Chapter 1907: Ambush, the Monster Enters the City

Big Dipper immediately uploaded a few short videos.

The expressions of these death seekers who had almost been swept away by the huge waves were especially ugly.

Mindy and the little turtles clicked their tongues in wonder.

Only then did Tony realize that he had overlooked something; the video footage which Miss Friday (Tony’s new A.I. butler) took was too serious and didn’t have any impact.

So… he silently downloaded the videos which Big Dipper sent, and then uploaded them to his F2F account.


The caption was: Shock! These d*mn death seekers actually pissed their pants in front of everybody. Is this twisted human nature or masochism?

Since he had saved their lives, he didn’t mind helping them get attention – they would definitely get what they wanted.

After that, Tony looked at the two monsters fighting fiercely and then at the female monster who had retreated one kilometer away in the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge. “If they continue fighting, will that female monster go up on shore?”

Knowing what Tony was getting at, Luke used his Knight ID to say, “As long as it gets close to the bridge, we have to drive it away. It’s best to make it head north.”

In the south was San Francisco, which was a crowded city, while in the north was Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Few cars passed through here and there were no densely populated areas.

It was the lesser of two evils.

If the monsters charged into San Francisco, the losses might be too much.

Right now, there were still tens of thousands of people scattered around the area next to the bridge.

Some were too old or weak to run, some didn’t care, and some were taking advantage of the chaos to loot things or rob people.

If possible, Luke would do his best to minimize casualties.

The female had retreated even more by then.

“Let’s go,” Luke said.

Tony and Big Dipper dove down to the water surface.

Alert, the female monster turned its head.

Crack! Dong!

A katana and an enormous fist smashed into its back.

The female monster screamed and its huge body jerked.

Its movements kicked up waves more than 20 meters tall, which hit the shore not far away.


The male monster was distracted, and the black beast ripped into it. The male monster screamed and turned its head to fly to the female monster.

On the female monster’s back, Big Dipper saw an opportunity and yelled, “The other one!”

Tony immediately understood. He exerted strength in his legs, and the thrusters on the two suits activated at almost the same time.

Bang! Bang!

With the sound of muffled thunder, the two enormous suits instantly broke the sound barrier and shot toward the returning male monster.

The difference was that Tony held up a pair of huge fists in front of him, while Big Dipper held up his two big katanas.

The male monster, who was in a hurry to return and help, wasn’t prepared at all. The two suits hit the joints where the bat wings were connected to its body.

The male monster let out an earth-shattering howl and spun in the air, spraying black and green fluid as it crashed into the ocean.

Luke and Tony were sent flying at almost the same time, scattering a lot of broken armor parts.

They had gone all out in the attack just now and hadn’t held back. The huge impact dealt significant damage to their suits, and they were unable to control their movements for one moment.

However, they hadn’t been goofing off when they had been watching earlier; they had already calculated the weaknesses of the two bat-headed monsters countless times.

The monsters had a very unique physique. It was half-metal and half-bone, and extremely sturdy against hits and stabs.

In a head-on battle, the bat-headed monsters could instantly adjust their posture and deflect most attacks with their tough and smooth bodies.

It was also the reason why the male monster could continue to tussle with the black beast even though it wasn’t as strong.

Even in their enormous suits, Luke and Tony couldn’t fight the male monster head-on.

Thus, they could only attack the enemy’s biggest weakness — the bat wings.

60% of the male monster’s mobility came from its bat wings, while the massive black beast had far more crushing strength but lost out in terms of speed.

Luke and Tony were very familiar with using someone else to do their dirty work.

There was no difference if it was a human or a beast.

Destroying the male monster’s mobility and limiting the attack range might deter the female monster from retreating further.

As for directly crippling the female monster, Tony and Luke could only abandon the idea after calculating that the possibility of doing so was very low.

The black beast was shocked by their sudden ambush.

The small eyes on its huge head couldn’t help but look blank at first, before they turned excited.

With a roar, the beast charged at the male monster that had crashed into the ocean.

There was no rule about not hitting an enemy when they were down – it was just determined to bite its enemy to death.

A moment later, the male monster let out a miserable howl as it was pressed down by the black beast and torn apart in the ocean.

The limbs that even Luke’s giant katana couldn’t cut through shattered under the giant claws and mouth.

Sensing the threat of death, it struggled wildly and counterattacked. Just like that, the two huge monsters rolled around in the ocean several kilometers away from the Golden Gate Bridge, and greenish-black fluid mixed into the slit at the bottom of the ocean.

Only then did the female monster get up.

It had been slightly injured by Luke and Tony stomping heavily on it.

Its eyes flashed red and it roared, but it didn’t help its mate. Instead, it turned around and charged toward San Francisco.

Knight immediately gave the order on the team comms. “Fire.”

Thump, thump, thump, thump!

With a series of muffled thuds, several white fiery streaks hit the female monster.

It trembled and roared again.

This time, it was clearly a miserable scream.

Numerous pulse cannons which had been set up ten kilometers away fired.

Black holes appeared in the female monster, but didn’t do enough damage.

Luke said grimly, “Charge up and keep firing.”

Unable to find its attacker, the female monster howled and flailed its six limbs angrily as it charged into San Francisco.

Thump, thump, thump, thump!

20 seconds later, a second round of pulse cannons was fired.

The female troll screamed again, but this time, it was only hit thrice – by Luke, Frank, and Damon.

When everyone else, who was hiding on top of several skyscrapers, saw the monster enter the city, they had clearly hesitated for one moment.

Luke felt a little helpless. Sure enough, it wasn’t easy to deal with the bat-headed monster.

To support a height of 100 meters tall, it had a completely extraordinary physique.

Both rounds of pulse cannon fire hadn’t done as much as Luke had expected – the cannon fire either missed or didn’t deliver the greatest damage.

Not only did this monster have electromagnetic interference and was radioactive, it also had super armor and electromagnetic deflection.

Were there no big monsters in this world that were easier to deal with? Luke couldn’t help but curse inwardly.