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Chapter 1811: Mutual Plotting, Who Is the Ruler?

Bang! Crash!

The glass window exploded, and the salaryman charged in.

But all he saw was an empty bed. He couldn’t help but be stunned.


A dark shadow flew over from outside the door and slashed at his neck.

The salaryman raised his hand, and his entire arm turned into a silver-gray blade. He easily blocked the attack and slashed back.

The shadow retreated back to the door.

The salaryman took two steps to the side and met Ryoko Tamiya’s gaze.

“Who are you?” she suddenly asked.

The salaryman didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he looked her up and down for a moment before he nodded. “You can call me Riot.”

Ryoko Tamiya said, “You’re not one of us.”

The man who called himself Rot nodded calmly. “Part of this body belongs to one of your kind. It suits me.”

Ryoko Tamiya’s eyes flashed, and she swiftly typed on her phone behind her back with one hand.

“However, I think you might be more suitable for me.”

Ryoko Tamiya asked, “Why?”

Riot: “You have enough brains to help me complete my mission.”

Ryoko Tamiya asked, “What mission?”

“Your drugs are useless on me.” Riot suddenly smiled, a hungry expression in his eyes. “After we become one, you’ll know everything.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he lunged at Ryoko Tamiya.

She had been vigilant the entire time. When Riot lunged at her, she stepped back and flipped over the banister to fall headfirst.

She used her tentacle to cushion her fall, then flipped back around, and her tentacle immediately lashed upward.


Riot, who had been chasing her, was caught in this attack, and huge wounds appeared on his neck and chest.

However, he landed firmly on the ground with a sinister smile.

Under Ryoko Tamiya’s gaze, the huge wounds glowed with a silver-gray light.

The tissue on both sides of the injuries melted like liquid, and the wounds disappeared. The entire healing process took less than two seconds.

Ryoko Tamiya narrowed her eyes. “Were you in Hokkaido half a month ago?”

Riot didn’t answer her question. Silver-gray tentacles appeared from his head and hands at the same time and lashed out.

Ryoko Tamiya sneered and pressed a button on her phone.

Riot’s body suddenly stopped, and he couldn’t help but sway on his feet.

Ryoko Tamiya blocked his tentacles easily as she calmly retreated.

Riot’s body trembled, and he couldn’t even control his tentacles. “What… did you do?”

Ryoko Tamiya didn’t say anything and simply observed the guy as if he were a research subject.

Suddenly, a tentacle on Riot’s head lashed out.


The two tentacles collided with a sharp sound, and Ryoko Tamiya’s expression changed.

Riot’s tentacle didn’t dodge at all and clung to her tentacle tightly.

Then, a silver-gray half-liquid quickly permeated Ryoko Tamiya’s tentacle and instantly disappeared.

Ryoko Tamiya’s tentacle immediately lashed out at the salaryman’s neck, and his head flew off.

The tentacle slashed down like lightning and cut the Parasite in half.

Was Riot dead? Of course not. Sensing that something wasn’t right, Ryoko Tamiya rejected the possibility.

After the silver-gray substance entered her tentacle, the injuries which the salaryman received were normal; they bled profusely and the flesh was mangled as the host was killed.

The injuries didn’t turn silver-gray and instantly heal like before.

“Hahahaha, how can I die? That idiot is just a temporary tool, and you’re my new tool.” A deep voice rang out in her head.

Frowning, Ryoko Tamiya pulled her tentacle back and looked at it — it hadn’t turned silver-gray.

Eyes flashing, she recalled her tentacle and started walking.

But after taking two steps, she realized that she couldn’t move further.

No matter how hard she tried, her muscles seemed locked. She could only shift slightly on her feet.

“Don’t think of walking into that trap again to deal with me.” The low voice rang out in her head again. “It’s useless. You can’t hide anything from me.”

Ryoko Tamiya suddenly said, “Are you still there? Please help me move forward five meters.”

The low voice said again, “I won’t give you… Huh? What’s going on?”

Ryoko Tamiya’s body suddenly drifted forward five meters to stand next to the salaryman’s body.

She immediately felt waves of discomfort.

However, her expression changed a moment later; it felt like her internal organs were about to explode.

Riot switched from panic to delight. “Huh? Your body is quite interesting. You’re not afraid of this sort of damage?”

Ryoko Tamiya’s heart sank.

She had personally tested the subsonic transmitter that was in the living room before, and she usually felt worse than this.

Thinking quickly, she came up with several possibilities.

The biggest possibility was that after Riot entered her body, some unknown reaction had been produced with this mysterious monster, and her resistance to the subsonic transmitter had increased.

That was definitely bad news.

“What are you?” she asked.

“I’m a symbiote, a symbiote that is far more advanced than Parasites like you,” Riot replied smugly.

This Parasite could actually help it escape its fear of subsonic waves. What a magical host.

It wanted this body.

In a good mood, it didn’t mind answering a few more questions.

If everything went smoothly, it would continue to use this body.

“What is a symbiote?” asked Ryoko Tamiya again.

The riot: “A special, advanced life form. You little bugs won’t understand how great we are.”

Ryoko Tamiya said, “Really? Maybe I should ask someone else.”

Riot said, “It’s useless to ask. This planet will belong to us symbiotes sooner or later, not to little bugs like you.”

Ryoko Tamiya smiled. “You might have gotten something wrong.”

Riot: “What?”

Ryoko Tamiya said, “The ruler of this planet is neither you nor me, but humans. Am I right? Mr. Mystery Human who doesn’t want to show his face.”

Riot was suspicious. “What are you talking about? Let me see what you’re thinking.”

A voice rang out in his ear. “You’re much smarter than this thing.”

He suddenly turned around and saw a man in a black and white skull mask standing behind him.

“You’re…” Just as Ryoko Tamiya opened her mouth to speak, a deep and rough voice suddenly came out of it. “A human? Die.”

Half of Ryoko Tamiya’s head turned back into a tentacle which lashed out at Luke.

The difference was that the tentacle had completely turned silver-gray and looked like metal.

The huge katana in Luke’s right hand also turned into a silver afterimage as it met the tentacle.