Chapter 1944: Three Women’s Thoughts

The next day, Haley excitedly took the husky on a speedboat to Honolulu to check the “post-disaster” situation, and had Agony identify the “crime scene.”

Thanks to Luke’s text notification last night, there were very few deaths.

It wasn’t like the female doctor had come to gloat. She didn’t care about strangers at all. She just wanted to go to the scene for an idea of the monster battle last night.

She was now a superhuman, and naturally had to pay attention to this circle.

She was especially interested in the old man called Pennyworth.


She had asked a lot of questions last night, but Luke had found it noisy, and had used Hypnosis on her before tossing her onto the bed.

Since she didn’t have Agony, it took no more than a thought to make the female doctor sleep like a pig.

For the next few days, Hawaii bustled with activity.

Godzilla and the Mutos had appeared again, and the news of the battle in Honolulu attracted all kinds of people.

There were people everywhere on the beach who asked about what happened that night.

Dozens of kilometers away, speedboats shuttled across the ocean. Every now and then, someone would take out specialized equipment to collect strange-colored seawater in order to bring it back for testing.

Around Luke and Haley’s villa, few people showed interest.

This beach villa was on Molokai Island, which was almost 100 kilometers away from Honolulu.

The villa was on the south side of the island. The monster battle had taken place to the north. Even the tsunami hadn’t affected this place, to say nothing of people seeing anything.

The only troublesome thing was the temporary neighbors.

The male tourist in the villa on the right had caught sight of Haley and would come over every now and then to chat her up.

The family on the left had a daughter who was 15 or 16 years old. She was very interested in Luke, and had come to chat him up while he was reading files outside.

Luke was now using Jack Bode’s face. It couldn’t be said that he was earth-shatteringly handsome, but coupled with his physique and mental strength, he could still attract some girls.

It was impossible for him to be ugly.

He was here on vacation, not on a mission. Naturally, he wouldn’t use some passerby identity.

A few days later, Haley came out with juice one evening and successfully drove that shameless little b*tch away with one look.

She put down the juice in her hand and lay down in a chair on the side. She jerked her chin at the girl who was walking away. “It’s fine if you don’t hypnosis on that little girl from 32, but why can’t can’t I deal with that gross man in 34?”

Without looking away from the tablet in his hand, Luke picked up the iced juice which Haley had just brought over and took a sip. “Would you spend time studying the difference between any two grains of sand under your feet?”

Haley said, “No, but the sand won’t talk, much less stick out its butt and release hormones to hook up with you.”

Luke hummed and said, “Don’t worry, yours is prettier than hers.”

Haley chuckled. “What’s the point of just talking? I’m like the sand being stepped on.”

Luke suddenly put down the tablet and looked behind him.

Haley also turned around. “What’s wrong?”

Luke narrowed his eyes. “It seems an old friend has come.”

Haley was alarmed. “A woman?”

Luke said, “Hm, I asked her to be a guest back then.”

Haley smiled brightly and walked into the house. “Then I’ll go in and change first.”

The so-called guests referred to the survivors of the ‘game of courage,’ all of whom really wanted to kill the Joker and Queen.

The reason Haley ran so fast into the house was to get Agony.

Otherwise, given her combat ability, she would only be a burden to the Joker.

A few seconds after she entered, a strong wind blew from the back of the house.

A moment later, a Quinjet broke stealth mode and landed on the grass behind the house.

The back door opened, and two people walked out.

Looking at the two people on the surveillance feed, Luke smacked his lips and lay back down in his chair before he picked up the tablet again.

It couldn’t be helped! They were too familiar with each other to do anything.

Even though he was the Joker now, he was too lazy to fight the other party. He might as well figure out their purpose first.

They were both women.

One was tall and slender, but her chest wasn’t as developed.

The other had boobs and a butt, but her legs weren’t long enough.

What was even more troublesome was that they were all wearing the armor which Luke had sold himself.

There were few women who could fly a Quinjet and come looking for trouble with the Joker in armor.

Avenger team members Maria Hill and Natasha undoubtedly had these guts.

Haley walked out of the house in a floral dress.

The three women turned to look at each other.

Women who were beautiful were natural enemies to a certain extent.

They wouldn’t fight immediately, but would subconsciously compare themselves with the other party in all aspects.

Their thinking probably went something like this:

Hill: Her legs aren’t as long as mine, but her other assets stick out more.

Natasha: Except for longer legs, she’s pretty ‘ordinary.’

Haley: The tall one doesn’t have my assets, the short one doesn’t have legs as long as mine. The tall one has a cold attitude, and the short one uses crude methods.

Luke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the undisguised mental fluctuations of the three women. Hey, I’m the protagonist! Or do the three of you want to fight it out first?

Finally, Hill was the first to break the stand-off.

She was an administrator to begin with, and wasn’t that aggressive.

Natasha and Haley, on the other hand, were a little similar.

Both of them were on the front line in gathering intelligence. It was just that Haley was more of an ‘academic’ while Natasha was more of a ‘hands-on’ person.

Hill walked over to Luke and saw him slowly raise his eyes. Her thoughts suddenly froze.

At that moment, the Joker wasn’t wearing his signature purple suit, but ordinary jeans and a white shirt.

He didn’t have the eye-catching white face, black eyes, or blood-red clown makeup, but the normal appearance of a fair and thin young man.

The only thing that hadn’t changed was his cold and mocking gaze.

In that instant, Hill forgot everything that had been on her mind before she came. Her eyes were now meeting those of the person who had appeared in her dreams countless times.

It’s him! It’s really him! she murmured inwardly.

Not far away, Natasha sensed the abnormality in Hill and said to her over the private channel, “Hill, don’t be distracted. He’s a psycho murderer, not your boyfriend.”

Hill turned around blankly. “Huh? What did you say?”

Natasha gritted her teeth. If you need a man, why don’t you go out on dates after work?!

But she only cursed inwardly.

If the Joker really was a simple person, it would be impossible for him to escape the Dark Knight several times.

Also, follow-up analyses revealed that the Joker could have retreated beforehand each time, but he never did.

Instead, he waited for the Dark Knight to arrive and beat him half to death before he slipped away with a smile.

Natasha and Hill also knew that Knight was Batman.

So, this was a bad guy who hadn’t become crippled after being beaten up by Batman several times, but was still alive and kicking — that was the most terrifying thing about the Joker.