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Chapter 1808: Most Unusual Parasite

Luke nodded, then shook his head. “To be precise, Shinichi Izumi can now be considered half-human, half-Parasite. The good news is that he and his parasite, Migi, don’t have the urge to eat people.”

Phil was a little intrigued. “Why don’t we catch him and send him to Tony’s lab? It might not take long to get results.”

This sort of unique type could very likely contain the secret key to the composition of the Parasite, so this proposal made sense.

Luke, however, shook his head and said, “There’s no rush for now. His mother was possessed by a Parasite not long ago and almost killed him. The two parties have been fighting each other recently. I need him to lure out the Parasites that like to kill.”

Phil frowned. “Can he handle it?”

Luke smiled. “Don’t underestimate him. He’s killed three of the other Parasites in the last three days.”

Phil: “What?”

Knowing that he couldn’t hide it from an old fox like Phil, Luke decisively told the truth. “I helped out a little in secret.”

Phil was lost for words.

After seeing this unique ‘half-breed,’ Phil conversely wasn’t anxious.

Shinichi Izumi was only the first – what was so special about the other Parasite?

Phil was stunned when he saw the middle-aged woman who was reading at home. “Is she a Parasite too?”

Luke said, “That’s right.”

Phil thought for a moment. “Is she the Parasite which you said is interested in research? That highly intelligent individual who wants to solve the issue of eating people?”

“Yes.” Luke confirmed once again that talking with smart people was the best.

Pondering for a moment, Phil asked, “When are you going to make contact with her?”

After dealing with all sorts of peculiar existences for so long, what Phil was best at wasn’t fighting, but… communication and negotiation.

Too bad he wasn’t Batman, and his subordinates weren’t from the Bat Squad!

He wasn’t strong enough, so he had to make up for it with his words. This was Phil was best in.

With Luke’s help over the past two years, his strength had increased rapidly, and he could take care of mid-level superhumans. However, his style of doing things was already ingrained.

In the end, he was still the scholarly and easygoing Phil Coulson who kept smiling even when he was blowing up the other party’s head.

The difference was that in the past, there were many times when he couldn’t win. Thus, he had to be prepared to slip away at any time if things didn’t work out.

Now, if things weren’t going to plan, he could blow up the other party’s head and solve the problem.

Luke had given his uncle more than just combat ability.

He had also given Phil a portable mental probe, which was slightly more inferior and could only roughly detect the other party’s mental fluctuations.

As for highly suspicious agents, Phil just needed to issue a simple mission and have them appear somewhere in New York so that Luke could secretly check them out.

In this way, Phil got New SHIELD in working order.

These problematic agents weren’t wasted.

If they weren’t in key positions, they were put on the frontline on dangerous assignments; as much remaining value as possible was squeezed out of these traitors.

Phil now had the basic qualities of a director. His capabilities, strength, skills, and cunning were all above average.

That was why he had been able to guess Luke’s plan so quickly.

Luke thought for a moment and said, “This Parasite… Hm, let’s call her Ryoko Tamiya. She’s more unpredictable than Shinichi Izumi. Do you know what experiments she has carried out?”

Phil: “Using animals as substitutes for humans?”

Luke said, “In fact, she’s tried most mainstream human food, but that’s just one of her experiments.”

Phil pondered for a moment. “Is she gathering underlings already?”

Luke gave him a thumbs up. “That’s right. She is already in control of 32 Parasites and is able to make them obey her. Also…”

Phil smiled bitterly. “Just tell me.”

Luke didn’t beat around the bush. “She is continually learning biology and chemistry to analyze the natures and physiques of her own kind. She is also working as a teacher at Shinichi Izumi’s high school to observe him up close.”

Phil: “…Is she the new queen of the Parasites?”

The three Parasites that had been caught had mentioned the existence of a new king, but though the new king had passed on orders through the brain waves of their kind many times, they had never seen the king with their own eyes.

Luke said, “I can’t rule it out, but that’s not important. What’s important is that she found a male Parasite host to carry out a reproduction experiment.”

Phil couldn’t come back to his senses for a moment. He thought for a moment about the words “reproduction experiment,” before he exclaimed in surprise. “She wants to have a child?”

Luke’s eyes flickered and he smiled. “Yes, and she’s probably already pregnant.”

Even someone as experienced as Phil was a little dizzy. For a moment, he stared blankly at Ryoko Tamiya inside the house and couldn’t say anything.

A moment later, he heaved a sigh. “This target is indeed… very unusual.”

According to the confessions of the three Parasites, they had arrived on Earth along with the Leo meteor shower, and it had only been a month.

In the end, she was already pregnant.

Given her efficiency and research mindset, Phil felt that it would be strange if she didn’t do something.

This was a mystical world.

Most people who dared to mess around like this either died or became gods.

Tony was a good example of someone who became a ‘god,’ but he wasn’t extreme enough to produce a kid just like that.

Phil wanted to continue discussing it, but Luke’s expression changed. “Parasites are approaching.”

Phil looked around. “Where?”

Luke shared a drone feed to Phil’s virtual screen in the armor; seven or eight ‘people’ were swiftly approaching from an alley.

They were all wearing hats or hoodies, and hiding their faces behind masks. It wasn’t a bad job at trying to hide their identities

Unfortunately for them, Luke had already gotten matches in his database.

Phil: “Should we help her?”

Luke said, “Just watch. This woman is scarier than you think. It’ll be hard for these people to kill her.”

Phil was curious. “Is she very strong?”

Luke said, “If she has an IQ of 140, most of the Parasites don’t even have 80. She can kill a bunch of idiots with just her brain.”

Phil smacked his lips and suddenly said, “Why don’t you give her to me?”

Luke was astonished. “What do you want with her?”

Phil hesitated for a moment, but still said, “We have a way to control her, and she’ll be of use in New SHIELD.”

Luke cursed inwardly. He hadn’t expected Phil to play this move.

Well, SHIELD had never been a clean organization.

New SHIELD had inherited some of the black egg director’s ‘first-rate’ practices.

For example, Dylan Elsworth and Alex Montell, whom Luke had forcibly turned into vampires, had been handed over to Phil and squeezed dry. After they were used as research subjects for a long while, they found an opportunity to commit suicide.