Chapter 1909: The Best Excavator, Dare Say and Dare Act

In the air, Luke was stupefied by the sight. The other party had just spurted out a bit of fire. Instantly spitting out a light beam – wasn’t that a little too vindictive?

Also, what the hell was up with this bluish-white light beam? The monster didn’t have a plasma cannon in its throat, right?

The bluish-white light beam had a super high-energy plasma reaction that was several times stronger than Tony’s plasma cannon.

But according to their previous analysis, the bat-headed monster’s body was very resistant to energy, and plasma weapons were far less lethal than pulse cannons.

Thinking for a moment, Luke then realized: So, was this the reason why the big beast forced open the mouth of the bat-headed monster to shoot the plasma beam into it?


It was the same principle as him stuffing a bomb into the bat-headed monster’s throat — most of the time, it was easier to break something on the inside than the outside.

While Luke was analyzing the situation, the black beast was done with its victory roar.

It looked at the monster’s head in disdain and threw it to the side like garbage, before it strode toward the female monster in the city.

Its real target was the female monster, especially since it was pregnant.

On the other side, Knight, who was commanding the battle, fell into a strange predicament.

The female monster charged through the city and suddenly broke through to an underground parking lot.

This caused two nearby buildings to collapse on top of the female monster.

There was no telling what was happening underground, but there was a second collapse after that, and the female monster was completely buried underneath.

Now, the female monster was under a huge amount of building debris; there was no way to lock onto it or get rid of it for the time being.

The ground shook every now and then, which proved that the female monster was still alive.

Luke had no choice but to help the black beast – this big lug was the best excavator.

At that moment, he missed his baby mount.

The giant octopus, which weighed over 100,000 tons and had a physique that was near-invulnerable, had an extremely strong ability to control a situation, and would’ve been able to drag the bat-headed monster into the ocean to be finished off.

Things would never have gotten to this point, with the other party hiding in the city and no way to chase it out.

Even if they really killed the monster now, it would be really troublesome.

If this huge thing which contained radiation died in San Francisco, how long would it take for the city to be habitable again?

Not to mention, another one had already been killed at the Golden Gate Bridge and had sprayed out greenish-black fluid; the seawater here was now probably highly radioactive.

However, Luke could work together with his clones to store the monster’s body in his inventory.

In any case, the longest thing about the bat-headed monsters were their six limbs; their actual torsos weren’t much bigger than the Chitauri worm battleships. Luke’s Mental Strength should be enough.

These thoughts flashed through Luke’s mind before he tossed them aside.

He had to deal with the monsters first. Tony should be able to develop some sort of powerful cleanup technology, and the cost of the materials would be borne by both of their charity foundations.

Now, it was time to see how the strongest excavator dragged out and beat up this female monster!

He had to find an opportunity as soon as possible to blow up its throat.

Making up his mind, Luke gave the order.

Everyone hurriedly readjusted their pulse cannons, and the target was changed to the monster’s mouth.

As long as the female monster was forced out of the ground, everybody could attack at any time to prevent her from going deeper into the city.

With booming footsteps, the black beast reached the collapsed buildings.

Looking at the rubble that shook every now and then, it roared and slowly raised one short, fat leg.

Everybody’s eyes widened and they held their breaths.

The next moment, that pillar-like leg fell.

Boom! Boom!

It was like an earthquake, and doors and windows rattled.

A pit more than 50 meters in diameter instantly appeared in the ground, countless cracks spreading out from it.

A huge dust cloud billowed out with the giant beast at the center.

The team members: …

In the Ursa Minor group, Mindy couldn’t help but say, “Ho~ly~ sh*t!”

Mikey: “Motherf… Mamma mia!”

Their teacher, Splinter, was the group moderator. Even if he didn’t see the chat right now, he would bring it up for sure later.

In fact, the oldies in the Bat Squad, and Tony, who had just switched to a different suit, couldn’t help but curse themselves.

At that moment, everybody finally sensed the terrifying brute force of the black beast.

More than half of this tyrannical black beast’s body was already in the ground. It pushed aside the building debris with its thick body as it advanced on the female monster.

There was a dull rumble underground, and all of San Francisco shook.

As if anxious, the female monster started flailing around underground.

A huge dust cloud rose, completely covering the wreckage.

Suddenly, there was a distinct hissing. Clearly, the female monster had reappeared.

Everybody felt helpless.

The bat-headed monster had electromagnetic interference and intense radiation. Luke could only lock onto it with a manual optic scope.

He didn’t think he would have to aim at the giant mouth like this in thick smoke – the fact that he had to shoot blindly was even more unbelievable.

Luke shook his head helplessly, but didn’t think he had made an error in judgment.

It was normal not to be able to predict what would happen on the battlefield.

Whatever plans he made weren’t omnipotent.

Knight ordered, “Everybody, stay calm. Big Dipper, go in.”

As soon as he said that, the Big Dipper clone dropped from the sky and charged into the thick dust.

Everybody: …Are you crazy?!

They were referring to both Batman and Big Dipper.

One really dared to talk and the other dared to act! Charging in just like that, against a monster whose skin couldn’t be pierced with pulse cannons?

But everybody knew that Batman had always prioritized safety.

This order proved that Big Dipper was capable of protecting himself, while basically nobody else could.

After Big Dipper charged in, the noise and roars in the dust cloud suddenly turned fiercer.

There was a rumble, and the dust didn’t settle.

Suddenly, a shadow flew out 100 meters before it stopped. It was Big Dipper.

His external gear had been damaged again. He paused for just a few seconds before the blades in his hands spun again, and he charged back down into the dust cloud.

Mindy’s mind whirled. “Uncle Tony, why don’t you go in and take a look?”

Tony rolled his eyes and spread his hands. “Knight won’t let me. He said it would just be a waste of Life 1.”

Mindy: …

Everybody: …

Wasn’t this clearly saying that the tycoon would be heavily injured if he went in?

Big Dipper? Sorry, nobody had ever seen him get injured yet.