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Chapter 1807: Meeting His Uncle Once More, and Concern for the Health of the Middle-Aged Man

It was early December when Tony received the ‘express delivery’ that was the Parasite from Luke.

After two days of intense research, the tycoon said that he wanted to go over for a look. It was an alien life form! A living alien life form!

Luke directly rejected this meaningless proposal. He had no time to be the tycoon’s nanny.

Even Selina couldn’t fight the Parasite head-on right now, to say nothing of Tony, who wouldn’t be able to withstand one lash from a tentacle. Coming here to watch the show would just be courting death.

Besides, there was nothing to see here. The most important thing for Luke and Selina every day was to take the dog head out to eat and drink, and then make some small moves when Shinichi Izumi fought other Parasites.

The fights got fiercer and fiercer. Something big was about to happen.

Then… Phil arrived.

Naturally, this was the tycoon’s doing.

Since Luke didn’t want to be his nanny, Tony hired Phil and New SHIELD to bring back two Parasites to study.

The rich were just this willful.

The supplies which Luke had provided Phil with were the basic essentials, while Tony, as a national defense supplier, was like an all-purpose warehouse.

Of course, it was also because Luke didn’t want to abandon the bigshot’s style.

Thus, Tony could solve the problem with a phone call, while Luke had to deliver the goods himself every time.

If he delivered large amounts of supplies frequently, wouldn’t he be a ‘porter’ for real?

Seeing that it was Big Dipper, Phil was sure that a lot of “people” would die during this incident.

Big Dipper had never gone easy on anyone.

He killed both man and beast.

Phil shook hands with him and greeted him with a smile. “Long time no see, Big Dipper.”

Luke subconsciously looked at his real uncle’s right hand. Hm, it was a real hand. He hadn’t been crippled. It seemed that he was doing well to protect himself.

He couldn’t help but say, “Aren’t you too busy? Your hairline seems a little higher. You should learn from Tony.”

Phil was stunned for a moment and his smile froze. Damn it, he was six years older than Tony. What was wrong with having less hair?

But there was nothing he could do about Big Dipper. He could only do his best to remain calm. “I’m just an office worker. I can’t compare with the big boss.”

Luke had just wanted to test Phil’s mental fortitude.

The fact that he hadn’t been beaten up proved that his uncle was doing well.

So, he stopped being cheeky and gestured for Phil to sit down. The two of them got down to business. “Why are you here? Don’t say that it’s because of Tony; he’s not that much of a VIP.”

Phil accepted the cup of tea from Luke and took a sip. He thought for a moment before he said, “With the information you provided, we paid special attention and found many suspicious cases all over the world. Your assessment is a little alarming, so we have to confirm how dangerous they are.”

Luke understood.

As an American in this life, he subconsciously didn’t care if more people died in another country every day. It wasn’t like he was the one who created the Parasites.

For Phil, on the other hand, it was a conditioned reflex to protect all of Earth.

A monster race that could eat thousands of people in a day or two was naturally an alarming case.

Luke nodded. “Did you catch any alive?”

Phil’s expression turned solemn. “We caught three, but lost two agents.”

Luke frowned. “Weren’t you already warned?”

Phil smiled bitterly. “Both of them died during the first capture. The other party reacted a little faster, and the agents took out their guns when they were nervous…”

This sort of small error was inevitable, and Luke didn’t pursue the matter. He changed the topic and said, “We have a bit of a handle on the situation in Tokyo and Sapporo, but Tokyo is too big and isn’t our territory. We’ve currently only confirmed 100 targets.”

Phil was very sensitive. “You found their nest?”

Luke said, “One in Sapporo, two in Tokyo. Furthermore, the two in Tokyo are different factions.”

Phil was stunned. “What factions?”

Luke said, “One is the conventional camp which hunts and eats people every day or two. The other camp controls their intake and is also researching food substitutes.”

Phil was surprised. “So soon?”

Luke felt the same way. “This species has its own characteristics. They’re definitely not stupid. We can’t leave them alone for too long. After a while, our team will take action and try to eliminate most of the Parasites in one go.”

Phil thought for a moment. “If it’s a big operation, I can temporarily transfer 100 people over. They’re all well-equipped and skilled veterans.”

Luke said, “Okay. After this meal, I’ll take you for an ‘on-site inspection’.”

Phil didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “We can go now. I’ll buy some food and we can eat on the way.”

Luke shook his head. “I’ve already ordered. Let’s finish eating first before we do anything. It won’t delay us.”

Phil could only helplessly enjoy an authentic Japanese sushi banquet.

Luke rarely ate sushi, but it was more suitable to eat this while he was with Phil.

His uncle was slightly younger than Dustin, but had a much higher hairline. It was definitely because he ate a lot of fast food; a few days of a light Japanese diet would be good.

Seeing Luke eat unhurriedly, Phil also didn’t rush.

He couldn’t do anything about Big Dipper. If the latter wanted to eat first before getting to work, Phil… could only do the same.

Once they were full, Luke took Phil to the safe house to put on some armor.

A Parasite’s attack could kill a defenseless target in less than a second. Luke didn’t want his uncle to get himself killed.

Then, taking advantage of the night, they visited several Parasite nests in Tokyo.

Each nest had three to five Parasites, and they were all very strong.

The Parasites might look primitive, but they had a clear hierarchy, and the strong automatically became the boss.

The way they communicated with each other was very mystical.

They called it brain waves, and could sense the presence and emotions of their own kind.

However, Luke’s mental probe device couldn’t detect these brain waves, unless the other party was wearing the detection helmet.

It was impossible for Luke to make everyone in Tokyo wear a detection helmet, which was why this operation was taking a while.

Seeing the Parasites eat people, Phil frowned. “Are we going to let them keep eating?”

Luke sighed. “I can get rid of these guys easily, but after that, the other Parasites will be even more careful about hiding, and the number of people eaten will then be hundreds of times more.”

Phil couldn’t say anything in response.

There was no standard answer to this prisoner’s dilemma. It came down to a person’s individual decision.

What Luke said was cruel, but reality was even crueler.

After surveying several nests, Phil didn’t want to stay any longer.

Luke, however, said, “There are two special Parasites that might be of some help to us.”

They went straight to Shinichi Izumi’s place, where the high school student was bickering with his right hand.

Phil’s mouth dropped open in surprise. “He’s… still human?”