Chapter 1918: Valentine’s Blessing

Luke was quite pleased with how he had run into two idiots and one fortune teller at a party while taking a break.

Of course, he didn’t care about the two idiots. They didn’t warrant his concern.

On the other hand, he had to keep in touch with Susan in the future and find a suitable time to ‘look’ at her list of abilities.

After all, her fortune-telling was quite accurate.

But Susan wasn’t a bad person, and Luke was past the stage of being jealous of abilities. They could take it slow.


A few days later, Claire forwarded a piece of news.

It was from a tabloid newspaper.

There were photos of Sasha and Reed fighting in the hospital.

A certain paparazzo had seized the opportunity to take several photos in a row, and had specially chosen the ones with the most hideous expressions to post.

Clearly, they couldn’t preserve their ‘true love’ persona.

But given how shameless they were, they would probably take advantage of the hype.

A bad reputation was still a reputation, and was also a way to make money. A slightly lower quality-price ratio was still always better than nothing.

Luke sent back an applauding emoji and was about to put it out of his mind.

Claire sent a message. “Hey, you don’t seem to be doing much in New York recently, right?”

Luke knew his sister too well. “Just tell me what you want.”

Claire said, “That duet you gave me, how about you sing the man’s part?”

Luke was at a loss for two seconds, before one of his earliest memories came back to him. “Can’t you just find a random male singer with the right voice?”

Claire said, “The director wants to film an MV with two people.”

Luke was surprised. “Then just add the condition that the candidate can’t be too ugly.”

Claire said helplessly, “Stacy doesn’t want to.”

Stunned for a moment, Luke thought for a bit before he got it. “She doesn’t want you to be too intimate with a male singer?”

Claire said, “That’s right, The director also wants to make it perfect.”

What kind of lousy director is this? Change him! Luke cursed inwardly, but he said, “Can’t you just use actors or leave out the intimate scenes?”

Claire chuckled. “Did you forget what the song is about?”

Luke rubbed his chin. “What’s it about?”

Claire said, “Don’t you think it’s a little like Sasha and Reed’s duet?”

Luke was lost for words. So, my sister is so petty! Sasha and her husband are already so unlucky, and you still want to flay their corpses with a song?

After speaking for more than ten minutes, Claire finally got what she wanted; Luke agreed to be the male lead in the MV for her new song.

There was no such thing as him being exposed

Luke used a face that was 60% similar to his original but which was still extremely handsome.

Throughout the entire MV, either only Claire’s chin and mouth were exposed, or it was shots of her back or side profile with her long hair covering her face.

In fact, as soon as the MV started filming, Luke knew that the so-called “Stacy will be jealous” was nonsense.

Claire just wanted to sing a song with him.

When the incredibly irate director met Luke, he turned incredibly obedient.

He had absolutely no objections to Luke’s request that his face was kept hidden.

In return, the director was paid double.

A mental suggestion + money were just that invincible.

It took two and a half days to shoot the MV. Luke recorded an uncut version of the song with Claire and then left it to the producer to edit.

The producer was very angry.

Claire had decided to record the song at the last minute, and he was already very unhappy that the company had urgently dragged him over from Los Angeles.

Now, an unknown male singer had appeared and refused to come and receive guidance. This was simply a tumor in the industry.

After hearing the uncut version, however, the producer gritted his teeth and pondered for a long while, before he asked Claire, “Can we really not get him to come in person?”

Claire blinked. “I think putting music to the raw is good enough for release.”

The producer took a deep breath. “This song can be even more perfect.”

He wasn’t being petty; it was just that this song was really good and he had been paid a lot.

He had thought that the other party would find an autotuner worth tens of millions to complete the follow-up, but he realized that the raw vocals and the music score were already outstanding enough.

He had heard plenty of rubbish songs as a professional, yet those had become the standard for a top singer’s best record.

Claire was a C-list singer who had been popular for a few years, yet this uncut version was already above average.

Claire: “He doesn’t have time.”

The producer: “…Then give me his contact. I’ll talk to him myself.”

Claire shook her head regretfully. “Sorry, I signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

The producer: WTF?! What kind of singer has to sign a NDA?! Why are you singing a song if you’re under a NDA?!

A moment later, he finally got the name of the male singer from Claire – Mask.

The producer subconsciously thought of a few singers and bands with similar names, and somehow found the name familiar.

After asking Claire, she slapped her forehead. “Fine, he’s the Mask who writes songs for me.”

The producer: …Are you kidding me?!

The producer’s anger immediately disappeared.

This Mask wasn’t very famous among ordinary people, but he had been quite famous in the music industry for the past few years.

That was because the extremely laidback Claire had relied on the ten or so premium songs he wrote to become a C-list singer.

Secondly, several of Sheerah’s top ten songs were written by this Mask.

At least 80% of A- and B-list singers wanted a song written by Mask, but nobody succeeded. They couldn’t even find his contact.

Sheerah and Claire were the only ones who had gotten his songs.

Even when the boss of her recording company asked her, Claire’s answer was the same: “I signed a NDA.”

Even the boss failed, let alone a producer like him.

In any case, they entered the post-production stage for the new song at top speed.

Claire didn’t consume much of the company’s marketing resources, and also provided the company with considerable resources and profits. Her mother, Catherine, was also a board member.

Even if she did record a rubbish song for release, the company could only turn a blind eye to it.

In a situation like this, what could the producer do? He could only give up.

At the beginning of February, a new song, “Senorita,” was officially released after a month of editing, and was promoted as a sincere blessing for Valentine’s Day.

Luke, who was busy researching, had long forgotten about this, until Jenny suddenly called him. “You’ve been very free recently?”

Luke stopped working on the armor and scoured his thoughts for a moment. After confirming that he had been holed up in his workshop for the past month, he replied, “No, I’m too busy researching new technology to go out and play.”

Jenny’s tone changed. “Oh? What’s with that Valentine’s song?”

Luke: ???

At that moment, there was the faint sound of singing on the other end of the line.

Given Luke’s proficiency with Elementary Sound Wave, he immediately confirmed who the singers were.

After a few seconds of silence, he finally decided to lie. “Do you like it? If you do, I’ll give it to you.”

I didn’t say I wrote it for you, the man added inwardly.