Chapter 1912: Hidden Damage, Idiot Forces

It was a very brief distortion, but Tony’s eyes lit up as he watched.

Several seconds later, the corpse started to twist again, and it became more and more obvious.

Five seconds later, the body of the monster twisted up and suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a huge pit.

All kinds of construction wreckage and dirt flooded into the pit, creating more dust and noise.

Tony hurriedly looked at the surveillance data and couldn’t help but curse.


That was because there had been no reaction, including for space and energy fluctuations; this meant that the equipment hadn’t been able to detect anything at all.

Even Tony, who was used to big scenes, was astonished. As expected of Batman’s butler!

Putting away such a huge monster corpse in an instant was simply insane.

At the same time, he had even more questions: This was a demonstration of strength, right?

This ‘knight butler’ currently had a lot of connections and resources.

At the same time, the number of forces targeting him had skyrocketed.

This time, the old man had appeared and publicly demonstrated his ability to float and to put things away in thin air; this was completely killing two birds with one stone.

Both his clients and those with ill intentions would be intimidated.

Putting everything else aside, few people in this world would survive if this person decided to fly over and dump tons of matter on their heads.

This bighost had already said that he sold everything, which included no shortage of weapons.

Certain people had better behave themselves if they didn’t want a ‘surprise’ to suddenly fall on their heads.

Tony was right. That was indeed Luke’s intent, but more importantly, what happened today couldn’t be covered up.

Of the two corpses, he had to deal with this one in the city as soon as possible.

This was for the sake of doing a good deed and allowing city residents to return as soon as possible – it would be a waste not to profit from this.

After putting away the female monster’s body, the system immediately gave him more than 30,000 experience and credit points. The mission he had completed was to “prevent the residents of San Francisco from suffering the effects of radiation.”

Seeing the bigshot’s mystical operation, the team members sighed with emotion on the team channel. Even Ivan acted like a boot-licker.

After all, the bigshot who sold everything controlled everyone’s supplies and the important resources required for a peaceful life!

This old man had always been good-natured; with a light word, he could easily give a discount of dozens of credit points. There was no one who would complain about having too many credit points!

Luke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at everybody kissing up to the butler.

He had consumed a tremendous amount of Mental Strength in order to put away the monster corpse.

This thing was completely different from the Chitauri battleship.

The two clones fell unconscious on the spot. Various bodily functions started to shut down, and they were close to brain death.

Luke instantly controlled the suits remotely to inject his clones with Life 1 and finally stop their bodies from collapsing.

He operated the Big Dipper Armor into flying off.

The bigshot, on the other hand, had to maintain his composure. He could only swiftly turn invisible and drift out of the wreckage and into the rain.

Then, both clones were tossed into the depths of the ocean.

In New York, Luke observed the surveillance data on the two clones and secretly rejoiced that he hadn’t collected the monster corpse himself.

Although it only took 1.1 million points to activate two new clones, it wasn’t a bad thing to be able to save points when he could.

Besides, the new clones would appear in New York, and it would take another hour to fly to San Francisco; they would undoubtedly miss the best time to wrap things up.

A few minutes later, the Level 2 clone, which had a stronger physique, used the time bought by Life 1 to overcome the rate of decline and establish a new cycle.

In less than a minute, the Level 2 clone recovered part of its mobility. It immediately consumed a huge amount of credit points to activate Light of Life to replenish both its and the Level 1 clone’s life force.

30 seconds later, both clones were completely out of danger, and they heaved sighs of relief; they had come back to life.

Luke was also both relieved and delighted; this unexpected incident wasn’t a bad thing.

He had now learnt that if he used his inventory to store an excessive amount, not only would he be unable to operate, he would also suffer a backlash.

This might have something to do with the unusual nature of the bat-headed monster’s body. He could slowly study it later.

The two clones’ disappearance for over ten minutes didn’t draw the team members’ attention.

Big Dipper was a lone wolf most of the time, and the bigshot who sold everything never said anything on the team channel; his whereabouts were always a secret.

Thus, nobody knew that these two had almost died.

After this battle between monsters ended, relief operations in San Francisco officially began, and along with it came trouble.

One of the monster corpses had been taken away, but the other was still at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge not far away. It still had electromagnetic interference, and half of the electronic equipment in San Francisco was still malfunctioning.

The National Guard and the Coast Guard arrived.

Who knew what went wrong, but when the vanguard from both sides closed in, their conveyances suddenly seemed to go on strike.

Luke wasn’t surprised at all.

The biggest blessing was that no one died in this coordination error.

The National Guard was fine. In any case, they just needed to get out of their vehicles and walk.

The Coast Guard, on the other hand, was in a more miserable state. The crew members on the two boats had no choice but to yell at the top of their voices and wave flags as a warning and distress call to their comrades.

Air transport wasn’t to be left out either.

The Air Force had become subdued after losing two fighter planes.

However, many TV helicopters were still flying in this direction. When they reached a certain range, their instruments malfunctioned and they shuddered before falling.

Relying on their suits, the Bat Squad saved several helicopters in the air.

They sent the helicopters back with strict instructions to send out a notice to their colleagues to stress that there was electromagnetic interference here and helicopters couldn’t pass through, so stop being idiots.

After basically giving the paparazzi a good impression of them, the Bat Squad finally retreated.

After that, videos of the team saving the media choppers were uploaded online.

If any TV station bad-mouthed the Bat Squad this time, netizens would use these videos to slap them in the face.

It was all thanks to the Bat Squad that these reporters were still alive.

Also, the Bat Squad had always been tolerant toward reporters. They ignored them at most, but would still save them if they had to.

The TV stations could control post-editing, but couldn’t completely control live reporting.

For example, the female reporter whom Ivan had saved before had become a hardcore fan of Electric Cable, and she often expressed her admiration on TV.

This was also Luke’s basic media strategy.

The Bat Squad didn’t need to rope in all reporters; they just needed some of them to stand on the superheroes’ side.

This way, the Bat Squad wouldn’t lose public support.

On the contrary, Luke became the foremost expert in setting the pace on the Internet.