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In just a minute, the Parasites grew increasingly weaker.

Finally, Tamiya cut off the head of one of the Parasites with her tentacle, and the group started to fall apart.

Under the horrified gazes of the Parasites, she cut off their heads one by one.

Since Phil had promised to help the Bat Squad clean up the Parasites, he had to send the 100 agents over as soon as possible.

As for Tamiya, Luke said that he would deal with her later, so Phil didn’t have to worry at all.

Luke had estimated that the operation to eliminate the Japanese Parasites would start in a week or two, but who would have thought that Murata would appear again just three days after he was defeated, directly pushing forward Luke’s plan.

Luke received a surveillance alert. By the time two people and one dog put on their armor and rushed to Shinichi Izumi’s house, the unlucky high school student had already fallen.

Murata picked up Shinichi Izumi and turned to look at the other ‘person.’ “Your Majesty, with him around, Tamiya definitely won’t run.”

An ordinary-looking salaryman around 25 years old nodded. “Take him. We’re leaving.”

More than twenty Parasites escorted this man out as they headed for Ryoko Tamiya’s house.

Observing the salaryman from a distance, Selina found it strange. “Is that the new king of the Parasites? From our investigation, there’s an 80% chance that he’s the new king.”

The reason for the remaining 20% was that they couldn’t confirm anything, and there were no other leads.

But Murata had found this person so quickly.

Pondering for a moment, Luke then said, “We’ll find out soon enough. If Murata is just relying on numbers, he’s dead tonight for sure.”

Selina immediately got it.

The reason Luke hadn’t killed Murata was because of the latter’s setting as a ‘tool.’

Now that he had caught Shinichi Izumi and wanted to take down Tamiya, there was no value in his continued existence.

The plan to eliminate the Parasites had already been finalized, and the 100 agents from New SHIELD had arrived in Tokyo two days ago.

Their team had mucked around long enough in Japan, and was ready to leave; it wasn’t a bad thing to earn some credit points in passing.

Selina immediately asked, “Should I send a message and get everyone ready for action?”

Luke nodded. “Send it.”

Selina quickly sent the message and received responses from the New SHIELD agents as well as all the members of the Bat Squad who were in Japan. Even Frank and Alice accepted the commission.

The mental control terminal and the androids were already in place. They just needed to ‘go online’ in the safe house; after that, they could return to the hotel to sleep.

After sending the message, Selina couldn’t help but make a request. “After this is over, can we go to the onsen one more time before we go home?”

Luke was amused. “The one in the snow?”

Selina nodded hard. “It would be best if it’s during the day, when there aren’t many people on the mountains.”

Luke said, “No problem. As long as you hand your wallet over, getting an onsen to yourself won’t be a problem.”

After her request was approved, Director Selina didn’t say anything else.

Shinichi Izumi’s house was close to Tokyo West High School. After Tamiya applied to be a chemistry teacher there, she settled down about a kilometer away in the area.

The Parasites didn’t drive. They walked through alleys and avoided most cameras.

Selina clicked her tongue. “These guys adapt too well. If we gave them another year, they would be at least ten times harder to find.”

Luke agreed. “At that time, they wouldn’t gather on such a large scale. It would take ten times as long to take down scattered targets.”

At that moment, the group of Parasites arrived at the house.

This time, Murata had learned his lesson. Instead of going in, he had the Parasites surround Tamiya’s house first.

Then, he pointed at her bedroom.

The salaryman nodded indifferently. He suddenly took a running leap to break through the bedroom window.

Inside, Tamiya was suddenly sent flying out of the room.

“A powerful enemy incoming from the window.” Luke, who was hiding on the side, used his Telekinesis to move her, and he sent her a secret transmission at the same time.

Tamiya’s eyes flashed, and she opened her mouth. A sharp tentacle stretched out as she entered battle mode.