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Chapter 1800: Proficiency In 18 Weapons

In the midst of the excruciating pain, Yuuta lost his cool and even forgot that he could transform back. He could only struggle and scream.

After five seconds, when the two sharp edges started to twist and crack, the hammer finally stopped.

At the same time, Yuuta felt a slight pain in his chest as he was hit with two paralysis darts.

Gold Nugget snorted. “Trash! Useless! Scum! You dare play with tentacles in front of me? I’ve already bent your blades!”

At that moment, someone walked out from around a corner. “Is that so? Then please give me some pointers.”

The person was wearing a school uniform. It was the high school boy.

At that moment, his arms and chest were covered in blood, but there were four tentacles on his chest.

Coupled with the four tentacles on his head, he had really turned into an octopus.

Gold Nugget tilted its head and looked at him out of the corner of its eye. “Oh, really?”

When it said that, it pressed a button on the multi-purpose collapsible war hammer.

With a clatter, the collapsible hammer turned into a big thing more than two meters tall, on which popped out eighteen tools of various shapes and sizes lumped together. It looked… a little funny.


Stunned for a moment, the boy then burst out laughing. “You think making your weapon bigger will scare me?”

No matter how strong it was, it was just a weapon. If it was bigger, it wouldn’t be as agile as before.

The golden tentacles couldn’t withstand his sharp tentacles. There really was nothing to be afraid of.

Gold Nugget: “Oh, really?”

18 tentacles suddenly popped out and grabbed a tool each from the unfolded war hammer.


There was the clear sound of components being taken apart.

Each of the 18 tentacles was now holding a separate tool.

Although each tool was less than 20 centimeters in size, the smallest only five centimeters long, they were 100% made of a special metal.

Apart from its armor, this multi-purpose collapsible war hammer was the dog head’s secret weapon.

Quantity could make up for quality.

In order to placate the dog head, and since Luke liked DIY anyway, the hammer had gone through numerous modifications; this was already version 6.0.

This was the ’18-type weapon’ – all sorts of useful technology had been integrated into the hammer.

The dog head wouldn’t be satisfied with just one piece of equipment.

Under the wide eyes of the high school boy, the 18 golden tentacles holding a ‘weapon’ each spread out like a peacock’s tail behind Gold Nugget’s butt. “Count again. Who has more weapons now?”

The high school boy couldn’t help but look up.

Although he was shocked, he was reluctant to run. After all, even if the other party had more weapons, they might not be strong!

As a “person” who wanted to become a king, he couldn’t retreat without a fight.

He no longer hesitated. “Attack! Kill him.”

The four tentacles on his head lashed out at Gold Nugget.

The three parasitic beings that had turned into his hands and chest were a little slower, but they also attacked.


Countless tentacles and sparks flew between the high school boy and Gold Nugget.

Less than two seconds later, however, there was a scream as the parasite in the chest that used to be the nerd was stabbed by a metal file.

As if infected, the tentacles on the high school boy’s hands and head screamed one after another.

Each tentacle was caught in a pincer attack by the bottle opener, scissors, knife, saw, grappling hook, needle and other tools that Gold Nugget brandished.

As time passed, the dog head, which was protected by 18 weapons, had the absolute upper hand.

Gold Nugget often played with these tools when it was a dog.

When it went out with Selina to beat up people, it just used these small tools.

When it trained with Luke, it also used these small tools.

It was now proficient at using 18 tools.

Even though this high school boy had ‘leveled up’ three times, he didn’t know how to use cold weapons in combat.

In ten seconds, there were 30 to 40 holes in the eight tentacles, all caused by various tools.

As Gold Nugget slowly drew closer, the high school boy finally couldn’t take it anymore, and fled.

The advantage of their species was that running didn’t have a huge impact on their tentacles’ offensive capabilities.

Thus, he was able to quickly escape to a car outside the building, and he drove off.

The dog head remembered Luke’s instructions and didn’t use its full strength.

However, it was still petty enough to smash half the car windows. It chased the car several hundred meters more before it pretended that it wasn’t fast enough, and let the high school boy escape.

Satisfied, Gold Nugget sent Luke a message, but Luke just hummed in acknowledgement and said, “Come back if you’re done playing.”

The dog head was feeling a little high and couldn’t help but want to do more. “How about the three drugged people? Should I throw them back into the city?”

Luke said, “…No need. You did a good job tonight. Come back and we’ll go look for something special for supper.”

Hearing that, the dog head decisively canceled its transformation and rushed back to the city.

A moment after it left, Luke arrived in his armor. He quickly cleaned up the bodies and blood, then stuffed the three men into a car and dumped it in front of a police station in Sapporo.

As for how the police officers would react when they saw the three naked men in the backseat, that had nothing to do with Luke.

They were already very lucky to be alive. A night at the police station would drive the lesson home even further!

It might prevent them from being caught as “food” again. There was a lot to be gained from this experience!

Luke went to Sapporo with Selina and Gold Nugget for supper.

The second clone in New York had already received the “delivery” that was the girl and the middle-aged man through Space 2, and had started studying them.

Not only were they living specimens, there was a female and a male; there was a lot of room for research.

First of all, he had to try and dig out information on their kind.

But he had only just started experimenting, when he realized that this monster had “modified” the human brain significantly, so Pheromone Control was useless on the girl.

Secondly, Mental Hypnosis and Illusion weren’t very effective on them. Conversely, drugs had a certain effect.

This wasn’t an efficient way of digging out information, however, and the authenticity of the information had to be verified repeatedly.

It would take at least a week to obtain a complete and accurate answer, which was much more troublesome compared with only the few hours required for an ordinary person.

But Luke wasn’t in a hurry.

He had already gotten some information on the high school boy whom he let escape – his name was Shinji Ueno.

The boy wasn’t completely brainless, but there was definitely something fishy about the hundreds of thousands of his kind.

It had to be pointed out that a certain dog head had the absolute say when it came to flying here on a meteorite.

Getting here alive was practically 99.99% impossible.

Even if hundreds of thousands of their own kind had set off, it would already be pretty good if several hundred or several thousand were able to make it to Earth.

This wasn’t Luke trying to comfort himself, but just basic logic.