Chapter 1943: Serial Education

After finishing everything, the big guy roared at Luke to express its gratitude.

Luke waved at it with a smile. “Alright, go to bed. I hope you can sleep well after this.”

This big guy felt much more exhausted than last time. Two battles within a short period of time had greatly reduced its energy reserves, and it would definitely need to rest for a long time.

Who knew how many years it would be before they met again.

Godzilla blinked and roared lightly. It dove into the water and happily swam west.


Luke watched until the three rows of spikes on its back were completely submerged, then looked away and snapped his fingers. “Brother Octopus, Shriek, let’s get to work.”

At his order, the eight tentacles along with the small one holding the katana quickly dismembered the bodies of the two Mutos.

Luke had obtained a detailed understanding of the structure of this strange creature from the female Muto’s body last time, and he had firsthand experience at dissecting a Muto.

He instructed Brother Octopus to use brute force to manipulate the Muto into eighteen different positions, while Shriek cut through the internal tissue and turned the Muto into numerous parts as quickly as possible.

Luke also went down to the ocean floor where the female Muto had first been discovered, and collected a Russian submarine.

This was the “long, round machine” which Shriek had mentioned.

Because of the nuclear fuel inside the submarine, the Muto had “caught” it as food for its pregnancy.

All the soldiers in the submarine were confirmed dead. Luke was going to find a suitable opportunity to send it back to Russia.

After all, these soldiers had suffered a sudden disaster, and it wasn’t hard to send it back to where it had come from.

This place was only dozens of kilometers away from Honolulu, and the submarine couldn’t be left here to pollute the environment.

After Luke picked up the submarine and went back, the real work started.

The diligent Brother Octopus and Shriek busied themselves on the ocean floor. They first took off the Muto’s long legs, then the male Muto’s bat wings, before dissecting its body into pieces.

Luke stood guard on the side and tossed the dissected parts into his inventory.

Last time in San Francisco, he had collected the entire Muto’s body in one go because of time constraints.

The two clones suffered a backlash and fell into a vegetative state.

After that, he dissected the Muto and performed some specific experiments before coming up with several plans for collection, including those that his Level 1 clone could carry out.

The Mental Strength required to collect 100,000 tons in one go wasn’t a few times, but dozens of times higher than to collect 10,000 to 20,000 tons.

He had a lot more time now compared with in San Francisco. He would rather deal with it safely than take any risks.

Two hours later, when the Coast Guard arrived on a speedboat after confirming that the electromagnetic interference had basically disappeared, there was nothing but murky water, and the bodies of the two Mutos had disappeared.

While the male Muto was being dissected, Luke didn’t forget to leave the best audience spot for Agony — a few meters away from his seat.

At this distance, Agony could clearly hear the bigshot’s comments.

Things like, “This thigh isn’t bad. It can be melted into a high-quality alloy,” or “The scalp can be peeled off and the skull can be turned into a wall ornament,” and so on flooded its head, making Agony tremble.

The way the Muto was being cut up reminded it of how the Joker had stabbed it with eighteen different tools on the lab bench.

Agony sensed deep malice.

What was even more tragic was that it knew that this wasn’t an act.

The old man was cutting up the Muto to make full use of it.

If Agony became a test subject, it would be in an even worse state than this Muto.

At the very least, the Mutos only became research material after they died, but Agony would be a living test subject, possible even for hundreds of years to come.

It wasn’t afraid of pain, but few intelligent creatures could tolerate being dismembered and turned into research material.

After watching the male Muto being dismembered, Luke controlled an android to fly over as the Joker.

The Joker told the bigshot to let Agony go.

Agony was scared out of its wits. The moment it regained its freedom, it immediately dog-paddled away.

After Luke put on a show with the android, the latter left.

The diligent Brother Octopus and Shriek only glanced at them and didn’t care about such a small matter at all.

It took an hour to dismember and put away the Mutos’ bodies.

By the time the Coast Guard’s speedboat arrived, the clone had already turned back into the Joker and returned to the seaside villa on Molokai Island.

At that moment, he was sitting on a beach chair outside the house, with Haley sitting on him and the dejected husky in front of them.

Haley had already been attacking Agony for over ten minutes.

Even though Agony made what happened sound very dangerous, the smart female doctor didn’t fall for it.

First of all, Agony wouldn’t die so easily.

Secondly, it had come back on its own first. Naturally, Haley speculated that the Joker had a connection to the old man, probably because the old man also had a symbiote.

Lastly and most importantly, Agony this idiot had ruined her best chance to get close to the Joker.

Back then, she had really sensed the Joker’s indecision.

After he returned, he was as calm as ever, and decisively rejected her hints.

If she didn’t know that symbiotes weren’t afraid of physical attacks, she really wanted to chop Agony into minced meat and feed it to the dogs.

At that moment, she could only vent on Agony. Thankfully, Luke’s hands soothed her anger.

Luke turned a deaf ear to her venting and reviewed this operation in his heart.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that he collected his thoughts and patted Haley. “Alright, it’s getting late. Go get some rest.”

Haley wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m sweating. Since you’re back, let’s take a shower together…”

Luke pulled her away and put her on the side. “You’re already an adult. You can do things on your own.”

Haley: ???

Luke got up and walked into the house. “Alright, we’ve rested enough here. Let’s go to Europe and carry out the rest of the plan.”

Haley jogged over and jumped onto his back. She whispered in his ear, “Really?”

Luke hummed and didn’t say anything else.

Haley said, “Are you for real, lit~ tle~ pud~ ding~”

Luke grabbed her arms and squeezed.

Haley: “Ah~”

The lonely husky was left on the beach outside.

Dejected, it lay down on the porch and didn’t dare enter the house at all.

Earlier, before the Joker returned, Haley had already told it to stay with the dog for the next few days.

If it ruined her plans again, she would definitely settle the score with it.

Agony could only prioritize its safety, and simply stayed outside.

It knew very well that the woman was a lunatic who couldn’t be reasoned with at all.

Walking around under her nose at night might drive her crazy.

Besides, Agony had suffered too much tonight. It had to calm down and think about what it should do in the future.

Earth was too dangerous!

It had received training before it set off, but it had never heard about Earth.

This was a bad start to the symbiotes’ invasion!