Chapter 1911: Enticement Failed, the Bigshot Appears

A few seconds later, there was a muffled boom under the female monster.

Trying to fend off the black beast, it lowered its head in shock and its eyes flashed with confusion.

The next moment, its lower torso, which had been buried in the ground, was sent flying.

An intense white light and a blast appeared at its rear, as if a jet had been temporarily installed.

The black beast, who was fighting the female monster, couldn’t help but be stunned. It stared at the other party’s glowing rear end in confusion. What kind of ability was this? Why had it never seen its archenemy use it before?


The monster’s rear end gradually tilted upward, and the forward momentum sent it hurtling into the black beast.

The ground shook from the explosion, and the giant beast fell to the ground.

At that moment, the energy released in the explosion of the gear cylinder finally dissipated, and the white light and shock wave disappeared.

The female monster’s mouth was wide open, but she could only roar weakly.

After the explosion, it suddenly couldn’t feel its lower body anymore. There was only intense pain.

The black beast came back to its senses and felt ashamed for being frightened by the light at the other party’s rear end.

Looking at the giant mouth of the monster right in front of it, it didn’t even need to think before it grabbed it and opened its own big mouth.

Another bluish-white light beam shot out of its mouth and into the female monster.

The female monster only managed to kick a few times before its neck exploded. Its entire body immediately turned limp and stopped moving.

Only then was the black beast satisfied. So what if you shoot light out of your ass? It still can’t stop the light out of my mouth!

Kicking the female monster off, it slowly straightened.

Towering over the body of its archenemy, it looked disdainfully at the bat-like head in its hand. Dropping it on the ground, it spread its arms and raised its head in a victorious pose. “Rawr~”

A huge sound wave spread out, blowing away the dust to reveal the black giant beast.

In the gloomy sky, the drone captured the gigantic beast roaring at the sky.

Mindy’s eyes glowed. “Wow, this big monster is so cool. I want to keep it.”

Donnie couldn’t help but ask, “Big sis, how many tons of pizza will it need to eat? I don’t think we can afford that.”

Mindy’s mouth moved, but she couldn’t argue with him.

That was because… she really wouldn’t be able to afford it.

After roaring, the black beast bent down and tore open the female monster’s abdomen.

Seeing that most of the female monster’s internal organs had been burnt up, it seemed a little confused. It even scratched its head with one big claw. This looked different from all the other times it had killed monsters like this before.

In the end, it made a simple decision — carry on as before.

So, the giant beast simply stomped down with one fat leg.

The female monster’s big stomach was completely crushed after a few stomps, and the giant beast started to head toward the ocean.

Big Dipper flew out of the dust and landed on its head.

The beast roared and shook its head in dissatisfaction, but didn’t attack him.

The Big Dipper clone simply hovered above its head and communicated with it telepathically.

The giant beast, however, looked straight ahead as it headed straight out, tripping over some of the steel cables of the Golden Gate Bridge that had sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

With an ear-piercing crunch, the north bridge tower which the steel cable was attached to finally broke off and fell into the ocean.

This king of destruction didn’t seem to care at all. Once it had walked deep enough into the water, it leaned forward naturally and started to swim.

Only three rows of sharp spikes broke the surface of the ocean as it swam west.

After swimming a few kilometers, it dove down, and even the three rows of spikes disappeared.

Only then did the Big Dipper clone emerge from the ocean, and it shook its head helplessly.

On the other side, Tony tossed out a question even as he got busy. “What? You want to keep it as a pet? Aren’t you afraid that it’ll bankrupt you?”

Luke rolled his eyes. “I was just observing its mental state to make sure that it won’t become enemies with us humans!”

Of course, he wouldn’t admit that his plan to lure in this super big baby had failed.

Although they had formed a camaraderie of sorts after fighting together, this big baby who looked like a tyrannosaur was very proud.

In the face of Luke’s lure, it had simply replied with a snort.

Although it wasn’t capable of speech, that was the gist of it! It was very, very proud.

Luke also sensed how simple the creature’s thoughts were.

It had killed its archenemy. Now, it was rushing back home to sleep.

That was right, this guy was going back to bed.

Its gargantuan size and power were built on long periods of hibernation.

When it was truly active, just eating wouldn’t be enough to allow it to operate at full power.

This black behemoth rarely appeared in front of humans because most of the time, it could only be a dormant sleeping baby.

The giant octopus which Luke had just tamed was in a similar situation.

The reason why the giant octopus had been constantly on the move this time was because it had been driven by that mysterious ‘Him’ at first.

Now, it was relying on the Blood Orchid extract and a lot of food to hurry over.

After this operation was over, the octopus baby would also have to find a place to hibernate.

After coming up with this conjecture, Luke stopped trying to lure in the black beast.

No matter how cute it looked, it was useless if this problem couldn’t be solved.

However, this was a reminder to him.

Perhaps he should study how to provide the giant octopus with enough energy.

Luke had a huge advantage over other people.

The Blood Orchid extract, the Light Dagger, the nanotechnology, and the arc reactor might all contain solutions to this problem.

Thinking that, the Big Dipper clone returned to the city to meet up with the Level 1 clone.

While the dust in the city had yet to settle, Luke wanted to see if the two clones working together would be able to put the female monster’s body into his inventory.

In any case, the giant beast had blown its head off and crushed its stomach, which reduced its overall size by half.

The male monster’s body would need to be left for the American government, or Tony would be in a lot of trouble.

For the sake of this gain, the government would pitch in with the cleanup, and wouldn’t cause trouble on the surface.

After Big Dipper entered the city, he used the ruins as cover and activated stealth mode. He quietly floated over to the female monster’s body and pressed one hand to it.

On the other side, a figure appeared out of thin air in the drizzle that had started.

Holding an old-fashioned black umbrella, an old man with white hair and a neat suit strolled forward. It was the bigshot who sold everything, Pennyworth.

He gently floated over to the female monster and bent down slightly. He raised the old-fashioned monocle to one eye and observed the monster for a moment before he nodded in satisfaction.

Putting down his monocle, he took off the white glove on his left hand and pressed his hand to the body.

The female monster’s body seemed to twist.