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Chapter 1806: The Protagonist Halo, and the Protagonist’s Treatment

Luke wasn’t afraid at all of this childish taunt.

“Not interested.”

Selina raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really?”

Luke nodded firmly. “It would be too easy.”

Selina kicked out at him.

Luke, who was already prepared, chuckled and dodged. He jerked his chin. “Wait, someone really is hitting on the childhood friend.”

Selina turned around and now saw two boys and one girl at the school gate.

A moment later, her expression turned strange. “Is that guy really the protagonist?”

Luke was as calm as ever. “He has a secret, a beautiful childhood friend, and a handsome rival trying to steal his childhood friend away. He has all three key elements.”

Selina slapped her forehead. “Seriously? Shouldn’t the protagonist in this movie be human? Can he still be considered human?”

As they chatted, Shinichi Izumi and his handsome ‘rival’ went their separate ways.

Luke lost an opportunity to spectate as a bystander.

However, this wasn’t a wasted trip, since that handsome student had a Parasite as well.

Compared with Ueno in Sapporo, who had only contacted seven or eight of his own kind after several days, this Shinichi Izumi clearly had potential.

There were 22 million people in Tokyo, and less than one tenth of that in Sapporo. It made sense that proportionally, there would be more Parasites here.

But the surprises didn’t stop there.

Less than two minutes after they started following Shinichi, this guy started tailing another ‘person.’

This time, it was a middle-aged woman.

Looking at Shinichi Izumi’s fearful appearance, Selina couldn’t help but complain, “He’s already so scared. Why is he still following her?”

Luke asked, “Because he has no choice?”

Selina nodded and said, “This woman… looks too calm. Is she used to being followed by male students?”

Before Luke could say anything, Shinichi Izumi started talking to the middle-aged woman. After saying a few words, they went to a lab.

Selina said, “A female teacher bringing a male student into an empty lab? Hehehe, is this a particular sort of plot?”

Luke didn’t respond.

His partner was learning more and more strange things; Luke was basically reaping what he himself had sown. This really wasn’t anything to brag about.

An Ant drone had already quietly slipped under the door and into the lab. It wouldn’t miss anything.

Save Shinichi Izumi? Sorry, Luke and Selina didn’t acknowledge the protagonist halo.

This guy also had a Parasite inside him. Although it had clashed with other Parasites, that didn’t mean that it would stand with humans.

All countries had traitors, as did all species. Weren’t the dog head and Venom good examples?

After a few minutes, Luke and Selina looked at each other in surprise.

Director Selina couldn’t help but say, “This woman is very interesting. We can get in contact with her.”

“Let’s observe for a few days first.” Luke pondered for a moment, but didn’t veto the idea. He simply reminded her, “This woman is a research-type Parasite, but not necessarily less dangerous than a Predator. The Predators want to kill all of us off sooner or later, while she probably wants the Parasites to live here on Earth.”

Shinichi Izumi’s conversation with the woman revealed a lot of important information.

For example, Shinichi Izumi wasn’t allied with this female teacher, and this woman wasn’t allied with the three Parasites that had chased Shinichi Izumi last night.

That was because only Shinichi Izumi’s right hand had been possessed, while his brain was still human; he was definitely an anomaly.

However, the woman didn’t do anything. Instead, she expressed interest in Shinichi Izumi and wanted to study his unique condition and figure out a solution so that Parasites didn’t need to eat people.

From this point of view, Parasites were actually very similar to humans. Each individual of the same species nevertheless had their own characteristics.

Their biggest problem was that they treated humans as food.

This wasn’t Earth from Luke’s previous life. Instead, it was an Earth where Manhattan was ‘the center of the universe.’

All sorts of supernatural creatures and beings would be drawn there.

Unless tens of millions of Parasites came to Earth at the same time, the best outcome for them right now was bare survival.

The vampires had already amply proven this point.

If they solved the problem of eating people, they could live like vampires, who could drink blood without needing to kill people.

Luke had purged the vampires once in recent years, and had been followed by SHIELD and the FBI.

Luke had also provided Blade with equipment and intelligence support, and Blade had cut down a lot of vampire leaders in the course of two years.

When two people and one dog traveled the world last year, they had taken care of another batch in passing.

The vampires who killed for fun had basically disappeared — as long as enough of them died, there naturally wouldn’t be any more movement.

However, evil would never disappear for good from this world, and could only be suppressed.

After doing all that, Luke didn’t have time to continue paying attention to the vampires, even if there were definitely some who were still secretly killing people for their blood.

It was the same for the Parasites.

As long as he got rid of those who had the urge to eat people, and the few that were left were able to change their diet, Luke wouldn’t waste time monitoring them either.

It was normal to make the most out of something.

Of course, if small fleas jumped out in front of him, he didn’t mind killing them.

For example, Ueno definitely had to die, as well as the three Parasites who had chased Shinichi Izumi last night. It was very likely that the handsome student earlier would also have to die.

Only this female teacher could be left alone for the time being.

Luke now had a way to lure out the wilder Parasites at regular intervals.

In the lab, Shinichi Izumi finally chickened out and left in a hurry.

He couldn’t be blamed for it.

As an ordinary high school student, his right hand had suddenly turned into a monster, and he had been targeted by a bunch of monsters. He could be considered pretty tough for not breaking down already.

Luke didn’t have to come into direct contact with him any longer. It was easier to set up a full set of surveillance measures.

As for doing a body checkup on Shinichi Izumi, that could be carried out under covert sedation. It would be best if he and his ‘right hand,’ or Migi, had no idea about it.

Shinichi Izumi was indeed the protagonist.

The ‘villains always want to kill me’ trope had already come true, and those beast-like, predatory Parasites from last night would definitely come after this ‘half-human, half-Parasite.’

When the time came, Luke could kill several dozen or several hundred of them from the dark, or just pretend to be some sort of mysterious old man with Shinichi Izumi, right? Luke’s plan was that simple.