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Chapter 1804: Stirring Up Trouble and Tying Knots

A few years ago, Mindy would bring out her weapon at the slightest provocation.

Now that she was constrained by the Bat Squad’s rules, all she wanted to do was beat up these Japanese thugs.

She was already very restrained.

Who would have thought that 200 meters away was the gang branch. When they heard their comrades say that someone had messed with the pachinko machine, 20 to 30 people ran over, all of them holding sticks and acting aggressively.

Then… the battle royale began.

The members of the Japanese gang were beaten until they wailed. As they ran, some retreated to the mart nearby.

Mikey gave chase, and a parasite inside the mart mistakenly assumed that Mikey was after it, and immediately transformed and stabbed at Mikey’s shell several times.

The real battle officially began.

The gang members who were supposed to be the villains all collapsed in less than a minute. They moaned from where they lay on the ground, against the walls and on the pachinko machines, but nobody cared about them anymore.

Even customers in the shops ran to the door to watch the show.

When they got a clear look at the Parasite’s tentacles, half of them instantly fled, leaving behind a dozen or so Japanese nosy parkers whose phones started to flash.

Japan might still only have 3G, but the people here could take world-class photos on their phones.

Mindy and the four little turtles didn’t have time to care about these people.

If this was a movie, these guys would definitely be extras — in one scene, they would all die.

Ursa Minor’s queen and the four ‘heavenly kings’ surrounded the Parasite and planned to capture it alive.

Less than five seconds later, the Parasite realized that it had run into a wall.

Not only were there a lot of enemies, they were all ridiculously strong.

The four boys (turtles) who pressed forward were short, strong and bald. They looked fierce and were impervious to attacks (thanks to the armor and their shells).

The only weak-looking girl had whipped out a sword and had almost crippled the man in the leg.

This reminded the Parasite of a message Ueno had sent out about retreating immediately if any of them encountered a powerful enemy.

By the time Luke put on his armor and flew to the coordinates, the unlucky Parasite had already fallen on a hill on the outskirts of Sapporo.

Mindy and the others had come out to play. They didn’t have any suitable gear for capturing the Parasite, so they had deliberately forced him to flee the city.

In the middle of nowhere, Mindy took out her Sick Stick and tested it on the guy.

The human body twitched, threw up, had diarrhea, itched, farted and so on.

No matter how the Parasite in the head tried to move the body, the body remained paralyzed.

Mindy was delighted when she saw V land. “V, why are you here?”

Luke pressed down on her head helplessly and rubbed it hard. “I am also taking part in this investigation.”

Mindy was excited for a moment, but then remembered what she had done in Sapporo tonight, and felt a little guilty.

When it came to her father, Mindy was absolutely unrepentant. After all, it was Damon’s fault she was like this.

But in front of V, she really couldn’t be that way.

V had been helping her ever since they met, and she was firmly in a weaker position with him.

On the side, the four little turtles didn’t say anything and just avidly scanned this mysterious bigshot.

This big sister had mentioned V a lot. She repeatedly stressed that he was very strong, but that he was always on the move and didn’t show up often.

It had to be pointed out that Mindy was someone who would diss Black Bear for not being strong.

The only people in the team she acknowledged to be strong were Batman, Black Cat, V and Big Dipper.

Of the four of them, V appeared the least and was also the most mysterious.

However, she had told the four little turtles about V’s ‘soliloquies,’ and they were truly amazed.

They had only ever seen assassins recite poetry in movies.

But the movies and TV were fake, while this person in front of them could really recite poetry while fighting back in a hail of bullets.

Putting aside whether he was strong or not, he was so cool!

Even Tony’s hardcore fan Donnie had to admit that V was indeed crazy cool.

The holes which Tony’s missiles and pulse cannon created were nothing like reciting poetry.

Luke simply nodded at the little turtles. V was a person with style; it wouldn’t be normal for him to chat inanely with the little guys.

After exchanging greetings, he slowly walked toward the Parasite lying on a large rock ten meters away.

This guy’s body had already been tortured by the Sick Stick, but his head was still in its transformed state.

The two sharp tentacles were a little slow, but could still be used.

“Look out,” Leo, the little turtles’ leader, couldn’t help but warn Luke.

One tentacle had already turned into a shadow which lashed out at Luke.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Sparks exploded, and the little turtles were dumbfounded. Mindy turned red with excitement.

At some point, a matte knife had appeared in Luke’s right hand, and he drew countless grayish-black arcs in the air as he used it to block every attack from the tentacle.

This wasn’t a cold weapon fight between humans. His opponent was a monster with ten-meter-long tentacles.

The group was standing ten meters away because the tentacles could attack from any angle within this range, and were very lethal.

At that moment, the tentacle that was attacking V’s upper torso was blocked by the knife.

As for the tentacle which attacked his lower torso, he simply sidestepped it at just the right angle.

He didn’t slow down at all, and didn’t even bend his back.

Leo, who specialized in two swords, was captivated. He could completely sense how skilled V was.

When the four brothers worked together earlier, they had relied on their turtle shells to protect themselves, and had to jump around constantly.

V, on the other hand, was single-handedly crushing the Parasite head-on with just a knife.

At a rough guess, V could defeat the four brothers in a 1v4.

Batman aside, he was the second person who would be able to defeat the four brothers with a cold weapon — the first was Big Dipper.

Unfortunately, there was no more time for the four brothers to be lost in thought.

Luke was moving a little slower than usual, and it took him just under ten seconds to cover a distance of ten meters.

Then… he used the knife to tie the two sharp tentacles together in a tight knot.

Seeing this, not only the five kids behind him, but even the unlucky Parasite was dumbfounded. It couldn’t help but ask three questions straight from the soul: Who am I? What am I doing? How did I end up like this?

It was two tentacles versus one knife, and in less than ten seconds, the tentacles were knotted together. What was the feeling? It was probably despair.

Under the man’s bewildered gaze, Luke injected him with a paralytic toxin.

Done! Mission accomplished.

He turned around and saw a bunch of dumbfounded kids gaping at him. Luke found that odd. “What’s wrong?”

Mindy subconsciously shook her head. “It’s nothing.”