Chapter 1919: Everybody Wants to Make Trouble

The female CEO was delighted, and had him go over so that she could show him her appreciation.

Luke gladly went.

Jenny was in high spirits as she talked about recent company developments.

She and Luke held 30% of shares for the phone and two software companies combined, and they weren’t involved with managing the companies.

It looked like a huge step back, but from another point of view, the pressure had disappeared.


Luke also had a bunch of patent rights for phone and software upgrades.

The three companies only had partial inventories and no specific information.

If they offended Jenny, the company would have to pay for this ready-made technology. Nobody was that stupid.

Besides, Luke had always aimed to transfer the shares step by step. In the end, they would keep about 10% of the shares, and it was fine to just be board members.

That was because the technology he had could only last for three to five years. After that, there was nothing else that he could copy from his previous life.

It wasn’t like he had a dream.

After making use of this period of time to obtain enough money, power, status and connections, it was none of his business how other people wanted to make money.

He had a lot of research projects on hand, and couldn’t be bothered to develop follow-up technology for those black-hearted capitalists.

His main focus was on tech companies and investments. There were also the basic industries that could create a lot of jobs, like Tesnack and the food delivery app.

Tens of thousands of people in New York City alone worked for these two enterprises, and the New York authorities had to give them the green light.

Jenny briefly summarized the situation with the companies, then got to the point. “There’s been a lot of activity recently with Pym Technologies.”

Luke perked up. “Tell me.”

Jenny said, “A government official from the Department of Defense happened to mention that they made a critical breakthrough with some ‘big technology.’ According to the information you gave me, the only project he’s responsible for that can produce ‘big tech’ is Pym Technologies. Also, he went to San Francisco twice in a row recently, before that giant monster attack.”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “That is indeed a possibility.”

The CEO of Pym Technologies, Darren, was very conscious when it came to maintaining confidentiality.

But this government official wasn’t in charge of the technology, and this matter would soon be made public, so he casually mentioned it without naming the company.

Luke continued to talk business with the female CEO, while his clone immediately started investigating Hank Pym and his daughter, Hope.

“Scott Lang?” Luke found the name strange. “Illegal trespassing, major theft, imprisonment?”

Looking at the man’s detailed profile, he was even more amazed. “An electrical engineer? Wow, don’t tell me it’s another major villain?”

Looking at this ‘candidate’ for a Marvel villain, Luke’s interest was piqued, and he quickly investigated how Scott Lang had ended up in prison.

The man had initially been in charge of maintaining a company’s security system, but discovered that the company was exploiting a loophole.

Scott had thought that it was a mistake and had reported it to the company, but the company told him to shut up.

However, Scott was unwilling, and the company simply fired him with the reason that he had tried to extort money from the company.

The more Scott thought about it, the angrier he got. One day, he snuck into the company and sent the money stolen from clients back to their accounts.

This matter caused the company huge losses and countless problems.

Irate, the company filed a complaint and got Scott sent to prison.

Seeing that, Luke sighed. “That’s the downside of not paying attention to methods when doing good.”

This matter didn’t need to be that troublesome. It could just be exposed online.

With the technology Scott had, it would have been easy for him to spread evidence online.

In the end, this guy attacked directly, but had no strength to withstand the other party’s revenge.

In the end, he went to prison for doing a good deed. Although the company caused a lot of trouble, it was eventually suppressed, and they only lost a lot of money.

Thankfully, given Scott’s bad temper, the company didn’t dare kill him to keep him quiet.

Scott was sentenced to five years in prison, and was released on parole half a year ago.

Because of his criminal record, he was unable to hold down a job, and he was quite downtrodden.

He didn’t have a legitimate job or income, and his ex-wife limited his visiting rights to see his daughter.

This guy finally couldn’t take it anymore and joined a bunch of friends whom he had met in prison on a burglary.

Hm… he broke into Hank Pym’s house.

Luke was amused. Stealing from Hank Pym? What a joke.

The old man and his wife, Janet, had been the most formidable burglar duo of the last century. The couple was definitely the best in the field of secret service.

Even Luke now didn’t dare say that he was better at sneaking in than this couple from decades ago.

After all, he was best at physical infiltration, while Hank and his wife relied on shrinking to the size of ants to steal things. The two methods basically had nothing in common.

Luke never overestimated himself by disparaging other people’s strengths.

He could learn from these strengths, which was why he had always been interested in the Pym Particle.

Now that Darren, the CEO of Pym Technologies, had made a breakthrough in his research, Dr. Pym suddenly lured Scott, who was a ‘talent’ at ‘stealing,’ into his house.

Unsurprisingly, both sides were ready to cause trouble.

Thinking that, the Level 2 clone didn’t waste any time and immediately headed for San Francisco.

Pym Technologies was some distance away from where the Mutos had appeared. It hadn’t been affected, and it was business as usual for the company.

Luke didn’t pay that any mind, and went straight for Darren.

After not seeing him for a few months, Darren didn’t look any different. He was still bald.

But Luke, who was watching Darren drive by from dozens of meters away, suddenly smiled happily. Darren was actually bright red in the system!

Luke didn’t need to think too much to know that Darren had probably killed someone recently.

According to the system, anyone who killed innocent people would immediately become bright red.

He checked the people related to Darren, and found that a tech supervisor called Frank at Pym Technologies had suddenly disappeared.

The family had reported it to the police, but there were no leads.

The last thing that could be confirmed about this tech supervisor was that he had been working at Pym Technologies.

Luke investigated the tech manager’s daily life and found that his skills were pretty good, but he had a bottom line.

There was private information which indicated that Frank had expressed concern about Darren’s experiments many times and felt that they were too dangerous.

Luke shook his head.

Once there was a breakthrough in the technology, this Frank clearly was no longer as useful. It was perfectly normal for Darren to get rid of this stumbling block.

But Darren simply made him disappear? No wonder Dr. Pym was so wary of his student.

Luke felt regret over Frank’s death.

As a superhero who had witnessed injustice, he naturally had to uphold justice for the innocent.

But Darren had a lot of attention on him, and Luke couldn’t be too direct if he wanted to act against him.

At the very least, he couldn’t be like Scott and break into the company and go wild.