Chapter 1908: Man-made Special Effect, Portable Power Cannon

While the female monster had entered the city, Luke conversely wasn’t too anxious. “Steady, adjust your positions.”

Big Dipper and Tony finally climbed out of the crater in the hillside next to the bridge.

Looking at his armor, Tony couldn’t be any more thankful.

More than one third of the Veronica armor was broken. Thankfully, the Mark 43 inside was still intact, and he hadn’t been exposed to the radiation.

Luke and Tony had personally experienced how ridiculously strong the bat-headed monster’s body was.


When they broke through it earlier, the electromagnetic interference and radiation had instantly skyrocketed, and even top-notch suits like theirs hadn’t been able to take it.

So, after that attack, Big Dipper and Tony didn’t say anything for a while, which was why Knight had taken over.

Big Dipper looked at Tony, who was hundreds of meters away, and said, “Go and change suits. Leave this to me.”

Tony said, “Got it.”

With a clatter, the broken Veronica shot up into the sky to meet the new gear that was being dropped from orbit.

Things were even easier for Luke. The entire external contraption came loose and dropped with a loud bang.

Another oval-shaped accessory flew out of the nearby hill and hit him.

Compared with Veronica’s full-body protection, the Bat Squad’s external gear rarely covered all of them, so the Big Dipper Armor was also damaged in many places.

Luke didn’t think much of it.

In any case, his clone wasn’t afraid of radiation, and he could also test its resistance to it.

Ten seconds later, the gigantic version of the Big Dipper Armor flew out again toward the two huge monsters rolling and fighting not far from the bridge.

The male monster couldn’t take off after its wings were severely damaged, and its reflexes were further dulled by the intense pain.

Pressed down by the black beast, it suffered one setback after another, its body covered in bite wounds.

However, it was still roaring. Clearly, it was very tenacious.

At that moment, the black beast finally found an opportunity to stab its claws into the monster’s abdomen.

The male monster howled and struggled, but had lost most of its strength.

It could only desperately kick out at the black beast with its six long limbs and look for a chance to escape.

As they fought and rolled, the two monsters got closer and closer to the Golden Gate Bridge.

One last frenzied burst from the male monster caused the black beast to spin around and crash into the tall southern tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The orange bridge tower shook violently and was twisted to the limit. It could no longer withstand the heavy pressure, and collapsed.

The steel cables hanging from the tower were also pulled down to cover the male monster, which made it even more panicked.

These steel cables further hampered its escape.

It couldn’t help but roar and kick desperately at the steel cables with its six limbs.

The entire Golden Gate Bridge was instantly wrecked as it was swung out in the air like a ribbon. Large sections of the bridge were flung out and crashed into the ocean.

Suddenly, a fiery streak shot out from the side of a hill. It turned smoothly in the air and sped toward the two monsters.

The male monster that was fighting the steel cables didn’t notice the surprise attack at all.

By the time it sensed that something was wrong, the fiery streak was also descending rapidly, and the huge Big Dipper Armor just happened to charge into the giant monster’s wide open mouth.

An enormous lump quickly moved down its throat.

The male monster was terrified, but couldn’t even roar.

Luke, who had successfully entered the mouth, soon stopped.

It was indeed a monster; its insides looked nothing like that of an animal.

When Luke reached the end of the oral cavity, he didn’t see an esophagus, but only a layer that looked like bone.

Luke didn’t waste any time. When he couldn’t cut through the layer with his katana, he swiftly changed tactics. With a thought, he took out something that looked like a gray oil drum from his inventory.

He wedged it in-between the throat and layer of bone before immediately retreating.

But the monster tightened its throat, which slowed Luke down more than he had expected.

He sighed helplessly, and the armor on his chest opened to reveal a cannon. He also raised his palm cannons, and started to power up in the direction of the gray ‘oil drum.’

A moment later, the ten-second countdown on the ‘oil drum’ showed ‘0.’

Boom! Bright light shot out of the gray ‘oil drum’ and collided with Luke’s cannons.

The Big Dipper Armor instantly experienced a huge backlash.

Bang! Bang!

An enormous pillar of fire blasted the Big Dipper Armor out of the male monster’s throat and 30 to 40 meters into the air.

At first glance, it looked like the male monster had turned into a firebreather.

Unfortunately, this was just a fake special effect. The male monster’s mouth was full of raging flames.

The Big Dipper clone was pushed into the air, and the black beast that had been holding down the male monster seemed shocked. It kicked the monster’s butt with its short, fat legs.

The male monster was sent flying by the two pillar-like legs, taking most of the steel cables with it.

Boom! There was a second explosion in its throat.

A second incendiary bomb had been triggered.

The male monster paused before it started flailing even harder.

The pain from a fire burning at thousands of degrees in its throat and mouth wasn’t something that could be compared with.

It struggled, but weighed down by the steel cables, it crashed into the ocean.

Even so, its wide open mouth was still ablaze.

The ‘Molotov cocktail’ that Luke had put together couldn’t be put out with water.

However, the bat-headed monster was indeed out of the ordinary. When the temperature dropped a little, it became a lot more clear-headed. It opened its mouth and shook its head like crazy to rinse its mouth in the ocean.

At this rate, it would be able to withstand a second wave of incendiary bombs in less than half a minute.

But it didn’t get the chance!

The black beast had kicked it away in surprise when it saw the flames in the monster’s mouth.

At that moment, it was very unhappy. You dare compete with me?

With booming footsteps, the black beast lunged forward again and grabbed the male monster, that was busy gargling, by the neck. It spun around and smashed the male monster down on the shore.

Then, it opened its mouth and took a deep breath.

A bluish-white beam of light two meters in diameter shot out of the gigantic beast’s mouth and into the male monster’s wide open mouth.

The bat-headed monster struggled frantically, but couldn’t escape from the giant claws holding its jaw open. It couldn’t even close its mouth.

The bluish-white light beam didn’t stop blasting into its mouth, and soon, there were several explosions.

Bang! Crack!

The male monster’s throat exploded in the spot where Luke had placed the ‘oil drum,’ and greenish-black fluid splattered.

The black beast closed its mouth, and the light beam disappeared.

It picked up the severed head of the male monster, then raised its head and roared.

It was a roar full of the satisfaction of having hunted down a powerful enemy!

At that moment, the black beast had the overflowing dominant aura of a main character!