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Chapter 1801: A Unique Way of Riding the Rollercoaster

In New York, Takuya Miura ate a person at least once every two days. Today, these monsters were very familiar with the ‘hunting process.’

From this, it could be inferred that these monsters were used to and needed to ‘eat people’ with some regularity.

Takuya Miura ate his aunt half a month ago, which was the earliest confirmed time.

If there really were hundreds of thousands of these man-eating monsters, that would mean at least a million people eaten in half a month.

What did that mean? That was almost one tenth of the population of Tokyo.

However, the multifaceted system hadn’t found any news of people going missing or being eaten.

Thus, there could only be thousands or 10,000 man-eating monsters at most, and they weren’t all in the same city.

This number was just a guess, but it definitely wouldn’t be hundreds of thousands.

In the end, much was still unknown about their origin, species and habits; it would also be impossible for them to be gathered in one nest for Luke to clean up.

Until now, they only had the ability to transform their heads into sharp tentacles and attack within a ten-meter range.

A preliminary test showed that they weren’t carrying any ‘alien viruses.’


Even if there really were hundreds of thousands of them, they weren’t as destructive as the Chitauri in New York.

In terms of danger level, Shredder’s mutant Blood God had been poisoned with a nanotoxin last time. It had devoured living people like crazy in Tokyo and created ‘poison circles,’ which was much more terrifying than these man-eating monsters.

In short, for now, the man-eating monsters weren’t dangerous on a large scale.

Luke had just caught two live specimens, and the analysis and testing had only just begun. It was useless to rush.

Doing good wasn’t a problem, but doing what he could was a different story.

If he panicked whenever something happened, he might as well not sleep for the rest of his life. Hundreds of lives disappeared every moment in the world, and he couldn’t be anxious about all of them.

He only did good deeds once he was certain he could.

So, as the Level 2 clone worked unhurriedly in New York the next day, Luke went to Tokyo Disneyland with Selina, and happened to ‘pass by’ cheap Uncle Frank.

Luke wasn’t watching him; he really was just passing by.

When Selina saw Frank, who was sitting expressionlessly on the rollercoaster, she burst out laughing. “Does he feel like he’s sitting in the electric chair?”

Luke shook his head with a wry smile.

Alice was sitting in the very front, a trace of a smile on her face, but there were no other changes to her expression either.

Carrie, on the other hand, looked around and exclaimed in excitement. She was the most normal of the three.

Selina laughed at Frank for a long while before she finally gasped for air and nudged Luke with her elbow. “How on earth did they h… did they get together?”

This time, she finally stopped using the words ‘hook up.’

Luke quickly shook his head. “That’s private.”

But Selina kept winking at him, and Luke could only add, “They probably came in contact when Alice took Carrie to the ‘warehouse’ to play.”

Selina was enlightened. “In other words, Carrie actually ‘allowed’ Frank to hit on her mother?”

Luke wanted to say no, but that was probably the case.

Only when Carrie came into contact with Frank would Alice spend time with him. Otherwise, Alice, who loved her daughter more than anything else, wouldn’t bother wasting time getting to know Frank.

As for why Carrie approved of Frank, that was a mystery.

It had to be pointed out that even his teammates were scared of Frank’s poker face.

He barely had any friends in the team because of his identity as the tactical commander, his stable, efficient and precise orders, and his taciturn personality.

Selina wasn’t scared of him, but she didn’t have much in common with Frank.

Deadpool talked a lot, but he was afraid that Frank would deduct his bonus, so he rarely took the initiative to ‘provoke’ this commander.

Damon could have become Frank’s friend, but he had been beaten up for bringing Mindy up wrong.

It wasn’t that Damon held a grudge, but Frank didn’t want to be friends with such a scumbag father.

Only the founder of the team, Luke, dared to joke around with him.

But if it was because of Carrie, everything made sense.

Carrie’s physical development was affected by her previous experiences and her own abilities. She looked like she was eight or nine years old.

Frank’s daughter, Elizabeth, was eight years old when she was killed, and looked a little like Carrie now.

Frank hadn’t been familiar with Mindy, and had beaten up her father – back then, Mindy had looked like she was ten years old because of her short stature.

Family was both the most painful wound for Frank and a memory he couldn’t give up.

Perhaps that was why he was willing to come to Tokyo with Carrie and sit on the rollercoaster.

After observing from a distance for a moment, Luke and Selina left.

However, Luke still used his Dark Knight ID to send a message to everyone in the team to remind them to pay attention to their safety. He also uploaded a portion of the battle footage of the man-eating monsters to the team’s platform.

Not long after, Mindy sent a message. “Is this in Japan?”

Anyone who was a little more attentive would be able to tell from the guys’ appearances, clothes and speech that this was the case.

Luke confirmed her observation. After a brief silence, Mindy sent a message. “I’ve arranged with friends to visit Japan for a few days.”

Luke was stunned. “Then you better be careful. Their tentacles can break through the nanosuit. It’ll be dangerous for you at close range.”

He wouldn’t ban her from coming.

He wasn’t Mindy’s father. Why should he care where she went?

Fighting the Chitauri was more dangerous than running into the man-eating monsters, and Mindy had already done the former.

Damon interjected, “I didn’t notice anything clearly unusual in Japan. They probably don’t attack in crowded areas during the day, right?”

Luke said, “Yes, they’re very smart. They usually attack at night or when nobody’s around.”

After a brief silence, Damon and Mindy said, “Then we’ll go over and help investigate.”

Luke said, “Okay.”

Damon asked, “Well… can our armor be sent over?”

Luke was responsible for most of the armor delivery during team missions, but he was already in Japan, and hadn’t issued a mission yet.

Luke smiled. “I’ll give you the address of a safe house later, and you can go get your armor and equipment there. Also, I am now officially issuing a commission to track down these man-eating monsters. Keep an eye out. One of them already appeared in New York.”

The little turtles and their teacher immediately accepted the job, but would only do reconnaissance in New York.

Ivan and Angel didn’t say anything. They clearly weren’t interested.

There was also no sign of Frank or Alice. It seemed they were prepared purely to have a holiday.

Luke could only make up the numbers himself, and V and Big Dipper’s aliases popped up to indicate that they accepted the job.

That way, he could use any one of the two aliases while he was in Japan.