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Chapter 1802: Air Transport, Package, and Team Trip

After sending the message, Luke felt that everything was settled.

In the end, Mindy sent a message to the team in the afternoon. “It’s cold in Tokyo. I’m not wearing enough clothes.”

Luke: ???

He asked Damon, and learned that the father and daughter had sent the earlier messages while on the plane.

No wonder Luke had to provide backup armor. After all that, they were almost in Japan.

Luke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he didn’t think much of it.

With Damon around, Mindy wouldn’t be able to do anything.

But that night, Mindy sent another message. “Going to have fun in Tokyo with friends tomorrow. Woohoo!”

The little turtles immediately flattered this little ‘big sister’ and expressed their envy.

They actually really wanted to go.

Whether it was the martial arts they had learned since young or the word ‘ninja’ in Ninja Squad, they all originated here.


The movies depicted the East as an ancient and mysterious place, especially China, which was 5,000 years old.

It was a pity that Luke had warned them that they weren’t allowed to go to China.

The last time Luke and Selina went to China on holiday, they just ate and drank. They didn’t dare go out at night to be vigilantes at all.

Superhuman surveillance there was too strict. Ordinary people didn’t know what was going on, but Luke had easily detected a lot of surveillance equipment.

If the little turtles and their teacher went, the nanosuits wouldn’t be able to hide them at all, and the doors to SHIELD’s research institute would open for them at any time.

Mindy, however, egged them on. “Have the bigshot ‘transport’ you and our armor to Japan. That won’t cost much, right? Don’t tell me Donnie used all the credits to buy parts again.”

Luke: ???

It was true that Luke used ‘air transport,’ but he had never used a plane!

Not long after, Donnie really did send a private message to the Dark Knight, asking what would happen with the New York commission if they went to Japan.

Amused, Luke could only reply: This commission is for gathering intelligence, and is not limited by region.

Donnie instantly replied with thanks.

Who knew how the little turtles had talked it over with their teacher, but half an hour later, Splinter really did issue the bigshot who sold everything a ‘transport’ commission.

Luke had already anticipated this possibility, and accepted it.

If the rules allowed it, the bigshot wouldn’t refuse a commission from core members.

It indeed wasn’t dangerous to go on a trip to Japan.

Thus, he simply put out a Japan trip package – 100 credit points for each of the little turtles and their teacher, and a 50% discount for all five. The package covered all itinerary arrangements for them in Japan.

These so-called itinerary arrangements consisted mainly of providing aliases, shelter and transportation so that they could come out at night and roam around, and could also be sent away in an emergency.

Mindy was interested when she saw this, and right away arranged to meet with the little turtles to play for two days.

Luke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He sent Damon a message and told him not to forget the safety rules.

Unless they were willing, everyone had to avoid exposing their real identities. This rule was the final ‘wall’ for the team.

It was a constant reminder to all team members that meeting each other was a risk, and they had to be cautious when revealing their faces.

Luke himself was putting out a long line to catch a big fish. Naturally, he couldn’t let his team be caught.

Damon couldn’t help but shake his head and smile wryly.

The bigshot had been selling various aliases for a long time. Including the matching nanomask, each alias only cost 20 credit points.

He wasn’t an idiot. Of course he would use it.

On the other side, the bigshot who had accepted the credit points immediately got to work.

The Level 2 clone in New York sent the coordinates for a remote area in Nassau County. A few hours later, the little turtles and their teacher boarded a private plane there — a Quinjet.

The teacher and disciples arrived in Sapporo at two in the morning, and Luke dropped them off at a remote onsen inn.

This efficiency made the little turtles and their teacher a little dizzy. Are we abroad already? Isn’t that a little too fast?

Thanks to Mental Hypnosis and Illusion, the couple and their daughter who ran the inn overlooked the peculiarity of these five guests.

The fact that the four black boys were hunchbacked and too tall, and the one old Asian man had a face longer than that of a horse, wasn’t a big deal.

For the first time in their lives, the four little turtles soaked in the onsen in the snow. They were beside themselves with excitement.

Luke could only sigh. As expected of Selina’s pets. They were just like a certain dog head.

In the end, Frank silently used his authority to throw the four little turtles and Mindy into a side communication channel so that their nonsense wouldn’t taint the screen.

Master Splinter was still as principled as ever, and he sent the bigshot a message: “Many thanks, sir.”

Looking at this turn of phrase, Luke clicked his tongue and looked at Selina. “You really recommended wuxia novels to Splinter?”

Eating her sukiyaki as she analyzed the intelligence, Selina turned her head to look at him blankly, a roll of beef in her mouth. “Ah, didn’t you say those books would be good for him? He’s very interested in Chinese culture and has a good memory. I don’t know much about Chinese culture, so I can’t teach him.”

Luke: …I shouldn’t have taught you that weird stuff!

What had inexplicably become a team trip had increased Luke’s workload, but he had no objections.

For core members of the Bat Squad, money wasn’t the most important thing.

Wade? That lunatic was no longer a core member.

The service provided by the bigshot was a significant means of strengthening team cohesion.

Many people wanted to be superheroes, but few wanted to clean up the mess.

The bigshot was the most professional at cleanups! That was something all the team members agreed on.

Apart from not being able to fight, he was the perfect superhero… butler.

Even Frank would hesitate to let the team go and do the work themselves.

He was quite professional when it came to pre-battle preparations.

Clean up? He had once left in his wake hundreds of bullet-ridden bodies of criminals in New York, and left the cleanup to the professionals – the police.

After all, this sort of cleanup was pretty much like washing dishes.

Generally speaking, the better a chef was at cooking, the more they hated doing the dishes.

By the same logic, the stronger a superhero was, the less they liked to clean up the mess.

None of the members of the Bat Squad, including Luke, liked to clean up.

The reason he did so was purely because of his paranoia.

The establishment of the PDD and the Justice League had helped reduce the burden of various tasks, some of which were related to cleaning up a scene.

It was a little tiring, but in terms of mentality, the team members couldn’t do without Batman, this linchpin, while in terms of practical needs, they couldn’t do without the bigshot, this super butler. They were completely bound together.

The only good thing was that it wasn’t too complicated for Luke, who had an A.I. program and an inventory.

For example, the Quinjet which the little turtles and their teacher had taken only flew for a little over three hours. Now that it was back in his inventory, it was just a matter of spending a little on fuel.