Chapter 1913: Harvest, Sister Wants Compensation

For the next few days, the Internet boiled over.

Even those who had seen so much were shocked by the monster attack in San Francisco.

Over the years, they had seen vampires, Experimentals, alien fleets, an Enchantress, and all kinds of superheroes and villains.

But this was the first time that huge monsters had appeared.

Not just one, but three.


They weren’t from one group, and fought each other.

In particular, a lot of people liked the domineering, fat, black beast.

According to the data revealed by various parties, although the black behemoth had caused frightful damage to San Francisco, it had only come to kill the two bat-headed monsters.

Whether it was from an objective or subjective point of view, it could be considered to have helped out the human race.

Coupled with its short fat legs and big tummy, the black beast became the new favorite of human society.

Japan even took out old cartoons and shows as evidence to insist that the black behemoth was “Godzilla.”

As for the bat-headed monsters that had been killed, they stubbornly looked for monsters that looked similar, and called them “Muto.”

For various reasons, these two names stuck and spread like wildfire on all media platforms.

In the end, the government had no choice but to use these two names. After all, it didn’t matter what they thought; the important thing was that the people would understand at once what these two names referred to.

As for the code names or designations which the government wanted to use, the people didn’t care.

More importantly, the White House and the military were once again targets of criticism.

The two fighter planes crashing at the very beginning made sense, since they hadn’t known what the situation was like then.

But even after visual proof had come out, the National Guard had sent in vehicles which stalled, and the Coast Guard became stranded out at sea for half a day.

Over the years, everybody had gotten used to how incompetent the government was, and just mocked them.

In the end, only a few people were genuinely annoyed.

The biggest tragedy was that the government was so incompetent that it was amazing.

What made the people really angry was that the bigger Muto which had charged into the city had been taken away by the Bat Squad on that very day.

The Muto lying on shore next to the bridge was much smaller, but the American government had left it there for three days.

Although nobody knew how the Bat Squad had taken away the Muto that had been in the city, that wasn’t important.

The important thing was that the American government hadn’t taken the smaller one away.

A whole bunch of online media and ‘specialists’ had already concluded that the Muto’s corpse was hazardous and couldn’t be left there for long.

The situation in San Francisco got worse with every passing day.

Nobody wanted the city they lived and worked in to become a ‘radioactive city.’ Most people were madly urging the government to get rid of this sh*t.

Thankfully, it was early January, and the male Muto’s corpse hadn’t started decomposing yet.

But the Muto already smelled bad to begin with, not to mention that the greenish-black fluid had sprayed all over the place when Godzilla killed it.

More than half of San Francisco was enveloped in the smell.

Many skeptical people had risked going back into the city to check the situation, but ultimately retreated when they smelled the stench in the north.

Even if there were people who weren’t afraid of death and returned to the city, they couldn’t live with this stench for long.

None of the San Francisco residents could remain calm.

One night a week later, a Helicarrier suddenly appeared and picked up the Muto’s body.

The situation that had been about to spiral out of control slowly settled.

Thus, there was basically no noise in the media about the Bat Squad and the Avengers taking responsibility.

This would never have happened before.

This time, the government finally accepted this blame quietly.

After all, it was the government that had insisted on keeping the Muto’s body, but without any functional transport for the time being, it had to borrow the Helicarrier from Nick Fury.

So, it could only shut up.

Luke had Selina secretly guide public opinion in case the American government was still thinking about the female Muto’s body.

He had earned more than three million experience and credit points from this operation.

At that moment, the host’s experience was 3.65 million / 50 million.

Credit: 41,320,000.

The Mutos clearly hadn’t come to destroy San Francisco, so the experience and credit points for eliminating them weren’t as high as for Ultron.

Unfortunately, they had chosen San Francisco as their rendezvous point. Fortunately, Godzilla had shown up to beat them up.

The male Muto had plundered nuclear fuel as energy for the female Muto’s eggs.

There were more than 60 nuclear plants in the United States alone, which provided the country with enough electricity.

The Mutos also had their own electromagnetic interference and were radioactive; if the eggs had hatched and a bunch of small Mutos had popped out to destroy the power plants, it wouldn’t be surprising if that set mankind back ten years.

It probably wouldn’t cause mankind to become extinct, but it would no doubt be a stumbling block to human progress.

The experience and credit points from this operation weren’t over the top, but the Muto’s body was valuable.

Its shell, which could withstand regular slashes and couldn’t be pierced with pulse cannons, was a huge gain.

Even if the material was radioactive, Luke could try finding ways to resolve that issue.

If he could find a way to modify and produce this material, it could be even better protection than Ultron’s semi-vibranium body.

Also, Wakanda did its best to control the outflow of this super metal, which was sold by the gram.

On the other hand, there were tens of thousands of tons of the Muto’s carapace in Luke’s inventory.

Even if Tony couldn’t get much vibranium from Wakanda in the future, Luke could still think of a way to mass produce “Muto armor.” In terms of protection, it was definitely many times better than current metal.

And this was just the most obvious secret which the Muto’s body held. Logically speaking, there should still be a lot of things about it that could be studied.

The Level 2 clone shut itself away in the basement of the research institute.

The Level 1 clone had already gone out to meet up with the octopus baby.

San Francisco was no longer in danger, so there was naturally no need for the octopus baby to hurry over.

Besides, it was gradually slowing down, and its mood seemed a little unstable.

Luke had predicted that it would arrive in a few days, but it now seemed that he had taken it for granted.

Even with symbiosis, the octopus baby was a creature made of flesh, not a perpetual motion machine.

He really did value this support baby that could make up for his shortcomings.

They were at the critical stage of establishing a relationship. He had to reinforce the taming effect and ensure that the duck which he had gotten his hands on didn’t fly away.

While the two clones were busy, Luke himself wasn’t idle.

Claire, who had been summoned to New York from Los Angeles, was shamelessly demanding compensation.

For what loss? Naturally, for the heaven-sent opportunity to watch a battle between monsters from up close.

Los Angeles was hundreds of kilometers away from San Francisco? So what, she could take a plane!

So, Luke had to make it up to her.