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Chapter 1799: Dong! Dong! Dong! Dang! Dang! Dang!

The result was that both the average-looking man and the nerd slashed at the boy’s right hand.

Their tentacles clashed a few times, but because of their heavy injuries, they didn’t have the strength to truly fight each other.

The high school boy looked at them helplessly. “Fine. Kenji, pick a foot.”

The nerd, Kenji: “No way, why should I be a smelly foot? Apart from sleeping, I have to keep moving? I would rather die.”

Hearing that, the high school boy’s eyes flickered; he really wanted to stab this idiot teammate to death.

He had far superior brains, however, and resisted the urge. “Then come to my chest.”

Hearing that, Kenji was very pleased. “That’s great.”

The tramp and the average-looking man couldn’t help but look at this super idiot of their own kind with all the eyeballs they had. They had pretty much the same thought as the high school boy: Why didn’t this embarrassing teammate die sooner?

In the hallway, the JK girl had just turned a corner, when she heard gunshots.

In the face of the bullets, she waved her tentacles vigilantly and deliberately enlarged them to block vital parts of her upper body.


At that moment, her legs suddenly felt cold, and there was a slight prick of pain.

Takako couldn’t help but look down, only to see two darts in her legs.

She opened her mouth to say something, but her body suddenly turned rigid as she entered into something close to a hibernation state.

Although her “head” was already different from that of humans, it was still attached to a human body.

The human body, which had been instantly paralyzed by the darts, couldn’t provide energy for her head to move. The two tentacles turned limp, and her body toppled forward.

Luke grabbed her and retreated, before he gave Gold Nugget two paralysis darts. “There’s one more. Use this to subdue him. Don’t kill the high school boy. Drive him away and then reconvene with us.”

Gold Nugget whined aggrievedly.

Luke snapped, “You can have fun, but don’t just stand around to be chopped up. What if Dollar gets PTSD?”

Gold Nugget: …How can a dog get PTSD?! I don’t know that much, don’t lie to me!

That being said, it still obediently picked up the two paralysis darts, ready to launch them with a lash of its tail.

Then… Luke and Selina grabbed Takako and ran off.

In hibernation mode, Takako couldn’t maintain her transformed state, and went back to a human form; it would have been really troublesome otherwise.

Selina already had some understanding of Luke’s M.O.. She asked, “Are you fishing again?”

Luke chuckled. “The beginning is always hard. Rather than us looking for these man-eating monsters in Sapporo, why not make him think that it’s dangerous so that he’ll rope more of them in? As long as there’s a certain number of monsters, it won’t be hard to track them.”

The easiest way to deal with small circles was to get inside. Selina naturally understood this principle.

It was just like asking ordinary people about gangs; you needed to summarize and analyze whatever information you got from 100 people, and even that was still just scraps.

With gang members, you just needed three to five of them at most in order to get a lot of inside information.

After all, gangs had allies as well as enemies; they knew each other far better than ordinary people did.

The high school boy was obviously the leader of this group of monsters.

Luke and Gold Nugget had killed or caught several of his underlings, and then sent him running. It would be strange if he didn’t go off to rebuild his gang.

Inside the onsen hotel, the middle-aged man, Yuuta, took his sweet time. However, the hallway was only ten meters long, and he soon reached the corner.

Going around the corner, he saw the golden dog glaring at him from a few meters away.

Without any hesitation, he stabbed at Gold Nugget with his tentacles.

Gold Nugget snorted and finally took out its special weapon — a multi-purpose collapsible war hammer.

A golden tentacle lashed out with the small hammer and collided with the two tentacles.

Sparks flew as the hammer and tentacles clashed in the air.

The dog’s jade-like eyes flickered and narrowed further.

If Luke were here, he would know that the guy was up to no good.

The next moment, a long, thin streak of gold shot out from the corner and quickly thickened as it spiraled up from Yuuta’s feet to his neck and wrapped tightly around the two tentacles.

Doing this was like tying an ordinary person’s arms together from top to bottom.

In a situation like this, breaking free with brute force was a pipe dream since there was no room to exert strength at all.

Yuuta was stunned. He had never encountered such a shameless attack before. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do.

Pleased with itself, Gold Nugget unhurriedly pulled Yuuta toward it.

In any case, Luke said that it was fine as long as Dollar didn’t get hurt.

Yuuta grew anxious.

Although the strange big dog in front of him didn’t have a mouth, it had smashed in the nerd’s stomach earlier and severely injured him.

Yuuta didn’t want to be squashed against the wall either.

In the end, this guy was a little smarter than the others, except for the high school boy. Thinking quickly, he suddenly had a thought.

The next moment, his tentacles retracted and he turned back into a human.

Gold Nugget subconsciously retracted its golden tentacle.

Right after the man’s head returned to its original shape, it suddenly transformed again so that there were now two sharp edges on both sides of his head.

“Ouch!” The dog head screamed in pain as the golden tentacle was cut.

After Yuuta was released, he immediately turned around and slashed at the rest of the golden tentacle.

Gold Nugget was angry.

The golden tentacle suddenly exploded and turned into even finer tentacles which no longer wrapped around the enemy, but creeped up like vines.

Yuuta didn’t dare risk cutting himself, so he used the same trick again and returned to his original form.

But the dog head was even faster as the fine golden tentacles plastered themselves to Yuuta’s neck at almost the same time, determined not to touch his head.

Yuuta: ???

The corners of Gold Nugget’s eyes twitched, and it jeered inwardly. Try transforming again?

Before Yuuta could think of a new way to break out of this situation, a robust golden tentacle raised a shiny hammer in front of him.

Looking at the hammer, Yuuta was terrified. “No…”

Dong dong dong dong!

There was a series of thuds, like a wooden fish being hit, and Yuuta’s entire head hurt.

He reflexively transformed again.

The tiny golden tentacles moved as well, and Gold Nugget widened its eyes — this was what it had been waiting for.

With a thought, the two sharp tentacles were pressed to the ground.

The litter hammer which had been pounding Yuuta’s head abruptly sped up and smashed the sharp edges on both sides of his head.

Dang dang dang dang!

The sound of metal colliding rang out, and Yuuta screamed.

The sharp edges were very durable, but they still couldn’t withstand the heavy metal hammer.

Gold Nugget had a firm hold of the two tentacles, not giving Yuuta a chance to break free.