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Chapter 1795: Overtime and an Onsen with a Winter View

Surveillance cameras used by Luke and Selina naturally wouldn’t be ordinary.

Firstly, they had all sorts of functions

In A.I. mode, they could detect and lock onto unusual situations. The telephoto lens would automatically focus to get a clearer image, while the wireless communication function was a standard feature.

Secondly, they were very covert.

It was naturally against the law for Luke to install these things in Tokyo; it was too easy to use them to spy on private affairs, so they were very sensitive.

In his previous life, it was basically the police which installed long-focus cameras like these in China.

Thus, the cameras couldn’t be set up openly in public, so it was best for two people and one dog to work overtime.

If this was handled by the PDD, it would take a team of several people to complete the entire process.

It was hard to hide too many people and too much activity.

Thirdly, the cameras could be set up quickly.

With Luke and Selina working together, they could set up a dozen surveillance cameras in one night.


It would already be pretty good if an ordinary team could set up one in half a day. Firstly, it wasn’t a regular setup process, and secondly, there would definitely be all sorts of problems with the setup.

When that happened, was Luke going to oversee the adjustments?

The number of teams could be increased, but it was impossible to keep secret so many teams of three to five people when setting up the cameras.

Luke had the Hypnosis ability, but if he had the time to hypnotize hundreds of people, he might as well set up the cameras himself.

The hypnosis would wear off over time, while there was no risk of leaks if he set up the surveillance cameras himself.

Once they were set up, they would be useful for at least two years.

Each surveillance camera could monitor most movements clearly within a 200-meter radius, and cover an area of more than 0.1 square kilometers.

If the focus was less on a clear image and more on detecting anomalies, the radius could increase to 500 meters and cover a surveillance area of more than 0.7 square kilometers.

Once they became more familiar with the installation process, Luke and Selina went from setting up 20 cameras on the first night to 27 cameras on the last night.

After a week, they installed a total of 139 surveillance cameras with a maximum surveillance range of 100 square kilometers.

Although there were a lot of blind spots in this surveillance range, it was basically enough.

After all, the entire city of Tokyo was only 2,200 square kilometers in size; it was already astonishing that they could directly monitor 4% of this area.

It wasn’t like they couldn’t do more. However, the risk of being discovered would also increase. Secondly, it wasn’t like they could keep hanging around as renovation workers on the top of Tokyo’s skyscrapers.

In addition, public places in Tokyo already had a lot of surveillance cameras, so Luke didn’t need to pay attention to these areas.

If the cameras here really did capture something, it would be very easy to directly obtain a copy of the footage from the shop owner or the police.

In short, as long as Takuya eating people wasn’t a once-off incident, Luke would discover suspicious targets sooner or later.

After they were done for the night, Luke and Selina sat in a noodle shop which the three of them had ‘booked out.’

One by one, two people and one dog ordered the noodles they wanted, and the shop owner, who looked to be in his fifties, never stopped moving.

A small TV in one corner on the counter was playing very softly. It was playing a variety show, which looked like it was about visiting an onsen.

Before the three of them arrived, the old man might have been dreaming about soaking in an onsen, or perhaps thinking about taking a soak with the female reporter?

Luke only took one glance and didn’t look again after that.

The female reporter was really ordinary, regardless whether it was her face or figure.

Selina, on the other hand, watched the show fixedly as she raised her bowl and wolfed down the noodles.

After a long while, just as the boss was about to run out of noodles, Selina suddenly said, “Let’s go to an onsen.”

Luke spat out a rib and looked at her in confusion. “Hm?”

Selina finished her noodle soup and put down her bowl with a contented sigh. She then pointed at the TV with her chopsticks. “It’s snowing in Hokkaido. I’ve never tried a hot spring in the snow before.”

Luke couldn’t help but look at the variety show again. The female host had already thrown away her towel and was happily soaking.

He smiled. “No problem. We’re headed to Sapporo anyway.”

Selina asked, “Shall we leave tomorrow?”

Luke said, “We can leave after we’re done eating. We can sleep well after soaking in the hot spring.”

Selina grabbed his cheek and kissed it. “Bro, you’re so considerate.”

Luke helplessly took out a tissue and wiped away the oily lipstick mark. “If you were a little more hygienic, this gratitude would be a little more sincere.”

A moment later, two people and one dog finished the last three bowls of noodles and left.

The old man in the shop didn’t immediately clean up the dishes. He simply watched gloomily as these two assh*les left.

He roared inwardly, B*stards! I’m already 45, and I can only sell noodles here in the middle of the night. You’re actually going to Hokkaido right now to soak in a hot spring, and with a dog at that. There’s something wrong with this world, ah~~~

However, there was still only the sound of the TV in the small shop.

The boss could only rage inwardly and not show it on his face.

The customers hadn’t gone far; it would be rude to curse out loud.

Reality was even crueler than what this 45-year-old shopkeeper, who looked like he was 50, could imagine.

Luke and Selina returned to the safe house first, put on their armor, turned on stealth mode, then flew straight to Hokkaido, thus saving on travel fare.

Half an hour later, they landed in Sapporo.

Compared with the biting cold with no sign of snow yet in Tokyo, Sapporo was already a winter wonderland.

They entered a safe house, put away their armor, changed their appearances, and drove straight to a particular onsen.

That was right, it was the onsen which had initially been opened by Hydra.

After the people running the onsen went missing, there had been a lot of wrangling over ownership of the place. Several parties wanted to buy this basically complete onsen.

There was no clear victor yet, so the onsen had been sealed up all this time.

But what Luke wanted was for nobody to disturb him.

The three of them went to the small pool which “Director Chris” had enjoyed before. It was completely empty.

Luke opened the valve, filled the pool with water, and dumped a cleaning solution into it.

Half an hour later, a new pool of water was ready, and he gestured at Selina. “Everything is ready. Please, ma’am.”

Selina threw off her down jacket and crawled out of the camping tent in a bikini. She stepped into the pool and immediately exclaimed, “Hot, hot!”

Luke didn’t respond.

With her physique, she could even withstand boiling water for a while. How could this hot spring injure her thick skin?

Sure enough, Selina soon reclined on the round stone bench with a comfortable expression. “Dog head, bring me my wine.”

Gold Nugget, who had already turned into a labrador with its nanomask, immediately brought over a bottle of iced wine from the tent and gave it to Luke.

Luke uncorked the bottle and filled two glasses and a stone cup with gold-colored wine.

Selina stretched out her hand, and they clinked glasses. “Cheers.”

The dog head shook its big head to indicate a toast, then stuck out its tongue and licked up the wine in the stone cup.

Luke and Selina smiled as they drank slowly from their glasses.