Chapter 1920: An Invitation From the Bigshot

He naturally couldn’t just drop by and knock Darren out.

However, knocking someone out wasn’t the only way for Luke to obtain a list of their abilities.

Thinking quickly, he had an idea.

That day, a message spread among the top circles in California: The bigshot who sold everything was holding a private gathering.

This news didn’t spread far, because anyone who was in the know was well aware of the bigshot’s rules.


It was almost always the bigshot who approached clients first.

It would be very hard for anyone else to find him, and even if they did, they couldn’t do anything.

Those who were part of this circle basically weren’t willing to take the initiative to introduce more people into it.

After all, the bigshot had said that there was only a fixed amount of Water of Life (the monkey version of Life 1) which he could supply annually.

This wasn’t money.

You could make money if you lost it, but you only had one life.

Water of Life could extend an old person’s lifespan and greatly alleviate their pain.

Middle-aged people would be reinvigorated, and could work and better “enjoy” themselves.

Any top figure who obtained Water of Life would basically use it immediately.

One more person entering meant that it would be even harder to obtain the already rare Water of Life; it would be similar to robbing these top magnates of their lives.

Also, the bigshot rarely did something like this; most of the time, it was a business negotiation between two parties, or three at most.

The next day, more than 20 top figures in California gathered in Los Angeles.

It was also because the bigshot had made it clear that this gathering was only for Californians; otherwise, it wouldn’t be surprising if hundreds of people from all over the world flew over.

Many big figures in California were intrigued by this request, and they increasingly felt that this would be an unusual gathering.

Many people from other states also communicated with them in private to learn the details of the social gathering.

If there really were enough benefits, they had to get them no matter the price.

When Darren followed a major shareholder of Pym Technologies, who was also a California state senator, on a luxury yacht, he clicked his tongue.

Of course, he wasn’t poor. He was even very rich. However, he couldn’t borrow a yacht like this whenever he wanted.

The senator he was with said that it had taken no more than a call from the bigshot yesterday for someone to come up overnight and clean up this yacht so that it was ready to receive guests today.

Darren had heard of the bigshot who sold everything, but he hadn’t been qualified to enter this circle before.

However, he was confident that once news of the application of the Pym Particle on living organisms came out, this circle would definitely open its doors to him.

It was just happening a little quicker than he had expected. He was pleasantly surprised, but not overwhelmed.

That bigshot liked rare products the most, and the Pym Particle was definitely one of them.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t made much progress in research on the Pym Particle. Darren was under too much pressure to think about anything else.

Now that he had a concrete plan for the most critical technical problem, that pressure had basically disappeared.

His life would definitely be smooth-sailing in the future.

More than 20 big figures had come to the gathering, and their security teams were all inspected beforehand.

This yacht was the venue of the gathering arranged by the bigshot.

The bigshot hadn’t shown his face at all, yet the big figures who had come weren’t afraid of anything happening.

At seven in the evening, there was the sound of a ship horn and the yacht slowly left the dock..

Darren, who was chatting with the senator, asked casually, “Is that gentleman already here?”

The senator didn’t think much of it. “He’ll show up on time, but he definitely isn’t here right now.”

Darren nodded in understanding. “Is he coming over by helicopter?”

The senator was stumped for a moment, before he remembered that this was Darren’s first time receiving an invitation. He shook his head with a smile. “You’ve never met him before, but you’ve heard the rumors, right?”

Darren recalled how he had asked around after receiving the invitation. “I heard a lot.”

The senator asked, “What do you think is his biggest trait?”

Darren: “That he’s mysterious?”

The senator nodded, then shook his head. “That’s on the surface; it actually means that he’s a cautious person.”

Darren’s eyes flickered as he recalled the hearsay that some people who had moved against the bigshot had disappeared off the face of the earth, and he nodded in agreement.

The senator leaned in close and said in a low voice, “Nobody knows when he’ll appear during a business deal. Sometimes, he even calls to cancel the deal before he meets with a client.”

Darren was stunned. Wasn’t this being too careful?

The senator, however, didn’t seem to notice Darren’s expression. “I have an acquaintance who has the best bodyguards and equipment. On his way home in the car, someone suddenly appeared next to him. He and the two bodyguards up front had no idea how the man got into the car.”

“That really is…” Darren frowned and couldn’t help but mutter to himself, When the Pym Particle is ready, it should have this effect, right?

“Unbelievable, right?” The senator sounded excited as he lowered his voice. “When the monsters attacked San Francisco last month, that gentleman appeared. You know that, right?”

Darren hummed in acknowledgement, but was still pondering how the Pym Particle could be used to sneak into a car.

The senator said, “Then you should have heard about him taking away the Muto’s body, right?”

Darren paused for a moment before his attention was pulled back. “A little.”

There was video footage online, but it had been a rainy day and there was a lot of dust in the air, so the image was pretty blurry.

In the blurry video, the Muto’s body was there one moment, then gone the next.

The senator took a deep breath. “Some people think he has a space ability or space technology, but after multiple tests, there are no signs of him using a superpower.”

Darren’s heart thumped and his mind raced.

The senator didn’t disturb him and let him think for a few minutes before he said, “If it’s a superpower, then it isn’t a big deal. If it’s technology, however, it might have an impact on our project.”

Of course, Darren understood this. Just now, he had been comparing the pros and cons of space technology and the Pym Particle.

For now, however, he still felt that the Pym Particle was even better.

If the target was a building the size of the Muto’s body or if there was no need to preserve the Muto’s body for research, the Pym Particle could solve the problem in seconds.

Going deeper into the research, the possibilities were infinite.

After figuring everything out, Darren smiled. “Even if that gentleman really has space technology, he definitely won’t sell it or let anyone else have it, right?”

At that moment, his bald head seemed to glow with a halo of unparalleled wisdom.

After a brief silence, the senator nodded in agreement. “However, you still have to produce results that prove your worth as soon as possible. We’ve been waiting too long.”

Darren hummed in acknowledgment but cursed inwardly. If I had a choice, I would be like that person and shut out you rotten lot.