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Chapter 1813: Cooperation, Escapee, Exploding Hotline

Riot didn’t know that Luke was protecting Ryoko Tamiya. It only felt that the Annihilation energy would kill it and its host.

So, it subconsciously started to run.

Even frightened as it was, however, as the de facto leader of the symbiotes, it still had pretty good judgment.

The moment it left Ryoko Tamiya, it burrowed into the ground without hesitation.

There was a manhole grate cover there, and it could escape danger if it slipped inside.

For a symbiote, it took no more than a second to switch hosts.

But as soon as it slipped through the grate, the entire cover was sent flying.

Luke flicked out with his Telekinesis, and the silver-gray symbiote which had entered the sewer halfway was sent flying.

At the same time, Luke took out a long and thick black cylinder from his waist with his left hand, and threw it at Riot.

The black cylinder opened in the air and swiftly turned into a synthetic bag. Riot dropped into the bag, and it closed on its own.

After quickly activating the hibernation function, Luke heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally caught this living treasure.

The black cylinder just now was a flexible, fully sealed hibernation bag. It was a small piece of equipment which he had specially designed for troublesome opponents.

Compared with the previous hibernation box, the biggest advantage of the hibernation bag was that it was portable.

He could use his inventory to move the enormous hibernation box, but it would be inconvenient for his team members.

Also Luke had to consider the balance between hibernation temperature and materials used since ordinary sealed receptacles wouldn’t be able to contain things like the symbiote, the mutant Blood God, or poisonous or corrosive live specimens.

In the end, Mindy gave it a new code name: body bag.

She said that anyone who was put in it would be close to dying if they weren’t dead already.

What could Luke say? He could only pray that his friends and family wouldn’t need it.

If the hibernation bag could catch people, it naturally could save them.

In the case of a person with severe injuries, using the hibernation bag would greatly slow down the rate at which the other party’s condition deteriorated, and they would be able to last until help arrived.

In the hands of a team member, it was just supplementary restraining equipment with the same function as cable ties or handcuffs.

Apart from special monsters like the symbiote, other targets could also be knocked out and stuffed into the hibernation bag.

In truth, it was very hard to improve the launch speed of the hibernation bag, and it could only be thrown by hand, but it wasn’t easy to control your posture.

Only Luke, who had both the strength and skill, could use this thing as a ‘hunting trap’ and directly trap Riot with it.

Riot, who had reverted to its original form, lost the ability to speak. It could only charge around wildly in the bag before it was quickly ‘sedated’ by the hibernation function.

Luke finally looked at Ryoko Tamiya.

She had returned to her human form, but didn’t reveal her tentacles. She simply turned her head silently and looked coldly at the trapped Riot, who had gained the upper hand earlier.

“You were the one who let Murata go that day, right?” she asked.

Luke scanned her stomach and didn’t notice anything unusual. He nodded. “Yes.”

Ryoko Tamiya asked, “Did you give me that warning earlier?”

Luke nodded again.

Ryoko Tamiya asked, “What do you want?”

Luke said, “You.”

Ryoko Tamiya smiled lightly. “You want to catch me for research?”

Luke shook his head, then nodded. “The research is just in passing. Someone has an eye on you, so I’m willing to give you a chance. Cooperation or obedience.”

Ryoko Tamiya asked, “Is there a difference?”

Luke said, “If you cooperate, you can at least live as a human for a long time. Otherwise, I can’t think of a reason to let you go.”

Ryoko Tamiya said, “Very well, I agree.”

Luke was stumped. Hehe, as expected, she was smart!

So, he simply raised his hand and shot out a dart, and a surprised expression finally appeared on Ryoko Tamiya’s face.

However, the paralytic toxin worked quickly, and she fell unconscious in a few seconds.

Luke grabbed her and the hibernation bag and flew into the sky.

Wrap things up here? No way. In any case, it was impossible to hide what happened tonight.

While Luke was dealing with Tamiya and Riot, Selina had already led the team in killing more than 20 Parasites.

The team then split up and headed to their designated locations to clean up all the targets in Tokyo.

This was a good deed they were doing as international superheroes. Was there a need to justify it to the locals? Of course not.

Not long after Luke left, the silver-gray spikes in the wall suddenly melted into a semi-liquid state.

When they gathered together, they formed a ball the size of a fist and quickly flowed into the nearest sewer.

In the sewer, a little rat which had been frightened by the earlier rumbling on the surface was hiding in a small hole.

The silver-gray substance noticed it and immediately lunged at it.

The little rat squeaked in fear, but soon quieted down.

A moment later, its eyes turned silver-gray.

The rat’s eyes flickered several times before they returned to black, and they glowed with anger and madness.

Then, a small gray shadow dashed out of the hole and ran quickly through the sewers in the north.

Luke found a quiet corner and placed Tamiya and Riot in Space 2, before he officially joined the purge of the Parasites.

Since it had already begun, all the confirmed Parasites had to be killed as soon as possible.

Anyone who was suspected of being a Parasite was caught and examined with the mental helmet probe.

If it was a Parasite, it would definitely resist, and there was no need to check.

Over the past few days, it had been confirmed that there were about 730 Parasites in Japan, as well as 2,400 suspicious targets.

As long as these Parasites were killed, there wouldn’t be many left on Earth.

The Parasites that were killed were basically fond of hunting humans, and didn’t respect human life.

In order to catch all of them in one go, Luke had endured these man-eating monsters for so many days.

Logically speaking, this would produce the greatest results, but personally, it definitely didn’t feel good.

He felt that he had to let them personally experience what international superheroes were like.

Thus, over a year later, a second round of chaos took place in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s hotline exploded once more.

A lot of emergency calls flooded in, from housewives, men, the elderly and children.

The biggest headache was that a bunch of young people and kids insisted that they had seen American superheroes.

When the chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was woken up by the phone, he could only listen to his most trusted subordinate spout nonsense with a dumbfounded expression — for the chief, who had just woken up, the following words were indeed nonsense.

“Chief, the emergency hotline is blowing up. Many people claim that the Bat Squad is engaging man-eating monsters in multiple locations in Tokyo.”


“It’s all true. A lot of police officers arrived at the scene and found the bodies of three to fifteen man-eating monsters. After killing them, the Bat Squad moved on to the next location.”


“Based on where the reports are coming from, the Bat Squad is attacking at least 200 man-eating monsters, and they’re not hiding themselves.”

“Ah, this…”

“The special combat troops they’re leading use heavy firearms, which include rifles, sniper rifles, grenades and armored trucks. More than half of downtown Tokyo can hear the gunfire.”

“B*stard, why are you only calling me now?”

His trusted subordinate said gloomily, “Director, I received the intelligence 15 minutes ago, and immediately called you…”