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Chapter 1796: Surprise, Surprise, and Yet Another Surprise

The onsen was very quiet at night, and Luke and Selina were in a corner where they could look down at the small valley below.

There was the sound of running water from a nearby creek, and white smoke rose from the hot spring into the sky.

Apart from the creek, everything else was covered in a layer of silver that was dotted with yellow and black patches as well as dark green plants.

Arms on the edge of the pool, Luke looked up at the dark night and didn’t move for a long time.

After a long while, he lowered his head and looked at the two guys who were eating furtively. “What are you doing?”

Selina suddenly took a deep breath and rolled her eyes. “Look at you. It’s like the kind of meditative state that Big Gray (Splinter’s codename) talks about. It’s good for calming the mind. Isn’t it because we’re afraid of disturbing you?”

Gold Nugget also nodded to indicate that it was very hard to eat without making a sound.

Luke couldn’t help but laugh. Relaxing, he nodded and appreciated their consideration. “It’s indeed effective. You can give it a try if you have the chance.”

Selina and the dog couldn’t help but look at each other. Try what? Do as Splinter said, slow down your breathing and clear your mind, and then… fall asleep?

She and the dog head had tried several times, but the results were always the same. This surefire method for falling asleep was second only to reading Luke’s tech files.

Luke was about to say something else, when his phone beeped very softly.


He picked it up and his mouth dropped open. “What the hell?!”

Selina was surprised. “What? An emergency?”

Luke opened his mouth twice before he simply handed her the phone. “See for yourself.”

Selina grabbed it and took a look. “WTF?”

The dog head couldn’t help but take a look, and half a roasted eel dropped from its mouth. “Hm?”

After the shock, Selina blinked hard and read the message again to confirm that she wasn’t seeing things. “How… did they hook up?”

Luke coughed. “That man can be considered my cheap ‘uncle,’ and we’re all colleagues. It’s better not to use the word ‘hook up’.”

Selina spread her hands and stuck out her chest, and didn’t look like she had any shame at all. “Both of them are adults who have already had children. Wouldn’t it be normal for them to be a little faster?”

Luke was lost for words.

In a sense, she was right.

Love between adults could be complicated, but it could also be very simple.

As for these two? It definitely wasn’t simple, but it wasn’t necessarily complicated.

Selina’s eyes flashed. “Why don’t we take a peek?”

Luke refused. “We’re too close… isn’t that inappropriate?”

Selina immediately pinched his thigh. “Put away that d*mn expression! You just want me to ‘persuade’ you so that you’ll reluctantly agree. Tell me, do you agree?”

Luke chuckled and raised his hands. “Okay, let’s wait until they come tomorrow.”

Selina snorted. Luke had always been mysterious, but she could easily tell if he was tacitly agreeing or refusing.

Of course, he acquiesced this time, but they couldn’t go overboard.

After all, Luke had set a rule back then to respect his teammates’ privacy.

However, Luke and Selina had come to Japan first, before the other party chose this place.

This sort of coincidence naturally couldn’t be considered spying on his teammates.

Suddenly, Selina’s phone pinged. She subconsciously looked at it and exclaimed, “Someone’s here in the middle of the night? Hm, there’s something wrong with this guy.”

She gave Luke her phone.

Luke took it and saw on the screen a drone surveillance image of a person walking slowly down the small road toward the onsen entrance.

The newcomer was an Asian man who looked to be in his thirties. He was wearing an ordinary thick jacket and jeans.

This place was close to the onsen district, and Sapporo could be considered a Japanese tourist spot.

His clothes weren’t very distinctive; he might not be Japanese, but a tourist from another part of Asia.

However, there seemed to be dark patches on his clothes. As a seasoned detective, Selina saw at a glance that they could be bloodstains.

Selina was eager to try. “Are we going to catch him?”

Luke thought for a moment, but shook his head. “Not for now. There’s nobody else here anyway. Let’s wait until we’ve soaked enough.”

Selina thought for a moment and realized that he made sense. She immediately reclined on the stone bench.

The hot spring was 100 meters away from the building and separated from the trees by a few hills. The man wouldn’t notice them if he entered the building.

When Luke said that there was nobody else here, he was reminding Selina that even if this was a murderer, there would be no new victim here.

If he ran? Didn’t they still have a living creature with a very sharp nose and four legs here?

So, Luke, Selina and the dog enjoyed the rare hot spring on a snowy night as they ate and drank leisurely.

For them, once they enjoyed something, it was unlikely they would take the time to enjoy it again.

That was because there were too many places in the world that the rich could play in.

An hour later, after consuming all the food and drinks they had brought, they finally got out of the hot spring and packed up. Just as they were about to leave, Luke’s phone vibrated with another message.

Luke opened it and was astounded.

Selina had already dried up and put on her nanosuit in the camping tent. She stuck her head out and asked, “What’s up?”

Luke nodded. “Someone else is here. Four people in two cars. Three men and a woman.”

Selina quickly put on a T-shirt and jeans and clicked her tongue. “One woman and three men in the middle of the night. Japanese people really know how to have fun.”

Luke also picked up his pace and threw the wine bottle and cutlery into the food box. “There’s something even more interesting. Want to hear it?”

Selina crawled out and stuffed her feet into her nanoboots. Her eyes glowed. “Is the girl the cute type that you’re always talking about?”

Luke suddenly felt that he shouldn’t have imparted so much strange knowledge to her.

Coughing lightly, he closed the food box and tossed a thick jacket to her. “I don’t think so, but a cute girl… maybe a little. She’s a JK, after all.”

Taking the jacket, Selina didn’t quite understand. “Jack?”

Luke said, “J and K. It’s online Japanese lingo. It’s the abbreviation for the Japanese word for high school girls.”

Selina was stunned. “Isn’t that the same as our middle schoolers then?”

Luke looked at her strangely. “Have you forgotten the young women wearing school uniforms along the road at night…”

Selina immediately lost interest. “So, it’s a fetish thing.”

Although she had never been in charge of cases in this particular area when she had been a police detective, there were too many people in Los Angeles and New York who offered this sort of service.

Doing odd things for money wasn’t anything new.

As long as the other party was willing to pay, men could even wear female school uniforms, let alone female sex workers.

Money was God. That was the truth of capitalism.