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Chapter 1809: Please Die Quietly

Alfred had discovered what happened to these two young masters after Luke downloaded SHIELD’s classified files.

Alfred wouldn’t have picked them out if they hadn’t been connected to Luke; they were just small fry in a pile of ‘research material,’ and were just footnotes in the classified files.

So, Phil really had plenty of ways to control Ryoko Tamiya.

On the other hand, exactly how effective the means were and how long they could last were up in the air.

Thinking for a moment, Luke decided to give his uncle some face. “You can have her, but we want half of any results you obtain. In the future, we get a copy of whatever information she provides on Parasites.”

Phil agreed readily. “No problem.”

I’m not done yet, why are you in such a hurry? Luke couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Since this is an investment, I’ll do my best to reduce her risk level before giving her to you.”

Phil: “…Thank you.”

He had just thrown out this suggestion casually. If it were a success, it would be a boon. It made no difference tagging on this condition.

New SHIELD’s methods of control were flawed, but the risks were within acceptable range.

But Big Dipper was willing to take charge in this matter, which was definitely more reliable than whatever methods New SHIELD had.

At the very least, New SHIELD didn’t have a mental probe.

Phil had also sounded out Tony, but the tycoon had completely ignored him. Clearly, he didn’t want to hand over this technology.

Their biggest trump card would be to obtain secret use of the mental probe.

If word of this spread, however, it would only be troublesome for Tony and Luke, and nothing good.

By the time the two reached an agreement, the eight Parasites had arrived at the door, broken the lock, and walked in.

That was right, the Parasites didn’t charge in, but entered brazenly.

Hearing the noise, Ryoko Tamiya frowned. She put on her slippers and went downstairs. She paused halfway on the stairs and looked at the eight of her kind.

Looking at the eight of them, she asked indifferently, “Murata, why did you break into my house?”

The leader of the Parasites was an ordinary man in his thirties. He said coldly, “Tamiya, this is your last chance. Don’t stop us from killing Shinichi Izumi.”

A trace of confusion flashed in Tamiya’s eyes. “Stop you?”

Murata said, “If it wasn’t for you, Shinichi Izumi wouldn’t have had the chance to kill three of us.”

Tamiya finally looked surprised. “He’s already killed three of you?”

Murata said, “As expected of the smartest of us all, you’ve even learned human hypocrisy! How can you not know what he did?”

Tamiya suddenly smiled lightly. “So, why are you looking for me?”

Murata said, “This is a warning. We’re going to kill Shinichi Izumi and that traitor Migi tonight. If you dare interfere, we’ll kill you too.”

Tamiya already understood.

At the very beginning, she had discovered the anomaly with Shinichi Izumi and was very interested in him. At the same time, she had instructed Murata not to cause trouble for Shinichi Izumi.

Ultimately, Murata still remembered the identity of this ‘half-breed,’ and decided to kill this anomaly.

In the end, Shinichi Izumi somehow escaped several times, and three of their comrades were killed.

Murata couldn’t think how this was possible, and thus blamed her for everything.

He had no choice but to do this, or his underlings would start to fear Shinichi Izumi.

No matter the species, once you killed enough of your own kind, they would naturally become warier of you.

But if he said that Shinichi Izumi had gotten help from Tamiya, Murata’s Parasites wouldn’t doubt him.

Her brain was very famous among the Parasites.

While other Parasites couldn’t even hide themselves properly, she had already started studying human science.

The difference in IQ wasn’t between adults and children, but between humans and animals.

That was why Murata was so wary and had immediately suspected Tamiya.

This was the only explanation he could come up with as to why his operation against Shinichi had inexplicably failed.

That was because Tamiya was protecting the boy, and she knew a lot about Parasites. If she revealed their weaknesses to Shinichi Izumi, it would be very easy for him to kill them.

Tamiya understood, but she really didn’t know how Shinichi had been able to win three times in a row.

She simply looked at the people downstairs. “I told you that Shinichi Izumi is my research subject. Why didn’t you listen?”

Murata said, “That traitor has only possessed Shinichi Izumi’s right hand. He’s human, and will expose our existence.”

Tamiya sneered. “Do you think your existence is a secret?”

Murata said, “Killing him will at least preserve our secret a little longer.”

Tamiya shook his head. “According to the latest news from Sapporo, many of our kind have been killed or are missing. You might want to go over there first and sort that out.”

Murata: “What?”

Now that Ryoko Tamiya had shared this news, there was no need for Murata to make trouble for her or Shinichi Izumi.

That was because the leak had already happened, and it wasn’t in Tokyo. There was no way to control it.

Various emotions flashed across his face, and he suddenly said, “That’s all a lie. You don’t want to give up that boy. You’ve betrayed us.”

Tamiya smiled. “He’s useful to me, and you’re worthless. So, please die quietly!”

The eight Parasites looked at each other in bewilderment.

They were very afraid of Tamiya.

This was like the school delinquents confronting the top student – if the latter took action, it was a different matter altogether.

Murata: “Kill her.”

With Ryoko Tamiya around, it would be very hard for him to establish himself as a leader among the Parasites in the area since Ryoka Tamiya had been the leader before.

Murata had planned to kill her tonight.

The Parasites under him hesitated for a moment before they started to transform. Their heads opened and turned into hideous tentacles.

It was 1v8. They couldn’t lose.

Tamiya smiled again, but it was cold and disdainful.

Her face also split open on the left, turning into a sharp tentacle. However, the right half of her face was still human, which gave her an eerie sort of beauty.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The bony tentacles clashed repeatedly, and there was utter chaos on Murata’s side.

“I can’t use any strength.”

“Why am I so slow?”

“What’s going on?”

In a 1v8 fight, Ryoko Tamiya actually had the upper hand.

Her tentacle danced in the air, leaving only afterimages behind, while the dozen or so tentacles opposite her were more than ten times slower.

The smile remained on her cold face. “That’s because I poisoned you. Otherwise, how would I kill all of you?”

The Parasites were terrified.

They didn’t sense how they had been poisoned at all, much less what kind of poison it was, but their tentacles had indeed lost strength and speed. They felt limp and powerless.