Chapter 1936: Crack Open

Luke glanced at Skye’s right hand, which was subconsciously fiddling with a table knife.

He shook his head. “I’ve always had a steady girlfriend.”

The table knife paused, and Skye looked surprised. “Who is she?”

At that moment, she almost exploded. There really was such a person?

After meeting Luke, Skye went to college, joined the PDD, and then joined the Justice League. Her path had been too smooth.


When she joined the PDD as a temp worker, Luke had said that he had helped her find the job, which meant that he was at least connected to the PDD.

Everyone’s identities in the Justice League were absolutely confidential, and interrogating each other was prohibited.

For example, Hammersmith and Lady Deathstrike were together, and Lady Deathstrike’s daughter was Silent Mage in Ursa Minor, but this wasn’t something that could be investigated in the League’s intelligence database.

When it came to Luke, his family connections were no secret, but his “girlfriend” wasn’t in the intelligence database, which meant that this “girlfriend” was probably extraordinary.

Luke shook his head with a smile. “That’s a secret. Also, it’s not her, but them.”

Skye’s hand jerked, and the table knife fell to the floor.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the calm Luke, and she suddenly felt a little stumped.

Although this was a common answer from rich men, she had never expected to hear it from him.

Skye was stunned for a moment, and it was only when the waiter helpfully put down a new table knife that she came back to her senses.

Shaking her head, she tried to control her chaotic emotions and couldn’t help but ask, “Then, Selina…”

A faint smile appeared on Luke’s face, but he nodded. “She knows everything.”

Crack! The table cracked.

Luke sighed and called for the waiter. He paid the bill and said to Skye, “Let’s go and talk somewhere else.”

As soon as they left, a black van arrived. Four men in black suits entered the restaurant and packed up the table.

The restaurant manager was about to say something, when he was escorted out by two men in black suits.

One of them slapped a paper bag on the manager’s chest and said coldly, “This is compensation for damage to the table and chairs.”

The manager subconsciously caught the paper bag. When he opened it for a look, he couldn’t help but reach inside to touch a few more times.

Looking up at the man in the black suit, he nodded sincerely. “Then that’s fine. Please come again.”

There was at least 1,000 to 2,000 dollars in the paper bag. A new table would only cost 200 dollars; the extra was undoubtedly a “tip.”

Besides, while one man gave him the money, the other had a hand in his pocket.

That was a dangerous-looking stance. The manager didn’t think that the second man was carrying another paper bag on him.

As the manager of a high-end restaurant, the ability to read people was a basic requirement.

So, he immediately made the safest choice — take the money and watch the black van leave with a smile.

Elsewhere, Luke took Skye to his black SUV and drove unhurriedly east of Long Beach.

He drove into a parking lot.

Luke stopped the car and got out, followed by Skye.

They strolled along the seaside road.

Looking at a diner not far away, Luke pointed at it. “Do you remember that?”

Skye’s eyes flickered. “That’s where you bought me a meal for the first time.”

Then, she looked to the east. Although it was blocked by trees, she knew that there was a sewer entrance there.

She had once lived in that sewer for months.

One day, a guy who called himself a rookie detective knocked on her door and took her out of that dark memory.

After a brief silence, Luke asked, “Do you know why I sought you out back then?”

Skye was stunned. “You were investigating a case?”

Luke shook his head. “No – it was because I already realized that you were special.”

Skye’s heart jumped, and she felt uncomfortable.

Luke didn’t look at her as he slowly walked forward. “It turns out that you’re indeed gifted.”

Skye stopped and bit her lip as she glared at his back.

Luke stopped and turned around. “So, you don’t have to thank me. After all, my goal isn’t simple.”

Skye’s eyes stung again, but she took a few deep breaths. “Are you saying that you’re investing in me for a purpose?”

Luke nodded. “You can think of it that way.”

Crack! A crack appeared in the ground under Skye’s feet.

Luke’s lips twitched. This soft girl was about to flare up!

But… it was better to rip the bandaid off all at once.

If he stopped halfway, it would hurt again next time.

Furious, Skye stepped forward again. “How many people like me have you invested in?”

Luke said, “Well, maybe eight or ten.”

Crack! Another piece of the road broke.

This time, Skye only paused slightly. After walking some distance, she asked, “Are you like me with all of them?”

Luke said, “Pretty much…”

Crack! The road cracked again.

Luke smiled wryly. “…Alright, there are both guys and girls. Some have entered certain departments, and some are free.”

If he dealt Skye another blow, the road would probably split open, and it would be very troublesome to wrap things up.

Skye was silent for even longer this time. She walked over to the sewer she had been in and stared blankly at the dark entrance.

After a long while, she asked, “Then what about Selina?”

This time, Luke didn’t answer immediately. After a long while, he said, “We’re partners who trust each other.”

Skye chuckled. “Partner? How long can you trust a partner for? A decade, several decades?”

Luke tilted his head and thought for a moment. “Probably… forever.”

Skye turned around with a stunned expression. “Forever? Then what about your girlfriends?”

Luke shook his head. “That’s a different matter.”

Sensing the girl’s emotions, his heart finally softened. “I have a reason why I can’t give up my girlfriends. What they feel for me might be love, but I can only say at most that I have some feelings for them.”

Thinking hard, Skye quickly analyzed the information in her head.

Luke left her to it.

He was the one who had taught her to stay calm in any situation.

He simply continued, “I’m a very ordinary and practical person. Feelings between a man and a woman aren’t that important to me, so I don’t mind my partner knowing that I have a lot of girlfriends, understand?”

Skye couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

She wasn’t stupid.

She had been pretty upset earlier because Luke was practically indirectly saying, “Don’t cling to me.”

But now… Fine, it was actually the same.

It just proved that it wasn’t a problem with Skye, but with him.

It was like feeling embarrassed at being rejected by a man, but when he said that he was gay, you suddenly felt better!

That was right, that was it! Skye stressed that to herself in her heart.

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