Chapter 1925: The Young Man Has a Promising Future

Wait, I’m under arrest again? Scott’s eyes widened. WTF!! What lunatic came up with this arrest spiel? Why can’t I hire a lawyer? I’m going to file a complaint!

He had only been out of prison for a few months! Thinking that, Scott really wanted to die.

No, that wasn’t it! How could this d*mn giant ant be a police officer?! Thoughts flashed through Scott’s mind, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Which unit are you from?”

The Trailblazer’s dark eyes flashed slightly. “Pacific Detective Department!”

Scott: “…”


Dr. Pym: “…”

Hope: “…”

Scott couldn’t help but ask, “Are you talking about the Hawaiian Police Department?”

The Trailblazer said, “That’s within our jurisdiction.”

Scott was a little uncertain. “Is this Pacific Detective Department a new special FBI department?”

The Trailblazer said, “We’re responsible for the safety of all mankind, so that they are spared from alien attacks or crimes committed with superpowers. We’re not under any one nation.”

Scott’s face darkened. “A vigilante is a vigilante. Do you think calling yourself the Pacific Detective Department will scare anyone?”

“It can effectively intimidate people who like to use their superpowers to commit crimes…” the Trailblazer said, “Like you, for example.”

Scott: %¥#@

But he was unwilling to give up, and did his best to defend himself. “But I’m doing a good deed right now.”

The Trailblazer: “Burglary? Grand theft?”

Scott was shocked. “F*ck! How did you know?”

Then, he realized that the other party already knew his name. Of course they would know his personal history.

Scott said helplessly, “… Would you believe me if I said that this is a misunderstanding?”

The Trailblazer: “Hm, I believe you.”

Scott: “What?”

Looking at the download progress bar which read 87% on the virtual screen, Luke chuckled.

Trailblazer 2 suddenly let go of Scott and stepped back. “Sorry. I just heard that you broke into the Avengers’ base a few days ago and beat up Rhodes, so I couldn’t help but want to spar with you.”

Scott: “…”

Dr. Pym: “…”

Hope: “…”

Scott patted himself all over. After confirming that he was fine, he said gloomily, “It’s an honor to meet you, but can I complete the mission first? This is about saving the world from danger.”

“No problem.” The Trailblazer turned around and looked at Anthony, the wingless flying ant. “I’ll send you there.”

Scott was relieved. “Thank you, but there’s no~~”

He was placed on the Trailblazer, and the legs in the middle flipped up to secure him in place.

Scott couldn’t help but ask Dr. Pym, “What the hell is this ant?”

Dr. Pym smiled bitterly. “It only looks like an ant.”

Luke had never planned to make it look exactly like an ant. Its size, curves, and four antennae were very different from an ordinary ant.

Dr. Pym, who had created a lot of ant robots, could tell at a glance that something wasn’t right about this Trailblazer

It was just that Scott had only received urgent training recently and hadn’t had the time to learn more about ants, which was why he subconsciously said that it was an ant.

A moment later, Scott despaired. “Bro, can you hurry up?”

Trailblazer 2, which was crawling unhurriedly at the speed of an ant, was unmoved. It simply said, “I consumed a lot of energy in the fight just now. I can’t run fast for now.”

Scott: I don’t believe you! You d*mn ant, no, you d*mn machine.

Dr. Pym said helplessly, “Alright, cut the crap. He just doesn’t want you to reach the backup database too quickly.”

Scott got it.

But what could he do with two ant legs wrapped around his waist and the Trailblazer insisting on ‘sending’ him over?

He was full of despair!

In fact, the trio knew that the Pacific Detective Department was using Scott as a hostage.

It was hard to say exactly what the other party wanted, but they definitely wouldn’t let Scott interfere with their operation.

By the time Scott reached the backup database, Trailblazer 1 had completed the data transfer and had just left another way.

Trailblazer 2’s legs also released Scott’s waist. It stretched out one of its front legs and patted Scott’s head… helmet. “You have guts, young man. Do a good job as Ant Man in the future. I have high hopes for you.”

With that, its red eyes lit up again and it dashed back into the duct.

Scott looked at the empty space in front of him and then at the duct. “Sh*t! Is this the Avengers’ revenge? That was quick.”

A few days ago, he had gone to the Avengers’ new base to steal an anti-signal device, and had short-circuited Rhodes’s suit, but hadn’t hurt him.

Now, the big ant hadn’t hurt him, and had just scared him.

Dr. Pym, who already suspected this was the bigshot’s doing, had a dark expression on his face. “Finish destroying the backup database first. We’ll talk about the rest when we get back.”

Scott also came back to his senses. Suppressing his gloom, he instructed the army of ants to get to work.

A moment later, an ear-piercing alarm suddenly rang out in Pym Technologies.

An announcement rang out in the building. “Emergency! Emergency! Suspicious explosives detected in the building. All personnel, please evacuate immediately.”

Everybody in the building was stunned. Security at the company was very tight. How could this happen?

However, most of them put down their work and quickly withdrew.

It was better to believe than not.

In any case, the building belonged to the company, while their lives were their own.

The security guards in the building, on the other hand, were shocked and quickly did a search.

That was because the collective notification had come from the surveillance room, but they weren’t the ones who had sent it out.

In other words, someone had hijacked the broadcast system to release this fake information. Their goal was probably to create chaos and seize the opportunity to sneak in.

At that moment, Hope, who had returned to the RV, took out a remote and pressed a button.

In a remote hallway on the second floor, a one-centimeter ‘model’ next to the wall instantly returned to normal size, and the red 15:00 countdown suddenly turned to 14:59.

The security guards, who had been running around, paused when they heard the latest news from the surveillance room in their earpieces. “A suspected explosive has been detected in corridor C13 on the second floor. It’s… very big. Countdown: 14 minutes and 56 seconds.”

The security guards: “…”

A moment later, the security guards rushed through the hallways and did their best to maintain order as they roared for everyone to evacuate.

Ten minutes later, a lot of people were still hanging around outside Pym Technologies. They hid hundreds of meters away and talked to each other on the phone.

There was no point counting on the police department. It had been so busy recently that nobody was able to come over for a while.

At that moment, many people were looking at Pym Technologies.

According to the security guards who had evacuated everyone and set up the blockade, the countdown was coming to an end.


With a loud bang, orange fire exploded in the building.

Everybody subconsciously stepped back.

But in the next moment, the orange fire was suddenly sucked inward, and it was as if the entire building was crushed by an invisible hand. In the end, it collapsed into a dot of light and disappeared.

Everybody was horrified when they saw the empty location where the building had originally been. What the hell sort of bomb was that?