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Chapter 1805: The Typical Main Character

Mindy had always been a staunch V fan, and regarded him as the most underestimated member of the team.

Although not many people supported this view, she had never changed her mind.

Today had just proven that she had good taste.

Luke nodded. “Have fun. I’m leaving.”

With that, he grabbed the Parasite and flew into the air, disappearing from sight.

Stunned for a moment, Mikey suddenly rubbed his round black head. “Huh? He didn’t recite a poem just now?”

Mindy came back to her senses and immediately retorted, “He didn’t kill anyone. Hm, and that’s just an uneducated man-eating monster. He’s not qualified to make V recite poetry.”

The four lackeys, who didn’t even have elementary school certificates, lowered their heads and shut up. Did villains have to be educated these days?

Although he had caught another Parasite, Luke wasn’t happy.

He had already locked onto seven or eight Parasites, and this one was a possible target that he would have caught sooner or later.

But since he had caught one, he couldn’t waste it.

After interrogating the Parasite for information, Luke planned to give it to Tony and Phil as a test subject.

The relationship between the Avengers and the new SHIELD was inseparable. The Avengers’ ‘manager,’ Maria Hill, and Phil were both Nick Fury’s right-hand men.

So, the easiest way was to share this test subject with both parties.


It might not be long before they started capturing Parasites themselves. Giving them too many would be useless.

One specimen was enough for them to observe how powerful the Parasites’ sharp tentacles were.

As long as they were prepared, the Parasites wouldn’t be a problem.

Even if there were thousands of them, they might not be as troublesome as Gold Nugget’s remaining two ‘countrymen.’

After all, the symbiote’s host could regenerate at an astonishing rate. They were strong in all aspects and very resistant to mental effects and poison; they were much more powerful than the Parasites.

At that moment, something interesting happened in Tokyo.

In a newly circulated video, two groups of “people” were fighting in an alley.

It was a 1v3, and the single ‘person’ was quickly overwhelmed. However, they had made a lot of noise so the other three didn’t dare chase him, and he managed to escape.

Both sides were Parasites.

Interesting. Were the Parasites at odds with each other? Luke replayed the scene of the four Parasites with great interest.

Selina was drawn over. After a few glances, she exclaimed in surprise. “This kid’s hands have also transformed. Is he like Ueno, and has several of the Parasites in him?”

Then, she was confused. “But he was almost killed. Why didn’t the Parasite controlling the head take action?”

Luke shook his head. “The surveillance cameras are a little far away; there’s no way to read their lips. However, we can go check it out ourselves.”

Just because they couldn’t read the lips didn’t mean that they couldn’t uncover the identities of the four Parasites in human society.

It wasn’t like they could turn invisible; after screening the surveillance footage, it would be very easy to discover where they worked or lived.

From their current investigation, these guys were basically reliant on their human hosts while they quietly adapted to the new environment.

This proved that the Parasites weren’t stupid, which was also a good thing for humans.

To be cold-hearted about it, considering that 360,000 people were born and 150,000 died daily, it wasn’t a big deal if the Parasites ate thousands of people every day.

Also, after the initial attention which their activities drew in the news at the very beginning, these Parasites very quickly received an order from the ‘new king’ to hunt people whose deaths wouldn’t matter to anyone.

There were a lot of people in Tokyo who didn’t have fixed occupations or residences, or any relatives, friends or colleagues.

Nobody would call the police, nor would they file a report. It was very hard for people who were eaten to become part of the number of people missing on file in Tokyo.

Even a small number reported wouldn’t make a difference. After all, 150,000 people went missing in Japan every year.

But for the ruling class, most of these dead people were of no use. They only added to the burden on society when they were alive; it didn’t matter if they died.

That was one of the reasons why Luke’s database had an ‘error.’

An ocean of information that couldn’t be processed was just a garbage dump. His intelligence system couldn’t cover everyone in America, let alone Japan.

The next day was a rare sunny day.

Early in the morning, Luke and Selina assumed Japanese aliases and headed straight for Tokyo West High School.

Dozens of meters away from the school gate, two people and one dog waited for their target with lollipops in their mouths.

The advantage of this sunny weather was the amount of girls who came to school, all of them wearing the school uniform.

These were genuine JK girls. Although some of them definitely moonlighted as hostesses, most of them had yet to step into society.

The downside was that these girls weren’t as attractive as the ones in certain Japanese media.

They were wearing short skirts and long stockings, but Luke still had the urge to wash his eyes.

He could only sigh. The girls at Dalton Junior High were still the best.

Of course, it could also be because the girls there were rich and knew how to dress.

Most of the students here were from ordinary backgrounds and didn’t have the necessary resources.

Just as Luke was feeling a little disappointed, Selina nudged him. “He’s here.”

He looked at the school gate and saw a short, weak-looking boy walking toward it. Next to him… was a girl whose looks were a 7 out of 10.

Luke was surprised. “So, it’s true that losers always have beautiful women around them?”

Selina looked at him strangely. “Your brother’s male classmates told him to stay away from the girls – does your brother look like a loser?”

Unable to respond, Luke could only change the subject. “Let’s go and find out more about this Shinichi Izumi.”

Two people and one dog walked leisurely through the school gate. The guard at the gate completely ignored them, as if they didn’t exist.

A few students looked at them, but that was all.

It was common here not to find trouble with others.

The guard at the gate didn’t care that Luke and Selina had brought a dog into the school.

Looking at the girl with shoulder-length hair who was trying to find something to talk about with Shinichi Izumi, Selina finally felt uncomfortable. “Does she owe his family a lot of money?”

Luke strode forward like a hooligan with his hands in his pockets and yawned widely. “That’s why I suspect he’s the main character.”

Selina naturally knew what he meant.

This guy would watch soap operas with her every now and then, and would often complain about the ‘protagonist halo’ or how the guy was lucky to live past one episode and so on. Selina really wanted to beat him up every time she listened to him.

That was because he was usually right.

But she was really skeptical now. “He has an ordinary family, ordinary grades, ordinary looks, and an ordinary temperament, but he actually has such a beautiful childhood friend. Is this really the protagonist halo?”

Then, she egged Luke on. “Why don’t you try hitting on her? If she changes her mind, Shinichi Izumi definitely doesn’t have the protagonist halo.”