases of many superpower organizations, including SHIELD.

These organizations had existed for years or even decades, and there were at least 8,000 types of superpowers on record, which covered an extensive range.

Eating people had nothing to do with a superpower, but with mental illness. However, it didn’t seem like Takuya had been suffering a mental illness.

When it came down to it, the ‘food quantity’ he consumed was similar to that of big predators like tigers and lions.

Looking at Luke, who was walking silently next to her, Selina nudged him with her shoulder. “What are you thinking about?”

Luke nodded. “The recent rumors about people being eaten here probably aren’t unfounded. We’ll do it the old way — set up surveillance and gather information. Sooner or later, someone will wander into range.”

“Oh.” Selina suddenly looked enlightened. She punched her left palm lightly with her right fist. “Yes, this is what you said before… something about guarding the pig and waiting for the rabbit.”

Luke was lost for words. You really are a language genius. At least, your Chinese is up in the clouds!

For the next week, Luke and Selina were busy. It was the end of November.

There were a lot of amazing things about Japan.

For example, the people here typically liked to hole up at home and play, and go against the mainstream; this was also the case with smartphones and the Internet.

Smartphones had already become the trend in the last few years, and Japan would inevitably be covered by the wireless network. In America, Luke was like a fish in water when it came to gathering online intelligence.

When he arrived in Tokyo, however, he felt that it was still “barren” land.

Japan hadn’t followed America as closely in the last two years in entering the age of wireless Internet, even though it was the first country to fully set up a 3G network.

Except for a few places where wifi could be used, most people in Japan were still accustomed to using the mobile data on their phones to surf the web or send text messages; mostly, when they went online, it was via cabled Internet on their computers.

Naturally, functionality was the priority when it came to phones. Many girls here still used the flip-top models, and might even use them for years.

Thus, Luke’s multifaceted system lost countless “eyes.”

He and Selina had no choice but to get to work themselves as they installed surveillance cameras in hidden corners of tall buildings along main roads.