Chapter 1933: Each Has Their Own Worries

After dealing with this ‘family matter,’ Luke didn’t dwell on it.

Time was fair.

Mindy and Joseph weren’t the only ones who had grown up in the last few years – they were just the youngest.

Claire and Stacy had already made their relationship public at a family gathering last year.

At that time, Robert and Catherine had gotten strange expressions when they saw how Stacy looked helpless and pitiful in Claire’s arms when she was half a head taller.


After some astonishment, Grandpa Drax said calmly, “As expected of our Coulson family. You have a knack for finding a girlfriend.”

Robert’s face immediately darkened. Claire is a girl! Also, her girlfriend is right in front of you. Old man, is it alright for you to say that?

In the end… it really was alright.

It was clear that Claire had explained to Stacy what Drax’s character was like, and the two of them pretended not to hear him.

Catherine only looked conflicted for a moment before she returned to normal.

She wasn’t a high school teacher anymore.

Because of Claire, Catherine had learned a lot about the entertainment industry – something like this wasn’t unusual at all.

With a gentle smile on her face, she called for Stacy to join the party.

Seeing how Luke and Joseph minded their own business as they ate and teased Cindy on the side, Catherine knew that the three elders at home were indeed the last to know.

While Stacy was in a steady relationship, the twins had their own little online scandals.

It was just that they weren’t as ‘devoted’ as Stacy, and had already dated several guys.

In one sense, they had grown up only to be ‘useless.’

Fortunately, Luke had never thought of tyrannically forcing every reserve member to become a superhero.

Stacy had given him his super disguise technique, and the twins had given him Elementary Sound Wave – it had taken no more than some money and a hundred hours.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Stacy had ‘stabbed’ him in the back and infiltrated his family, this would have been an absolutely profitable investment.

Nikki and Monica were still in Ursa Minor. They had already graduated from university, and had no intention of entering the superhero circle.

They joined the company which Ursa Minor used to make money, and were in charge of administration and finance.

Luke’s arrangements for them were the same as for Stacy and the other two. He told them that it was enough to keep up a certain amount of professional training and not to really turn into mediocre and useless people.

Carol, who worked as Catherine’s personal bodyguard in Shackelford, was still as obedient as ever. She hadn’t even looked for a boyfriend.

However, she was in good spirits. After work, she rode horses, went camping, planted flowers, and studied cooking; she was more like a cultivator in seclusion.

On the other hand, Lorna was caught up in a mess while giving birth in Chile.

Because of the intense pain, her Magnetic Control exploded.

Thankfully, she wasn’t short of money, and the doctor she found was experienced and had a good work ethic; she didn’t run away just because the building creaked, and insisted on delivering the baby.

Thanks to Luke checking on her training progress every now and then, Lorna didn’t completely panic amidst her pain.

Sensing how her nerves and pain had caused her ability to explode and shake the hospital, she hurriedly got a grip of her emotions and forced her ability to slowly subside.

Otherwise, the doctor, who insisted on sticking to her professional ethics, might be crushed to death when the building collapsed, and wouldn’t live to see the end of Lorna’s labor.

After this incident, Big Dipper went to Chile to clean up after Lorna.

All metal objects within a kilometer had been affected by the explosion of Lorna’s ability.

A superpower incident of this level wasn’t something she could deal with herself, let alone when she had just given birth to a daughter.

It was troublesome, but Lorna’s ability had taken an important step forward.

Originally, she could only create dangerous weapons by manipulating sheet-like metal objects. After she gave birth, it was a little hard for her to throw a car, but she was more than strong enough to smash people with a motorcycle.

The vast amounts of small metal objects she could now control also far exceeded what firearms could do.

But Lorna’s problems didn’t end there.

After the shock and joy of giving birth, Lorna and her boyfriend, Marcos, moved back to Brazil.

The two were unused to living with a child, and they gradually started to clash with each other. Not long ago, they felt that they really couldn’t continue living together, and could only break up.

At that moment, a new conflict arose over who got their daughter; neither of them was willing to give her up.

Luke could only make a personal trip to get these two youngsters, whose one moment of happiness had led to a lifetime of headaches, to reach an agreement.

Luke went over and didn’t waste time spouting bullsh*t to these two wan-looking youngsters.

He simply looked at Marcos and asked bluntly, “As a father, you need to be able to support yourself and your kid first before you can discuss other things. What do you think?”

When Marcos heard that, he wilted.

Apart from his superpower, he didn’t even have a high school diploma. He also wasn’t as in awe of Big Dipper as Lorna was. While Lorna persisted in her training and learning, Marcos had only gone through with it for a while before he stopped.

Luke had even offered him some pretty good job opportunities through Rebecca, who was in South America, but Marcos had never treated them seriously.

After evaluating the guy’s personality, Luke decisively gave up on him.

Not all superhumans were qualified to join the PDD. Otherwise, the superhuman criminals whom he had killed would probably be full of resentment in death.

They were more capable and had a much better attitude than Marcos, but they never got the chance to give it a try.

Marcos was unable to respond, and was naturally taken out of the running; he only had visitation rights.

If he worked hard in the future, he could naturally fight for custody of his daughter.

But if he continued to just get by, it would be best for him to find another woman to have children with.

Lorna was much better than Marcos, but only to a certain point.

However, she was too overpowered, and was also a woman.

Compared with Marcos, it was much easier for Luke to influence her thoughts and attitude toward life.

Besides, she had Carol as her best friend.

Carol had a very close bond with Lorna. She had no plans to fall in love or have children herself, but she liked her ‘niece’ very much.

Her salary as Catherine’s personal bodyguard wasn’t low. It covered most of her living expenses. She basically hadn’t used her salary in the last few years, which was enough to cover the cost of raising her niece.

After sending Marcos packing, Luke took Lorna and her daughter, Dawn, back to Dallas.

That day, Carol flew a private fixed-wing plane to the rendezvous point.

When the Big Dipper clone got out of the car with Lorna and her daughter, Carol ran over with a smile and hugged Lorna.

Luke smiled and didn’t forget to carry the three-year-old girl over.

If Marcos, who had been on the receiving end of Big Dipper’s dark expression the entire time, could see his face now, he would definitely curse him for being biased.

But Marcos was a man!

Whether it was in terms of feelings or practical benefits, Luke would stand on the side of Carol, whom he was closer to, and the prettier Lorna.

Useless Marcos, get lost!

The only reason he hadn’t beaten up the guy this time was because the two-year-old girl was cute, and he didn’t want to beat up her father in front of her.

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