Chapter 1921: Easy As Pie, Three Small Wins

Who would want to share the fruits of victory with these vicious bloodsuckers? However, he had no choice.

He needed these people to stop Dr. Pym from taking back control of the company, and he needed a lot of research funding to keep the company going.

After all these years, he was no longer able to helm the project on his own.

It was a good thing that Darren was Dr. Pym’s student, and he was the one who had to be in charge of R&D. Otherwise, these greedy guys would’ve kicked him out long ago.

As they whispered to each other, the yacht sailed some distance out of the way of frequent yacht routes before it dropped anchor.


Suddenly, a long and drawn-out chime rang out in the lounge on the top floor of the yacht.

Everybody who was chatting paused and looked in the direction of the sound.

A white-haired old man in a black suit was already sitting at the head of the table. He looked around and nodded with a smile. “Everyone, long time no see. Please take a seat.”

Everybody was very calm. They were already used to the bigshot’s unpredictable appearance. They smiled in response and took their seats.

There was no need to designate seats. Everybody present knew what to do.

Those with higher statuses were closer to the front, and nobody bothered with who got priority when they were on the same level – nobody was stupid enough to quarrel here.

Although the bigshot who sold everything was very polite, he didn’t like trouble.

That was just how exclusive the bigshot’s business was.

Most of the people who talked nonsense with him during negotiations didn’t even get the chance to salvage the situation before he canceled the deal.

Darren sat at the back of the long conference table with the senator.

This made him realize that the senator’s power here was only below average.

Based on what he knew of the senator’s background, Darren had a clear understanding of the class of this circle.

What the bigshot said next surprised and delighted everyone.

The bigshot claimed to have received a commission to actively support the San Francisco radiation cleanup.

The client was putting up ten tubes of Water of Life as a reward for those who were willing to accept this commission.

There was a detailed breakdown of the relevant tasks and the corresponding amount of Water of Life.

The very last deadline for completing the tasks was three months, and those who completed theirs earlier could claim their reward in advance.

Only those who met the requirements for the tasks could obtain the Water of Life.

Everybody’s eyes flickered when they heard that, and they didn’t say anything for a moment.

Apart from the bigshot himself, only the Bat Squad and the Avengers could take out so much Water of Life in one go.

These people weren’t idiots. They had long deduced that the bigshot had definitely started investing in these two sides a long time ago.

They wouldn’t be so wary of the bigshot if he didn’t have the protection of these difficult superheroes.

Tony was easy to deal with. At most, he would make a ruckus for a few days, and they would lose some money or benefits.

On the other hand, few people were willing to provoke the Bat Squad, especially if they had no support.

This commission from the bigshot was just another confirmation of this truth.

The bigshot didn’t immediately demand an answer. Instead, he gave them an hour to think about it.

There was no limit to how many jobs one person could take, and naturally, there was no limit to how many people could take one job. The reward for the mission was also related to how troublesome it was.

Soon, many people lowered their heads and fiddled with their phones. Then, they went to the meeting room in twos and threes to talk.

There were five people left in the lounge, who were all newbies who could be considered reserve players in this circle, including Darren.

It was the senator who had gone off to join the discussions.

At the head of the table, the bigshot looked at them and smiled. “There’s a card room next door. You can play a few rounds.”

Naturally, the five of them had no objections. They couldn’t really sit here with the bigshot for an hour!

Playing cards suited everyone. They could chat and relax.

The five of them entered the card room and chose Texas poker.

Less than 20 minutes later, a middle-aged man in his forties got up with a bitter smile. “Sorry, I don’t feel well. Have fun.”

Looking at the man’s pale face and how he was clutching his stomach, the other four didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They nodded and told him to go ahead.

A stomachache wasn’t something that could be endured. If it couldn’t be endured, then it would be an even bigger problem that nobody else would be able to endure.

The middle-aged man walked out of the card room and into the lounge. His appearance suddenly changed into that of the bigshot who sold everything.

The person sitting on the couch in the lounge turned around with a smile. It was none other than the middle-aged man.

Looking at Darren’s list of abilities in the system, Luke chuckled. “It seems I don’t have to rush.”

Today’s social gathering was naturally a trap for Darren.

It took no more than a word for Luke to send an invitation to one of his tech company aliases.

The middle-aged man was an android.

On the way to the card room, the android had used the excuse of going to the bathroom to come to the lounge.

After switching identities with the bigshot, it was Luke’s clone who went to the card room.

They were all rich people, and the stakes were very low since they were playing purely for fun – nobody expected there to be any cheaters here.

Thus, Luke easily beat Darren three times.

Actually, after winning twice, he could already learn all of Darren’s abilities.

But recalling how the guy was bright red in the system, Luke beat him again.

If Darren didn’t do anything bad, he would only suffer a few injuries at most.

If he did something bad, he might die from minor injuries!

The Pym Particle technology came from Dr. Pym. If Luke could screw Darren over, he could be considered to be doing Dr. Pym a good turn.

Whether Dr. Pym was aware of it or not was not important.

Luke just wanted peace of mind.

Getting off the yacht, Darren watched the bigshots leave, and ambition welled up in his heart. Just you wait! It won’t be long before I stand above all of you!

The senator patted his shoulder and gestured for him to get into the limo.

Darren had come with him tonight. He had to send Darren back, and also verify how the Pym Particle was coming along.

Soon, the limo started up, drove away from the dock, and headed downtown.

After confirming that there were no cars, the driver turned left across two lanes.

Just as he turned left, a dump truck came up from a side road not far behind them.

The exhausted truck driver yawned and reached for his coffee cup.

The driver had been working overtime a lot in San Francisco recently, and was very tired.

However, the Bat Squad and Tony’s foundation offered pretty high overtime pay, so the driver was unwilling to rest and could only drink coffee.

In the end, he reached out and knocked the coffee cup askew.

He subconsciously turned his head, only to see that the cup was leaning to one side – just a little more, and the coffee would spill.

The cup of hot coffee he had just bought might spill all over the driver’s seat.

Without thinking, the driver leaned forward to grab the coffee cup, and he cried out in pain as he was scalded by the small amount of coffee that spilled out.

He jerked at the pain and accidentally pressed down on the gas pedal.