Chapter 1941: Brother Octopus, Godzilla, Let’s Go

Brother Octopus had only swam ten kilometers, before Luke’s expression turned strange.

Looking at a certain sound signature which had been picked up by the ocean detector, he poked with his cane and said, “Go left.”

Brother Octopus immediately changed directions.

After swimming another 50 kilometers, Luke looked at the image of the creature sent back by the detectors he had just tossed into the ocean and chuckled. “We meet again, buddy.”

Ten kilometers away, the black beast seemed to sense something and looked at Brother Octopus.


Then… it continued walking on its short legs.

Since Brother Octopus wasn’t its archenemy, it had nothing to do with it.

Luke stood up and flew lightly toward Godzilla. “Brother Octopus, continue following it at this distance.”

Brother Octopus waved his two tentacles to indicate it understood as it watched its master fly away.

The husky’s eyes flashed. “Agony, for the sake of our kind, let me go. I promise I won’t report your betrayal to Riot.”

Shriek’s head popped out of the tentacle again, and it looked at Agony like the latter was an idiot.

Agony felt offended and growled, “What? Are you going to betray the symbiotes?”

Shriek looked down its nose at Agony. “Mr. Pennyworth told you to stay put, so just stay put. If you talk nonsense again, I’ll crush your dog host to death.”

Hearing the word “dog,” Agony got even more unhappy. “Don’t think I’m afraid of you. If you piss me off, I’ll steal your host.”

It had shared three doses of Life 1 with Haley, and was much stronger than when it had come. It was very confident it could steal Shriek’s host.

But if Shriek didn’t let go, and just called out, that strange old man would definitely come back.

So, it was better to get Shriek to let it go and escape.

Shriek chuckled. “Idiot! Why do you think I said you should respect Mr. Pennyworth? Even if Riot dares come, I’ll beat it up.”

Bullsh*t! Agony didn’t listen at all.

Life 1 was too hard to obtain. It didn’t believe that Shriek was as lucky as it was.

Since threats didn’t work, Agony could only endure it.

The most important truth it had learned from Joker was — don’t court death, especially not when the situation is unclear. You might really die.

The old man clearly wasn’t an ordinary person, and he had no intention of killing Shriek. It was better to wait a little longer.

Maybe the Joker could save it! That crazy woman was his partner, and he definitely wouldn’t be willing to abandon such a powerful symbiote.

Luke didn’t turn around.

He had only flown several hundred meters, and Shriek and Agony’s conversation carried clearly over the ocean.

Of all the symbiotes, apart from Riot, who had already become nothing more than a test subject, Agony was the most restless and had run away many times.

Luke felt that this guy’s name really suited it. It and Haley were quite the match — both of them were extremely masochistic.

However, Agony had the guts and brains of a symbiote, and ultimately wasn’t very smart.

Otherwise, why didn’t it learn not to be stupid even after being tortured so many times?

Resolving to double the time required to ‘educate’ Agony in the future, Luke flew over to the big guy and dropped soundlessly into the ocean.

The big guy, who seemed to be in a good mood, blinked and turned to look at the person who had appeared next to it. Hm… he looked familiar.

Then, it received a familiar Mental Communication.

It turned around. So, it was the little guy who liked to whisper in its ear!

Luke smiled. I’ll help you fight that enemy.

It immediately turned around and blinked at him, as if to ask, Really?

Luke replied affirmatively with Mental Communication.

The big guy paused for a moment, then nodded and swam toward its archenemy.

There was no need to wonder why this little guy wanted to help it. In any case, he had indeed helped it fight its archenemy before, so it was fine.

As for a certain someone climbing up to stand on it, the big guy simply ignored him.

On an April night in Hawaii, the busiest part of the bay lit up with lights and laughter.

Near the ocean, a Hawaiian singer in the classic getup of sunglasses, a straw hat, a floral shirt, shorts, and slippers played on a ukulele at an open bar.

The beach was full of tourists who were drinking and chatting, and the advent of dusk did nothing to dampen the party.

Suddenly, countless phones pinged with text messages and F2F notifications at almost the same time, creating an abnormally loud sound effect.

Everybody couldn’t help but stop talking and look around. Puzzled and uneasy, they turned on their phones.

Then, exclamations rang out. “That’s impossible.”

“Fake news!”



But the next moment, many people suddenly shut up.

Looking at the name and logo attached to the warning on the screen, they couldn’t help but wonder.

This was a warning from the Dark Knight, and the Bat logo was something that most people knew.

This person was a hero of justice, but it seemed that wherever he appeared… it would easily turn into a scene of chaos!

Suddenly, a middle-aged man picked up his daughter and pulled his wife along as he ran to the hotel not far away.

It was as if a button had been pressed

Everyone else also started to move. In the end, most of them started to run inland.

Only the drunkards or those who were far away from the crowd and didn’t have their phones on them lingered.

A moment later, a high-pitched siren rang out — it was a tsunami warning.

In a hotel close to the beach, the doormen and security guards watched in horror as people ran over and poured into the hotel like a horde of zombies.

They could only shout frantically, “Don’t push, don’t push, or you might fall.”

The manager in the lobby was smarter.

Hearing the tsunami siren and seeing the crowd pouring in, he immediately ran to the security room and activated the hotel’s broadcast system. “Everyone, we’re the closest to the sea. The tsunami will hit us first. The Four Seasons Hotel and Sirius Hotel are behind us. They are bigger and are on higher terrain…”

When the crowd heard that, most of them chose to run hundreds of meters to the safer hotels at the back.

The manager was slightly relieved.

If he hadn’t diverted their attention, the hotel would probably have to be renovated.

This fault for all this might lie with the tsunami warning, but that didn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t be unlucky.

A few minutes later, crowds of people squeezed onto the upper floors of buildings. Those who were more afraid of death even headed for higher ground inland.

A Coast Guard helicopter also took off, and soon sent back a message. “System malfunction, system malfunction. We’re going down, we’re going down…”

The commander of the Coast Guard, who had just arrived at the command center, couldn’t help but curse. “…Idiots! Are you serious? The Dark Knight said that it might be a Muto!”